Anna Mae Pictou Aquash & her murder by the American Indian Movement


John Boy Graham

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Denise Maloney
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Arlo Looking Cloud




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Dennis Banks
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Clyde Bellecourt

Annie Mae Aquash

“She really dedicated herself to the Indians.
She was friendly and could talk to anyone.
She took a real interest in the old days.”

Russell Loud Hawk, an Oglala elder


  On September 10, 2009 the state of South Dakota indicted John Graham and Thelma Rios (Conroy-Hill) on murder, rape and kidnapping charges. Thelma Rios pled guilty during November 2010 to the charge of kidnapping. John Graham was found guilty of aiding and abetting felony murder on Dec. 10, 2010.

Additional indictments are predicted in 2011 for those involved in the kidnapping and interrogation of Aquash at the Wounded Knee Legal Defense/Offense Committee offices headed by Madonna Gilbert ThunderHawk and Attorney, Bruce Ellison in December of 1975.


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