Senator James Abourezk: “Palling Around with Terrorists”

It takes a really SICK MIND to brag about PALLING around with TERRORISTS by one of Obama’s advisers (of course with his russian indoctrinated twist of justification for doing so)

Senator James Abourezk: “Palling Around with Terrorists”
by Senator James Abourezk – 2012

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!Voice of Freedom! RACISM

Why as Native Americans do we need a Black female Senator saying what is racist against us? The Red Skins football team’s name is used by us in our own schools, our chiefs wear Red Skins’ ball caps and have been photographed enjoying watching the Red Skins’ play. Were they protesting against the name? No, only the faux Indian AIM activists like Clyde Bellecourt, Continue reading

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“Conflict of Interest” Lakota War Chief Descendent set up to take the fall!

Ellison (AIM) Abourezk (Charlie, AIM) and Renesch in collusion with Piersol who worked with Ellison as a lawyer at an earlier date before Arlo’s trial.

Arlo’s denial of release  2014 by Piersol is a motion to prevent exposure of Continue reading

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“Red Alert: CODE PINK THREAT” Nov. 27/14

Addressing the Ferguson riots, in your best interest as American and American allies, I and research shows, my opinion is this… once again the “Trojan Horse”, the same Continue reading

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NEW CONTENT! 2nd addition of Frank Fools Crow Knowledge and Truth now available.

NEW CONTENT! 2nd addition of Frank Fools Crow Knowledge and Truth now available. All new complete edition. Buy the book

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RED ALERT ! – Code Pink harassment

Disconnected/no longer in service, # (number) unavailable, # of caller after
*69, …. 1-979-696-0833 south eastern Texas near the border – listen up
Syrian or Farsi, 1st language speaker – caller, tell your superior the # has been
traced by Akicita Investigation Services and if you call ever again asking for
Mrs. Carter – you will be sent ASAP to the Virgins, promised you faster than
you can say Alaha Akbor, and it will be done by the Thunder Beings and
Creator – no illegal action or agression shall be taken by me. It will be done
by the Highest Power, Creator and the Star Nation which you cannot harm
or stop.

Hoka Hey, It shall be so!

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International Creative Design Inc., by Kent Duane Greve


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Review of FOOLS CROW Knowledge and Truth

Review/Comments of

“Fools Crow
Knowledge and Truth

2nd Edition

by Suzanne Dupree
Looking Back Woman

When Brian Wilkes appropriated the 1st edition for his own agenda, including
historical inaccuracies and lies, it reminded me of the lies and historical
inaccuracies inserted into Grandfather Fools Crow’s books by his supposed friend
and translator, Dallas Chief Eagle.

Both were enamoured and wooed by A.I.M., and they decided to serve themselves
and each other, for greed, self-importance, and the belief in the lies and greed
perpetuated since Wounded Knee 2, and James Abourezk’s agenda. Many books
support this agenda, and they are all lies. Indeed these lies hide torture, impris-
onment and murder.

This 2nd edition by Suzanne Dupree, Looking Back Woman, is the truth. It is
beautiful, pristine and pure.

You can learn much from this book, not the least of which is to go directly home,
and serve, honour Creator directly by praying everyday to him, and to follow through
on what you are guided to do.

What I am guided to do is to fight. And for a woman who was taught and programmed
to keep silent in the face of dominant brutality, manipulation and control, to serve my
abusers by being nice, I have a fury that comes from reading this book. It’s healthy and

May Creator, Great Spirit, Great Mystery always WIN.

Joan K. Heart

ps. Thank-you Suzanne Dupree, Looking Back Woman for your fight, stamina, and courage.

KEEPER of the Pte Hincala Cannupa Kin

pps. Go to to order the book

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