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Contradictions of the dominant societies laws…who are truely the Immigrants in Canada?

The Dakota Comprehensive Claim case is still dragging its way through the court-ordered break to allow negotiation… or as we joke, the “non-negotiating phase”. The court cannot make Canada actually negotiate, all it could do was call them on their … Continue reading

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Maybe a change of heart on the Black Hills Federal Court ruling to dismiss

JEFFREY BROWN: Next, a very different challenge for the federal government, this one in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Hari Sreenivasan tells the story:  HARI SREENIVASAN: It’s August on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in western South Dakota, and … Continue reading

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A Minneconjou Tetuwan Lakota perspective on the Federal Court ruling to dismiss Black Hills case

← Slamazon-Amazon….keeping YOU from reading the truth! Another perspective of a Federal Court Ruling on the Black Hills Posted on August 4, 2011 by Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree   Federal Court Dismisses Effort to Reopen Black Hills Judgment Fund Here is the opinion … Continue reading

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Kevin Annett is the one…UNREPENTANT!

    Using Genocide of a people to create celebrity for ones self, this is what this article is about… what actually led up to Kevin Annetts attempt at being a celebrity & famous. I, HakiktaWin-Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree watched as it happened, as Louie … Continue reading

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Crooks always recognize one another, NO PAROLE FOR PELTIER, EVER!!!!!

CLEMENCY: This is now at the heart of the matter and has so enraged the LPDC. The LPDC has tried to shoot the messenger, but the message itself was provided by one of Peltier’s most vocal supporters, Ishgooda. The LPDC … Continue reading

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What happens when authors, like Matthieson of Indian history & culture do not do their due dilligence, the Tetuwan are now reclaiming the Spirit of Crazy Horse!

  THE DEBATE WILL CONTINUE, tearing at all the facts from all directions, but the NPPA has relied not on name-calling and rhetoric but on the words of Peltier, Robideau, and Butler, as its web site suggests. Even Peter Matthiessen, … Continue reading

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Read this new info from Turtle Talk on violence & abuse against Native women in the US! The issue domestic violence & sexual abuse against Native women in the US is at epic levels, and it has been an issue overlooked by the court system, law enforcement for far too long. Recently highlighted by a program … Continue reading

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The Elk Head documentation from on fraud, Arvol Looking Horse.

This woman was Lila Wakan, very sacred, and could not be treated with disrespect. Lightning instantly struck the brash young man and burned him up, so that only a small heap of blackened bones was left. “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” My childhood Lakota … Continue reading

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False info by none other than by fraud himself NAFPS site Dr. Alton Carroll, Arvol Looking Horses filmmaking buddy!

Dr. Al Carroll Location: Native Land San Antonio, Texas  I, Dr Alton Carroll of the hate bashing site, of fake wanna be Indians pretenders, actually do teach at an institution of higher learning (history) and am a published scholar with more than … Continue reading

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This Utube video has nothing to do with Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin-Suzanne Dupree

  1stplace.wmv‏ – YouTube sec – 17 Feb 2011 – Uploaded by nmayj584 Added to queue Lakota Woman and horseby LookingBackWoman653 views · Thumbnail 3: 38. Add to. Added to queue Woman Crushed By …  

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