James Arthur Ray Trials verdict…GUILTY!!!

Justice was finally served by the jury in the trial of faux Spiritual leader-guru, James Arthur Ray, for the deaths of 3 victims, & almost 20 people taken to the hospital, of his Spiritual Warrior Seminar, at almost 10 grand per participant, in Sedona, Az. at Angel Valley Retreat.

Ray recieved the sentence of 12 years, for Ray not acknowledging that participants in the Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony were experiencing serious health issues while the ceremony was taking place, & Ray encouraged people to stay inside the Lodge, despite various reactions to the extreme heat people were experiencing.

Rays defence team tried to portray the victims as having the option to leave at any time, despite the peer pressure, & brain washing from Ray, that the victims may feel like they were dying, but were not, only experience a metaphoric death of the previous reasons of what held the victims back from being sucessful, & that they would come out of the Inipi ceremony revived & freed of these issues & would ultimately be sucessful in the future.

One must understand the true purpose of Inipi Ceremony to know how contray Rays thinking & actions were, & why the outcome of Rays Spiritual Warrior Seminar had the outcome which it did, very, very unfortunate for the unknowing & innocent participants who died.

One goes into the Inipi Lodge to commune with their Ancestors & Spirit, not to go for the purpose of financial enrichment, or future financial enrichment for themselves, but soley for the purpose of spiritual enrichment, the awakening of ones true spirit, & to ask for guidance & help from Creator & their Ancestors for themselves or relatives in need.

This ceremony is NEVER done for financial enrichment for either the Incessor or the participants.

One should never go into the Inipi Lodge or participate in ceremony with anyone they have not fully researched beforehand, as to whom they are, serve & why. If someone is asking for money to participate in any ceremony other than a donation if possible, this type of outcome can be expected, as the true object of these faux spiritual leaders is financial gain for the Incessor, or by whom he is engaged to represent, not for the well being of the participants of the ceremony.

Playing follower the leader, when you know it is not good for you or is wrong, is dangerous to your well-being & health. The past clearly shows us the outcome, like the Manson followers, Jim Jones kool-aid drinkers, Carlos Castenadas fraud, Scientology, Moonies, American Indian Movement & any other brainwashing sect using the technique called the Process to control other people for financial gain using the Sacred or Spirituality as a basis.

People use your God-Creator-Spirit given common sense, that everything you need is within yourself. Do not look to anyone outside yourself, to understand that which is Sacred, it is within you, & Is who you are…you are Sacred. Conduct yourself as such, & do not buy into the idea you have to pay to pray to be a better or richer person.

You do not need a middleman to commune with your Creator, you have all the tools within yourself to make that spiritual connection to HIM within yourself. It is in the Ancestoral knowledge passed down to you through the ages that is in your DNA, flowing like a river through your entire Sacred vessel, your body. Look within yourself for the answers you seek….and, lets put these faux spiritual leaders, gurus, Incessors, medicine men, pipe carriers, Sacred Bundle carriers, money grabbers out of business.

I say this today from my heart to you on the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, which is real & is not too Sacred to see, & is to be used for the betterment of all mankind regardless of race, creed, color, gender or blood quantum.

Pilamanaye Yelo, Wakan Tanka

Mitakuye Oyasin,

Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin




About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. For the record, these words are my opinion…from the position, the gifts from Creator have always been given freely to us from HIM, why must now… would anyone be required or have to pay to pray.
    Also for the record, look at my site at http://www.lookingbackwoman.ca nowhere there do I ask for any money or donation of any kind, nor do I operate off grant monies.
    I am a free agent, owned by no one other than myself, & whom I serve…Creator.
    What I share with you comes freely from myself & HIM.
    Hechetu elo


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    Oprah endorsed, the book “The Secret” Book Club favorite, millions sold, all led to people dying in a AIM involved bogus spiritual enrichment personal empowerment sacrifice cult ritual by RAY copying Lakota Inipi Ceremony that cooked & killed people, all for money, eh…Ms. Hamilton! Remember contacting me, since this FRAUD causing deaths were done on your property & you were trying to find a rathole to get down by contacting me…that is until AIM, Russell Means & Alfred Bone Shirt contacted you, telling you not to continue to correspond with me?
    Well, I remember…& you still managed to make money off the interviews you gave to the drive by liberal media!
    Creator knows what you ALL did, & you will pay for those Peoples lives by caring more about your liability than THEIR LIVES!
    You & the fraudster AIMsters you got in bed with, to make it all go away…will all be burning in Hell’$ Fire when you die….so enjoy your spoils from the dead while you can!


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