Anna Mae Aquash-Pictous daughter Denise and Paul Demains speaking engagement

Click on this link to see how academia takes the truth about who killed Anna Mae!!!

Academia eventually will have to embrace the truth, there is not any way they cannot and be on the right side of this issue about the American Indian Movement killing anyone AIM felt was a threat to their scam of controling Native people, and making money off of the ancestoral guilt of the liberals, unknowing public & International Communities.

Millions upon millions of dollars have poured into the reservations since their conception by the US Government, and really reservations are nothing more than concentration camps, like the Jews were incarcerated in during WW2, Hilter using the blueprint of America, with their Manifest Destiny concept to Kill Native people, control and steal Native lands.

What happened with AIM was they were allowed out of prison to infiltrate their own people, for their freedom from their previous crimes by the government, so the government could continue to control Native lands for the Native lands natural resources. At Wounded Knee, the issue was the uranium mining leases Nixon was signing during this period.

What also has been stolen along with the murders, rapes, thefts, propaganda and lies by AIM and Arvol Looking Horse, now working with Phil Lane Jr in Canada (because the gig is up in the States) is to perpetuate these lies to control Native people, their culture and spirituality, and the actual history of events as they really happened, for personal benefit and recongition.

AIM, Arvol Looking Horse, and Phil Lane Jr have no shame or conscience, or they would cease with their lies and deceipt, but with money & donations as the motivator for murder for the continuation of this fraud & deception….no one is safe who holds the truth close to their hearts, or wants resolution for the murdered victims of these fraudsters.

AIM kills their own AIM memebers or people who threatened or challenged their money making venture. Arvol Looking Horse is a part of AIMs ruse to control the Sacred, with his lies of being Keeper of the Sacred Pipe, which he-ALH has been challenged by his own Lakota people, and why ALH is giving his speaking engagements outside of his own country and Nation.

What is really an issue is Phil Lane Jrs support of Looking Horse, when only a few years ago he was badmouthing Arvol Looking Horse, and AIM as well. Phil Lane Jr has used all of the contacts and the position Calvin Dupree helped him attain to promote Arvol Looking Horses fraud inspite of the Lakota Elders denouncing Looking Horse, and let me make one thing very clear, and this info is for non-native peoples….neither Phil Lane Jr or Arvol Looking Horse has been made a Chief of the Lakota by their Nation,  John Denver gave Phil Lane Jr a headdress in Aspen, Colorado, which does not make Phil Jr a Chief, nor can one make themselves a Chief without the support and vote of their own Nation, which in both cases has not been done for either Lakota man.

One cannot hold any title among the people if they are found to be a fraud, to have blood on their hands (murder), lie, cheat or steal, and both have done these things, so there is no way they can ever hold title of being a Chief of the Lakota people, in the old days the women decided who would be Chief, and it would come through their bloodline, which in both cases cannot be done for either Looking Horse or Phil Lane Jr….they can only do this type of thing to the unknowing public and to non-native people to give themselves credibility and authenticity, which neither man has, nor honor, dignity or shame.

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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3 Responses to Anna Mae Aquash-Pictous daughter Denise and Paul Demains speaking engagement

  1. Bella Wade says:

    Phil Lane Jr. is Bahai by faith, and has been for at least the last 40 years, Phil Jrs support of Arvol Looking Horse is mute, and his endorsement of Looking Horse means nothing, because being a Traditional Lakota, and the associated values that encompass being a Traditional Lakota was not of interest to Phil Lane Jr, with his preference of being of the Bahai faith, which his Father Phil Lane Senior did not participate in.
    If you are not a Traditional Lakota by faith yourself, you havent any right to force feed the public the biggest FRAUD in history about Arvol Looking Horse being a Chief of the Tetuwan Nations, & being the 19th Generation White Buffalo Calf Pipe Keeper, along with the Native American Indian research studies academics who are also involved in this fraud, and did not do the due dilligence in finding out the truth before giving the Smithsonian Wilbur Riegerts copyrighted photos enabling this fraud to perpetuate since Martha Bad Warriors death.
    All one has to do is to watch the Marie Elk Head Fiddlers UTube video about Arvol Looking Horse and his Father, Stanleys dillima when in 1972 AIM was looking for the Cannunpa Wakan (Sacred Pipe) that the Looking Horse Family had been lying about having for years, since Oct 1936 to be exact, the Looking Horses took an ordinary Pipe off their homes wall, & said this is It to AIM!!!
    In the fall of 1936, Lucy Looking Horse took her Mother, Martha Bad Warrior out onto the prairie at the onset of winter, and left Martha there in a tipi to die, which Martha did die of exposure in Oct 1936, at nearly a hundred years of age.
    All the while Lucy Looking Horse moved into her Mother, Martha Bad Warriors nice little home, & took Marthas identity, and began charging to see the Pipe Lucy claimed was the Sacred Pipe.
    Only Martha Bad Warrior had forseen what was coming & had already transfered the Cannunpa Wakan (Calf Pipe) to someone she trusted, and knew would make sure the original White Buffalo Calf Pipe was safe & used properly for the good of all mankind.
    If it had not been for Wilbur Riegert recording the last telling of the discription, origin, linage and ceremonial use of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe(s), Buffalo Legbone and the Catlinite (Pipestone) Cannunpa Wakans by Martha Bad Warrior in Aug 1936, the truth & all this priceless information would have been lost.
    This information is what academia chose to overlook.
    READ Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed From Wounded Knee, the truth is there for you to see for yourself!!!
    The reason Martha Bad Warrior was left to die by her Family was because Martha stated in Aug 1936 to all the Tetuwans assembled for the occasion, that no one in her Family was WORTHY to carry the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, because Martha Bad Warriors Family was becoming Christianized.
    So CANADA…where the next round of speaking engagements by Looking Horse are being given, Phil Lane Jrs support of Arvol Looking Horse as the 19 Generation White Buffalo Calf Pipe Keeper, with Phil Lane Jrs Bahai faith as the faith Phil Lane Jr believes and follows, Phil Jr has no right or standing among the Tetuwan Nations to promote this historic fraud by Looking Horse, or continue to enable Looking Horse after the Lakota Elders from Looking Horses own Lakota Tribe has denounced him, along with the Elk Head-Bad Warriors.


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