AIMs and Arvol Looking Horses lies that are coming to light

“It’s an ugly dark feeling realizing you were lied to.
For many years I supported clemency for Leonard Peltier, and towed the line for leadership of the American Indian Movement.
The facts, the anger, and the blame Mafia puts on AIM, on its sympathizers, and even on the institution Trimbach once worked for, is from a law-enforcement perspective, and is revealing.
See clearly through the foggy AIM alibis, the false cry of civil rights.
From a tiny element of Native America we once looked up to, the people’s Movement was hijacked by false warriors, murderers, and liars.
Whether you support the FBI or thought of it as your enemy, Mafia is a must-read for understanding the other side of the DMZ, established at Wounded Knee ’73.”
-Paul DeMain (Oneida-Ojibwe), Editor, News From Indian Country
“As a longtime journalist, author, and Oglala Lakota born, raised and educated on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, I have been appalled at the many books, movies, and documentaries about Wounded Knee II and about Leonard Peltier that are so filled with myths, misconceptions and outright lies. Trimbach takes apart Matthiessen’s In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, movies like Thunderheart, Lakota Woman, and A Tattoo on My HeartThe Warriors of Wounded Knee 1973, and exposes them for the frauds that they are. It is refreshing to finally hear the other side of the story.”

Tim Giago, former editor and publisher of Indian Country Today, author and nationally syndicated columnist

Speaking of exposing frauds, Giagos is a man who asks questions he does not want the answers to.

What good are ceremonies if they can’t save the people????
You need authentic Traditional Tetuwan Lakota spiritual people conducting and carrying the Cannunpa FOR the people, not just for their own agenda.

You, Giagos do not associate with a man who could of prevented Anna Mae Aquashs murder by AIM, who was at Bill Means house the night the trio of Rios, Graham and Looking Cloud came by (Kill Bill) Means house on their way to Dick Marshals house, to pick up the weapon used to murder Anna Mae, (after the night before Anna Mae was raped by Graham)…and, this man,
now a Supreme Court Judge, stood by and did nothing, along with his Father, a Senator, while AIM planned and murdered Anna Mae because of AIMs paranoia that she was a fed, and would tell about what she saw and knew AIM had done earlier, all of the murders, rapes, lies and thefts.
This threat could not be allowed if AIM and Arvol Looking Horse were to succeed in their agenda of changing our true Lakota Spiritual History, and controling all that is Sacred for their own personal profit.

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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