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Left to right: Carter Camp, Russell Means, Alex White Plume, Floyd Hand, Alfred Bone Shirt & Vic Camp


We will start with what roles AIM members played in the Seige OF WOUNDED KNEE!

And, we shall see if (they-AIM) We shall remain! (Documentary)!

Carter Camp was the first person Paula Horne contacted when my story broke on (2005) & Heyoka Magazine (2006), Camp also was seen at the Seige of Wounded Knee as the last person along with Leonard Crow Dog, carrying Black activist, Ray Robinson away to the Wounded Knee infirmary, (Madonna Gilbert witness), where Robinson was allowed to bleed to death after a confrontation with AIM leadership for refusing to fire back at the FBI during the Seige of Wounded Knee.


Camp has lied about even seeing or knowing Robinson during the Seige.

Next, in the photo above is rapist, pedofile, liar & murderer, Russell Means. AIM leader during the Seige, who has maintained Lakota linage, but has been known to those in the know, as to have no Lakota blood whatsoever, being of White, Crow & Dakota linage, negating his claims to have seceded the Lakota from the US with his Republic of Lakotah.

Means has been acting long before his arrival in Hollyweird!

From reliable Lakota sources on Lakota Rezs, Alex White Plume is the AIM drug cartel leader, responsible for bringing drugs onto the rez that are bringing our Lakota children death & destruction.

Watch the Marie Elk Head UTube video for info-verification, & Brenda Norell, AIMs media mouthpiece, supporter keeps us informed of White Plumes association with coca plant production, which he desires to bring to Lakota rezs for economic consideration.

White Plume has tried to contact LBW through FaceBook to be her friend, AS IF!

Now, the middleman with the cane, is Floyd Hand Jr, rapist, convict, murderer, faux Lakota Spiritual leader, who sued James Arthur Ray, the Sedona Landowners, the Hamiltons & the US GOV, for allowing Ray, Hamiltons & US GOV to use Lakota Inipi Ceremony, that killed 3 people at the Spiritual Warrior seminar at Angel Valley Retreat. 

This laid the ground work for public outcry for Native people & spiritual leaders to have to have a permit from the US Gov to conduct ceremony, which led to several politicians calling for this law to be enforced.

LBW brought this GOVERNMENT & AIM desired law into the public eye with the explaination why it could NOT be made law. Native Americans were given the FREEDOM OF RELIGION in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter, & that would revoke a law already in place.

LBW also questioned… would this law be applicable to all religious activity & ceremony in the US, like the Catholic Church, Christianity, Mormons, Jewish faith, etc… or Vatican gatherings on US soil….would they too need a permit to conduct ceremony…

Or was it just American Indians, which would also question democracy in the US, & bring into question Manifest Destiny!

Since these questions were posed by Tetuwan Lakota Scholar, Suzanne Dupree-Looking Back Woman, this pending law is no longer in question for conducting ceremony & needing a US permit to do so.

Next in the line of faux AIM Lakotah Spiritual leaders & representatives of the Lakota people,  standing next to Floyd Hand Jr further right, is Alfred Bone Shirt, so called dedicated Lakota Elder, who is helping the Elk Head Family, with their information 19th Generation White Buffalo Cafe Pipe Keeper, Arvol Looking Horse is a fraud, & that Arvol has been conducting the greatest FRAUD in history since 1974, & within the Looking Horse family since 1936, when Martha Bad Warrior died at the hands of her own family when she told a large group of Lakota assembled for the last telling in Marthas lifetime of the description, linage, origin & ceremonial use of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, Cannunpa Wakan, that no one in her family (Bad Warrior, Elk Head, Looking Horses) were worthy to be the next caretakers of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe because Martha Bad Warriors family was becoming Christianized…Aug 1936. 

Verification of Red Hair, Old Man Elk Head, as he was called, becoming Christianized is on HakiktaWins Twicpic page of Red Hair-Old Man Elk Head, Martha Bad Warriors adopted Father wearing a Crucifix, (provided by the Smithsonian) while holding his personal Cannunpa LBW was passed by Tetuwan Ceremonial Chief & Holy Man, Frank Fools Crow & other recognized Tetuwan Elders in Aug 1975 (see ceremony announcement Eagle Butte newspaper on LBW site at LBWs naming ceremony & the final WBCP Revival Ceremony & accompanying Sun Dances of Frank Fools Crows, beginning at Pine Ridge & finishing after 5 years, at Green Grass, SD… only weeks after AIM member, Peltier gunned down the two young FBI agents at Jumping Bull, South Dakota June 26th 1975.

On the very right is Carters son, Vic Camp, who stopped the Black Hawks from landing at Wounded Knee last year, fearing they were there to dig for the remains of the seven murdered victims-AIM supporters, from the Seige of Wounded Knee, (who went in but never came out of Wounded Knee for questoning AIM leaders motives during the Seige), instead of knowing the Black Hawks helecopters were there at Theresa Two Bulls request, to hear from the decendents of the original Wounded Knee Minneconjou Lakota (Big Foots Band) survivors from Dec 1890, (of whom are the direct Ancestors & relatives of Looking Back Woman), about what really transpired there in 1890 for a better understanding between the US & the Lakota victims of the original Wounded Knee of December 1890.

Looking Back Womans Ancestors, Fredrick Dupuis (French) & Mary Good Elk Woman (Minneconjou) saved the last of the Buffalo Nation from extinction, & allowed the traditional full-blood Spiritual Minneconjou Lakota relatives & Hereditary Chief, son, Chief Henry Makes Room Jr. of Mary Good Elk Woman & former husband Hereditary Chief Henry Makes Room Sr, to have sanctuary on the Dupree Ranch where the spirituality of the Tetuwan Lakota Nation survived, remained strong & was recorded by Wilbur Riegert, (Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed From Wounded Knee & I ama Sioux Indian author) curator for the Wounded Knee Museum, & former allotment agent for Cheyenne River Agency.

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Duprees Oyate (extended family ties) goes back to Touch the Clouds & his cousin, Crazy Horse.

This is who AIM really is, why they did what they did, & will continue to do until they are stopped, & whom Suzanne Dupree-Looking Back Woman is, whom she is related to by birthright, & why she is an authenic Tetuwan Minneconjou Lakota Spiritual preservationist, Lakota Scholar & Buffalo Calf Cannunpa carrier, who does NOT ask for donations of any kind, & why Frank Fools Crow recognized she & her Father, Professor Calvin Dupree as Fool Crow did by passing the Cannunpa Wakan to Calvin in 1971, & Old Man Elk Heads Cannunpa to LBW in 1975.

LBW carries both today for their protction & presevation, & continues to protect their teachings & Lakota Lifeways to those who wish to know the TRUTH!


About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    Finally gotcha AIM Boyz right where we always wanted you, dropped kicked to HELL!
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    That is the punishment for exposing them & your failure at getting caught!
    Love it!
    Enjoy your date with your destiny!

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