Marie Elk Head Fiddlers truth about Arvol Looking Horses fraud that Phil Lane Jr is supporting in Canada!!!

Marie Elk Head Fiddler is a Grand daughter of William Elk Head, This is the true original family of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe care takers, Marie and family are working at correcting the current misrepresentation of Arvol Looking Horse, He isn’t a blood family member of the Elk Head family as testified by Marie. He doesn’t possess the White Buffalo Pipe, The Looking Horse family never had it, what has occurred is nothing more than a fraud, According to reliable sources there are seven (7) modern day peace pipe in the bundle they have at his place in Green Grass,South Dakota, Marie has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness and desires to correct history concerning the true caretakers of the Sacred Cannupa, which are her family, the true descendants of Elk Head, Arvol Looking Horse cannot produce his proof of his lineage to the Elk Head family, ARVOL LOOKING HORSE HAS BEEN INVITED TO NO LESS THAN THREE MEETINGS IN THE EAGLE BUTTE, SD AREA TO BRING HIS PAPERS AND HIS PROOF, but he never would attend. Our Group of Dedicated Lakota People have dedicated our selves to help this family correct and bring out the truth that Arvol has been fooling the world. His immediate family hasn’t been portraying the spiritual family life style unless money is involved, his brother is listed on the Rapid City,S.D. Pennington County Sheriffs web site as having a outstanding warrant for fraud and false personation. Many media outlets have been openly supporting Arvol contrary to the written requests from the Elk Head family to cease and desist, to quit representing himself as keeper Marie and her family have their family records and probate records. birth certificates etc., Much of this came out after Arvol and his current woman, Paula Horne have been exposed for using their self proclaimed position to scam money for themselves and make trips around the country and world, along with the $ 3000.00 speaking tours, plus travel expenses. In this video Marie states how Arvols dad devised a phoney pipe bundle to fool AIM and other Indian People when they were going there to Green Grass, SD after Wounded Knee ll. No one has questioned it until now. And the truth is coming out, Arvol DOES NOT have the original cannupa! Arvol Looking Horse has been committing one of the greatest frauds and HOAXES of history.The Elk Head family has been trying to stop Arvol Looking Horse and his dad Stanley to no avail over the past decades, Arvol had created a celebrity status and it has been against almost overwhelming odds, plus many corrupt tribal politicians and naive supporters who didn’t know any better. ———————————————————

Phil Lane Jr, your support of the Arvol Looking Horse fraud goes against the wishes of the Lakota people, is that why you are having the speaking engagements in Canada, where people arent as well informed of the Looking Horse fraud.

Speaking of frauds, how are you two big Chiefs of the Lakota Nation doing with your fraudulent and misleading speaking engagements, eh….

Just wait until all the indictments for AIM goes down, and Looking Horse will be going down with them, what will you do then Boyz…He wicasa sni yelo!!!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. Phil Lane Jr. says:

    Dear Cousin Suzanne,
    I’m sorry you are in so much pain! As you well know my father, your Lekshi Phil, always stood by me and supported me in all things, as does my sister Deloria! We certainly have never had any ill feelings toward you or your father.
    Equally, my father and I visited Arvol’s parents on numerous occasions over the years and have always been treated by the utmost respect by our relative Arvol and his family. I have never seen Tahansi Arvol or his beloved wike be disrespectful to anyone. This my experience!

    I will continue to pray that the healing of these ill feelings will be taken care by the Creator. As you well know my father, your Lekshi, would never approve of this kind of backbiting and slander of relatives, or any Human Being for that matter.

    With Warm and Respectful Greetings,

    Your Cousin Phil Jr.

    With Warm and Respectful Greetings,
    Your Cousin Phil Jr.


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    I am so disappointed that a Lakota relative of mine is such an ink whore, who is endorsing & enabling the Looking Horse Cannunpa Wakan fraud-spiritual scam, using my Father, Calvin Dupree’s former U of Lethbridge, Professor of Native Studies position & contacts to do it…it is an outrage!


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  11. And, Phil Lane Jr your precious butt buddy ARVOL Looking HORSE is not only a fraud, he was also involved in the premeditated assassination of Anna Mae Aquash.
    ARVOL Looking HORSE has hidden his complicity in the Aquash rape/assassination behind his huge lie about having the “real” Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin-White Buffalo Calf Pipe, & now you bunch of lying, cheating murdering SOB phoney Hereditary Lakota Chief’s are going down with the Pretendians-American Indian Movement/Abourezk & your sorry Pedofile-Sodomities are fully exposed!
    So, enjoy your Wounded Knee 3 in North Dakota with ol’Clyde Bellecourt while you can, before Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ drop kicks your butts straight to your Father, Satan’s Hell’s Fire….your expiration date, flatline date with destiny is upon you!
    And, we don’t need to do a thing, but do our Happy Dance!
    Can you say TREASON, boyz???
    He Wicasa Sni elo!

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