Move to the front of the bus, Tiessen

John Tiessen commented on From the Wasciu, Crow & Dakota…get his linage correct on his obituary!

WoW; dont hold back how you feel deep down in your evil heart, just come out tell us how you feel. I talked with Mr. Means & Mr. Banks in the 70’s I see their words have not changed from what they both were saying then. I think you hold men up to be angels or something. Good luck with all that. We are human and do wrong at times even our own brothers. But we can do right also. John Edwards fought for the poor of the poor and was cheating on his sick wife at the same time. We can focus in on him cheating like 95% of the people do or look at the good he was doing for people that no one was even talking about at the time, and no one is talking about them today. What we do is lose a voice that we as people need. Even a broken clock is right two times a day. To call Russell Means a murdering, lying, thiev ing, pedofile & rapist are some big words and to blame him for what his brother did does not change his true words he speaks. I think if you look at his words as far back as 1970 he is saying what the kids are saying today 2011 and some of them might even be ” a murdering, lying, thieving, pedofile & rapist” also, but that dont change the true words being said today. I am not sure what you say is true about Mr. Means but I do know his words are true on what is going on in this world.

Here are some true words said back in the 40’s
“Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.”
― Adolf Hitler

Mr. Tiessen, your comment is here, not on comments to address the issue at hand, I know fully well what I say is true, I was raped by Russell Means when I was 17, while Means was in the middle of his Sun Dance commitment at Tetuwan Oglala Ceremonial Chief & Holy Man, Frank Fools Crows White Buffalo Calf Pipe Revival Ceremonies & accompanying Sun Dances 1970-1975, dancing right along side my Father, Professor Calvin Dupree.

Russell Means knew exactly whos daughter he was raping, & 18 other members of AIM were in the room & did nothing to stop him, because they knew they would be next if they did, or be dead…

For you to babble on about AIM in a positive context, I find it amazing you know so very little about what AIM has actually done…I know, & so do the many victims of AIM, victims of murder, rape, theft, lies, propaganda, drug running on the rez & AIMs pedofile behavior…

The only thing you got right was the quote by Hitler, who used the blue print of Manifest Destiny & genocide that the US used on Native people since contact against the Jews…of which the German race will forever have the stain of the blood of the Jewish people upon their hands…yet in the US, what works for the government continues to be used…using Indian against fellow Indians, like AIM… to achieve the US Governments goals at whatever the cost to the Native population…

Dennis Banks is no better bragging about how he has fathered 70 illegitimate children with underage girls in Japan, and BTW, Kamook Banks was hardly out of her childhood when Banks had her pregnate with child, when he took off in Marlon Brandos motorhome when AIM was stopped by police…Banks left teenage Kamook there pregnate again & holding the hand of her toddler, along with Banks other lover…the one Banks sanctioned to be murdered after he was finished with her & discarded her as a threat to AIMs agenda…Anna Mae Aquash.

Anyone who understands the inner workings of AIM would know, you do not rape & murder AIM Leaderships women, unless you have permission & have be sanctioned by AIM Leadership to dispose of their excess baggage, as Anna Mae was termed at Richard Marshalls house when Clark, Graham & Looking Cloud stopped there to get the gun that murdered Anna Mae.

All this information is in the AIM trial transcripts, in two wonderful books American Indian Mafia, & Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed From Wounded Knee….that have been suppressed by AIM, their members, supporters, financiers, handlers, academia & the US Government…because if these information sources became well known people like you would not be spewing AIM retoric at every turn, or seizing upon every opportunity to have the unrepentant murder, Peltier released. The very last thing Peltier is, is a political prisoner….& sir, if any of the victims of AIM were your family members, your daughter, son, mother or brother, you would definately not be saying the absolutely asinine words you commented with in support of what AIM has done…not if AIM did it, AIM did & there is plenty of  witnesses & evidence to prove AIM committed all the crimes listed above, & by AIMs own admissions of guilt…. but when you work for the US Government, have Government immunity allowing the murdering of legitimate 1st Nations people, (check AIMs blood quantum, not enough Native blood collectively to have a decent nose bleed) you wont be here challenging a victim of AIM of actual events that have happened & calling me evil.

You, Mr. Tiessen, like the other bleeding heart liberals & Hollyweird have bought into the AIM propaganda, which is nothing but lies to enable AIM to justify what is unjustifiable…the murdering & raping of innocent people & childen….for their own enrichment, & celebrity, it had NOTHING to do with self determinations for 1st Nations people!

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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