More lies of AIM leadership, the life & times of Russell Means

Russell Means

Russell Means has lived a life like few others in this century – revered for his selfless accomplishments and remarkable bravery. He was born into a society and guided by a way of life that gently denies the self in order to promote the survival and betterment of family and community. His culture is driven by tradition, which at once links the past to the present. The L.A. Times has called him the most famous American Indian since Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. His indomitable sense of pride and leadership has become embedded in our national character.

Today, his path has brought him to Hollywood, thus enabling him to use different means to communicate his vital truths. Through the power of media, his vision is to create peaceful and positive images celebrating the magic and mystery of his American Indian heritage. In contemplating the fundamental issues about the world in which we live, he is committed to educating all people about our most crucial battle-the preservation on the earth. Thirty years ago, reflecting the consciousness of the sixties, he captured national attention when he led the 71-day armed takeover on the sacred grounds of Wounded Knee, a tiny hamlet in the heart of South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation. Means joined “The Longest Walk” in 1978 to protest a new tide of anti-Indian legislation including the forced sterilization of Indian women. Following the walk, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution saying that national policy was to protect the rights of Indians, “to believe, express and exercise their traditional religions, including but not limited to access to sites, use and possession of sacred objects, and the freedom to worship through ceremonials and traditional rites.”

Today, with the same passionate determination, he has directed his energy towards the entertainment industry. In a record period of time, this famed political activist and early leader of the American Indian Movement (AIM) has become immersed in all five corners of the business, with projects including: Lead roles in major feature films, (The Last of the Mohican’s, Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers, as a chief in John Candy’s comedy Wagons East and as the ghost of Jim Thorpe in Wind Runner); Disney’s third highest ever selling video (Pocahontas) in which he was the voice of Pocahontas’ father, a television documentary for HBO (Paha Sapa), (Indian Father and Son) a pilot he created; Two albums of protest music with lyrics he wrote (Electric Warrior and The Radical). On the technological side, he stars in a CD-ROM (Under A Killing Moon) and has created his own website . The website features information regarding the A.I.M. club, his recordings via the American Indian Music Company, his art, book, current events, biography and upcoming appearances and direct e-mail to Russell.

Born on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation in 1939, Russell Means is the eldest son of Hank Means, an Oglala Sioux, and Theodora (Feather) Means, a full-blooded Yankton Sioux. Shortly after the outbreak of WWII, his family moved to California, where he graduated from San Leandro High in 1958 and continued his formal education at Oakland City College and Arizona State. Russell’s commitment to uplift the plight of his people escalated when he served as director of Cleveland’s American Indian Center. It was there he met Dennis Banks, co-founder of the American Indian Movement, and embarked upon a relationship that would rocket them both into national prominence. During this period, Russell staged numerous events designed to bring dignity to the American Indian. His most famous act of defiance, however, occurred at Wounded Knee on February 27, 1973. Responding to the numerous murders perpetrated by puppet tribal governments and the extreme conditions of oppression, the takeover at Wounded Knee revisited the sight of the American Indian massacre at the hands of U.S. soldiers in 1890. Ever vigilant for his cause, Russell has been lauded by the international community for his tireless efforts.

Russell splits his time between San Jose, NM, his ranch on the Pine Ridge Sioux Indian reservation, Porcupine, SD and his office in Santa Monica, CA. He takes pride in having instituted programs for the betterment of his people: notable, the Porcupine Health Clinic (the only non government funded clinic in Indian Country) and KILI radio, the first Indian owned radio station. Today, one of his principle goals is the establishment of a “Total Immersion School”, which is based on a concept created by the Maori people of New Zealand, where children are immersed in the language, culture, science, music and storytelling of their own people. Russell will adapt this total immersion concept to the Indian way of life and philosophy which is taught from a perspective that will nurture a new generation of proud children educated in the context of their own heritage. Russell Means has devoted his life to eliminating racism of any kind, and in so doing he leaves a historical imprint as the most revolutionary Indian leader of the late twentieth century.

An inspirational visionary, Russell Means remains one of the most magnetic voices in America today. Whether leading a protest, fighting for constitutional rights, starring in a motion picture, or performing his “rap-ajo” music, the message he delivers is consistent with the philosophy he lives by, which states: The Universe, which controls all life, has a female and male balance that prevalent throughout our Sacred Grandmother, the Earth.This balance has to be acknowledged and become the determining factor in all of one’s decisions, be they spiritual, social, healthful, educational or economical. Once the balance has become an integral part of one’s life, all planning, research, direct action and follow-up becomes a matter of course. The goals that were targeted become a reality on a consistent basis. Good things happen to good People; remember time is on your side.

Mitaku Oyasin (we are all related) Russell Means 1997

Biography of Russell Means:

Born on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in 1939, Russell Means has dedicated his life to American Indian activism and constitutional rights for over three decades. He is widely regarded as the most influential Indian activist and political leader of the later part of the twentieth and into the twenty – first century. A few of the many “first” and accomplishments which can be attributed to Russell Means include the following:

Russell Means is also a pedofile…linage Crow, White & Dakota, not Lakota blood at all. Is a womanizer & abuser, rapist, murderer, spin doctor, propagandist, has committed treason, not taken care of his children, has shook down volunteers who were collecting donations for AIM, saying he & Dennis Banks would kill them if they did not turn over all the donation monies.
Means raped a mans 17 year old daughter while Sun Dancing next to him, at Frank Fools Crows arbor in 1972 in the gym of her Catholic Girls school, where she had gotten AIM lodging on the Trail of Broken Treaties. 18 AIM members were in the same area where she was raped, but did nothing to stop him, Means was acting long before he ever reached Hollyweird!
Means was pardoned by Gov. Jalakow, because Means-AIM got rid of the young Lakota girl who was raped by him when he was her guardian, & he was a young attorney, before becoming Govenor of South Dakota… her name was Juanita Little Deer. Whos case for rape against the young attorney was nearing, she was hit by a car along side of the road & said to be drunk. The pardon was so Means could write his book, Where Whitemen Fear to Tread…there isnt any Lakota total immersion school, & the rest of his bio is more lies & propaganda to hide his deviant behavior. Has been in rehab numerous times for abusing women & himself…
This man should be in prison, but when youve got the goods on the Gov, Senator & Senators son of South Dakota…that just isnt going to happen just yet…

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. Pedofile behavior & rape is the MO for AIM Leadership, members & supporters…
    Means has a narsistic personality, which only revolves around himself, who he would like to be & what he says he does, not what he actually is & has done…anytime Russ, you would like to get into a court of law with me…I still got those skinny pair of jeans…the technology for DNA doesnt lie like you do…
    Dennis Banks is said to have bragged he has 70 illegitimate children in Japan with under age girls as the mothers, John Boy Graham raped Anna Mae Aquash as his reward for his AIM hit on her before he murdered her, Floyd Hand Jr raped a young, beautiful Lakota woman around ceremony by drugging her she said…& the info on Juanita Little Deer came from good intel…read Means book, he says AIM can get rid of anyone they want…& have!
    Means raped me…while he Sun Danced next to my Father, Calvin Dupree… who was passed the Cannunpa Wakan by Frank Fools Crow…why do you think AIM just dug up old 1973 video to suggest FFC was a supporter of AIM…
    Remember the Hollyweird connection AIM has, Hollyweird makes us believe anything is possible, AIM tries to use the same wag the dog idea… on the unknowing public & left winger-liberals for the donations to keep rolling in, when you stop supporting their lies…they-AIM will cease to be.
    Feed the beast & it thrives…like AIM has, when they should have been shot like rabid dogs they are.
    When you go to donate money to AIM, think about their victims…the ones who were murdered, & it was all neatly covered up…by whom, eh….
    Murder for any reason has nothing to do with self-determination, there is no excuse for it, none at all, unless you have to keep your secrets…secret!


  2. Every time I read Means bio…I just keep thinking how much crapola can Blusters Land Stand get on a page…PU!


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