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Was the Truth Buried at Wounded Knee?
Looking back woman ,Canupa Wakan,The story and Pictures of Ceremonial
The truth is finally sinking in that the American Indian Movement & Arvol Looking Horse have
perpetuated the two biggest frauds in history…& took in millions upon millions of dollars in
donations fraudulently, & have never been charged criminally for fraud or had to pay taxes on
these ill gotten monies to the IRS.
Both organizations have non-profit societies, & several individuals of the American Indian Movement have personal non-profit societies, which have diverted donations for their own personal needs rather than what the donation monies were earmarked for… 1st Nations Elders & abused 1st Nations women & children.
Now if any one of us ordinary folk did this, we would be behind bars, yet even though recently it has been proven legally in a court of law with the conviction of John Boy Graham, & testimony of Thelma Rios before her death in 2010, AIM committed murders, rapes, thefts, & have lied, cheated & stolen from their so called own 1st Nations people, they remain free to continue on living the high life, while mainstream 1st Nations people go hungry, have poor housing, lack proper education, their women & children are sexually & physically abused, & drugs
& alcohol are a mainstay of life on the rez.
AIM Leadership & other AIM supporters, legal team, & members who have participated in these crimes should be in prison with fellow AIM member, Leonard Peltier…however it seems the indictments for AIM that were suppose to be handed down on Sept 14, 2011 are NOT forthcoming…
WHY, one should ask with all the evidence available in the public domain currently, that supports the information of these crimes by AIM, yet AIM remains free…free to murder another day, steal another day, rape another day…commit fraud, & continue on as if AIM has done nothing that should warrant their imprisonment….
There seems like there will not ever be any closure for the still living victims of AIM, & the only reasonable explaination is what I have said & proven year after year…AIM has & still does, work FOR the Govts.
Where ARE those indictments…for AIM & other parties participation in the murder conspiracy of Anna Mae Aquash….that were suppose to be handed down Sept 14, 2011.
What does AIM have on the govt where they are unable to abide by their own laws for this type of crimes…
The murders I speak of is not only of American & Canadian Citizens, but also of an Italian, a Mexican, a Black activist mentored under beloved Martin Luther King Jr, and three White women, and yet another man…who was cruxified on a cross during the Seige of Wounded Knee…this destruction of Wounded Knee & the accompanying carnage by the American Indian Movement was filmed by the media, it is a part of American history, written about, justified by Hollyweird, academia, & the media as a necessary evil of self-determination for 1st Nations people in North America, yet isnt it just plain old lying, cheating, stealing, murder, rape & pedofile behavior…have we grown so tolerant in our moral values…we just let this type of behavior slide while when other people commit these heinous crimes…we want justice for the victims, why not in this case…
What truth was buried at Wounded Knee, that is the question many people who were taken in by the fraud of the American Indian Movement & Arvol Looking Horse are asking right now…& are looking for answers anywhere they can find them…to explain why this has been allowed to continue on for so long without anyone being convicted other than Peltier, Looking Cloud, & Graham…how many other people of high position were involved, it only takes reading the trial transcripts of the Dick Marshal & John Graham trials to know…some people in very high places were the reason AIM got away with what they have for so long…
Reading American Indian Mafia & Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed From Wounded Knee will explain more than any other publications out there, but these two wonderful & well researched books are suppressed by academia & the publishing house which is supposed to be selling the books…these books were only written by people who were there during the Seige of Wounded Knee & wanted to set history straight, the Seige of Wounded Knee had nothing to do with self-determination FOR1st Nations people….it was all about changing history for personal gain, not by the FBI, or the actual residents of Wounded Knee, or the victims who died there or the ones who survived, but by AIM itself, for personal fame & enrichment, & for that many many good people had to die for AIM to do that…& yet they remain free today.
What have you personally done today to do something about that unfair & unjust situation…what if it were your Mother, Sister, Brother, Father, Friend or other Family member this happened to & they were murdered by AIM, or fell victim to the Arvol Looking Horse fraud…wouldnt you want justice…

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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