A RESPONSE about Alton Carroll & NAFPS site from academia….

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Comment Let me state very openly right from the start that I have no personal problem with this Alton Carroll guy (never met him in person, never had any exchange with him) and I don’t have any clash of interests with his NAFPS site & forum either. I do, on the other hand, happen to have a lot of experience within academia; having held teaching positions in North America and Europe in the last ten years. When checking the NAFPS forum with the hope of finding current information relevant for my own work, I couldn’t help but notice how utterly hurting this Alton Carroll is for NA communities. After a little google search, I also realized the damage he does to any NA related cause far exceeds the ego trips that seems to be running the NAFPS forum. If this person has really, *really* committed the offenses & crimes he’s accused of (slander, identity theft, libel, harassment as I read on a number of web -sites and forums ), please note that letters supported with actual proofs and documents would be more than enough to make his employers and scholarship-givers consider terminating whatever position or grants he’s been given at academic institutions, in US or elsewhere. Today’s academia is not as indifferent to such ‘extra-curricular’ matters as it used to be decades ago. In fact, immediate action would be taken in order to protect institutional reputation and quality of education from any harm that even the slightest affiliation with this guy can bring. When academic institutions thrive to promote an intellectual environment of objective thinking and ethical conduct, they just can’t afford employing/supporting Carrolls of the world. Even if a 10th of what Carroll’s being accused of is true and provable, NA communities better put some real thinking into taking collective action in the direction of informing the parties involved with him.


Thank-you Fernie B. for your comment about so-called Professor Alton Carroll from San Antonio, Texas & his NAFPS.org website…the comment was way too good just to be lost in the comments section of Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin-Suzanne Duprees WordPress blog…

The parties Alton Carroll is involved with are as big a frauds as Carroll & his NAFPS site is, these parties have bilked millions of dollars in donation monies earmarked for poverty stricken 1st Nations people on the Cheyenne River Rez, but is used instead for gambling at the Casinos, for a lavish lifestyle, & making bogus films with Alton Carroll in Sweden instead of being given to who the donations were intended for….these parties have also committed the biggest fraud & hoax of the century that academia seems to endorse & propagate instead of historical accuracy.

Again, thank-you Fernie B for reading between the lines & lies of Carroll & whom he serves… 

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