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A Day (DECADES) Late, a Dollar(MANY LIVES LOST) short for this article about AIM!!!!

It is about time Giago was asked about Charles Abourzek being at (Kill) Bill Means house the night before Anna Maes murder when Rios, Graham & Looking Cloud came by Means home on their way to Dick Marshals house to … Continue reading

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Interest In Further American Indian Movement Hiarchy & Members Indictments For Murder Voiced

Thank-you Indian Country Today for the ability to share this vital information to the unknowing public about the exploits of the American Indian Movement. Annie Mae Pictou Aquash – Articles related to Aquash murder case 2007-2011 Vermillion, South Dakota (AP/ICC) … Continue reading

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Lucy Looking Horse, NOT Martha Bad Warrior…where the lie began about the White Buffalo Calf Cannunpa (Pipe)

The woman directly behind Martha is Lucy, now look at this pi… on Twitpic   This is Lucy Looking Horse not Martha Bad Warrior, look at this pi… on TwitpicThis photo from the Smithsonian is not Martha Bad Warrior, it … Continue reading

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AIM fraudsters using Suzanne Dupree-LBW-HakiktaWins name without permission

  Church of the Blue Star Sun dance Chief Wallace Black Elk Grace Spotted Eagle Grandmother Kitty. Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch Sun dance Chief Buddy Red Bow Thomas Anthony Tirrota … – Cached   Chief Buddy Redbow – Keywords … Continue reading

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Russell Means, former Disney employee…enemy of America!!!

 Heard this afternoon, on a video put out by Russell Means that he is making his way to the 10th Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, United nations (May 18th- May 27th) in New York to connect with … Continue reading

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One more MYTH by AIM about the FBI!!!!!

Myth: The FBI used a COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) against the AIM leadership and their lawyers. Fact: FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover formally terminated all COINTELPRO operations on April 28, 1971, long before AIM gained a national presence. Although the … Continue reading

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Silly Hollyweird…..the awsome truth!

Myth: Peltier was exonerated by a mysterious man wearing a hood over his head. Known only as Mr. “X”, the man with a gravelly voice claimed on national television that he murdered the Agents, not Peltier. Fact: Mr. X’s creation … Continue reading

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