The key word here is South Dakota avoids…guess they dont want us Lakota to vote out politicians who do not serve Native people!


New Census Figures Allow South Dakota to Avoid Offering Language Support Services to Indian Voters

by Matthew L.M. Fletcher



Here is a news article on the issue. An excerpt:

State Rep. Kevin Killer, whose district represents the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, said people do use the language services.

“We do have fluent Lakota speakers that do vote, and their preference is to have an interpreter there,” said Killer, D-Pine Ridge. “It’s better to err on the side of caution rather than make an assumption that nobody speaks Lakota.”

Fewer than 6,000 of the 120,000 members of Sioux tribes, who often identify themselves as Lakota, speak the language or its less common but closely related Dakota dialects. The average age of a Lakota speaker is 60, according to the Lakota Language Consortium.

But tribal schools such as Oglala Lakota College, Sinte Gleska University and Sitting Bull College have been reintroducing Lakota to a new generation through the schools’ language immersion programs, Killer said.

“So they’re going to be, at some point, hopefully fluent speakers,” he said.

Poll workers on Todd County’s Rosebud Indian Reservation have had to publish ballots in both English and Lakota and reprogram the AutoMark voting machines for each election, said Tripp County Auditor Kathleen Flakus, who also supervises the neighboring county.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

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This is not suprising, currently the Attorney General of South Dakota wants to avoid the embarassement of his State of South Dakota allowing AIM (The American Indian Movement) to run rampant on their Reign of Terror from the 1970 to today…. murdering, raping, lying, thieving Lakota cultural artifacts from legitimate Lakota & other peoples property, destruction of the township of Wounded Knee, and AIMs pedofile behavior with children. 

The list of AIMs criminal offenses the Attorney General wants prosecutors to dismiss in 90 days goes on & on…all the while the Attorney General is protecting the former Senator of South Dakota from the 1970s, & his AIM Leadership son, now a Supreme Court Judge… who stood by & did nothing, while a Canadian 1st Nations woman was murdered…all well thought out by the American Indian Movement, and their handlers…to have a Canadian (John Graham) murder another Canadian (Anna Mae Aquash) & fellow AIM member, after being discarded by Dennis Banks as his lover, all the while Banks was having children with another 1st Nations underaged teenager…

When Anna Mae was deemed a threat to AIM, as Buddy Lamont was during the Seige of Wounded Knee in 1973…Dennis Banks ordered both AIM members murdered…actually, eyewitnesses have told law enforcement Banks shot Lamont in the back during the Seige of Wounded Knee because the media attention was waning, & Banks blamed the murder of Lamont as always…on the FBI.

If the Lakota people had a better understanding of the English language at voting time…politicians like the Attorney General, the former Senator, & the former Senators son, now Supreme Court Judge in South Dakota…writing laws for the Lakota… would not be elected, & most Lakota would likely want them to be prosecuted for conflict of interest, at the very least…assessories to murder for the Senator & his son, would be the very best senario to fight the ongoing (avoidance)corruption in South Dakota against 1st Nations Tetuwan Lakota & for it to end….

Set an example of the Attorney General, the former Senator and his son, not avoid the issue of murdering innocent people, wanting bygones to be bygones…get the all the AIM crooks right now, all of them, dont let any of them get off for enabling AIM, as agents for the US Government to continue to thrive off the Lakota people any further…

This is my opinion, HakiktaWin…of what real justice should be, not this mockery of it, avoidance of it…or just going through the motions of justice…politicians protecting other politicians crimes against other US Citizens, white or 1st Nations… they have pulled it off for such a long time, they thought they were home free, lets stand up & show them…NOT ANY LONGER WILL THIS CORRUPTION BE ALLOWED AT THE EXPENSE OF THE LAKOTA PEOPLE!!!!

You either have a true, fair judicial system & a real democratic process, & we are all created equal, or that premise of democracy is a LIE!!

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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