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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oregonians Amazon review of American Indian Mafia by the Trimbachs falls flat on its face!

Cheryl Caragan says:

Wow, what is this guy smoking? I read this book and several others on the same topic. This one-sided rant tells me more about Oregonian, “enthralled” in his “ideology” than it does about the FBI’s Agent Trimbach. True, the book comes at it from a law enforcement view, but “O” attacks this with vengeance, as if the book should have been more understanding of rapists and murderers when they happen to be Indians, or in O’s case, hypocritical leftists. Why do the O’s of the world splatter with pompous political views they accuse everyone else of having?

To make sure we appreciate his deep understanding, O levels several charges which are simply false. Among the fibs, O’s claim that Trimbach’s book says J. Edgar Hoover didn’t know about COINTELPRO, a program Hoover obviously oversaw until he put an end to it. O is so anti-FBI he can’t see straight, and this obviously pervades the rest of his hateful diatribe. Trimbach does not appear to have a problem with honest judges, but evidently O does (considers them “right-wing”), since he accuses Trimbach of being too hard on the dishonest and corrupt ones, judges who, according to O, simply “disagreed” with the FBI. Federal Judge Nichol, outed by this book, secretly invited criminal defendant Dennis Banks to his home before the Wounded Knee trial, the case Nichol presided over. Banks shared tea and crumpets with Mrs. Nichol whom he made an honorary member of AIM. No problem, eh O?

And just like the pajama-clad dumplings alluded to in the book, O second-guesses Agent Trimbach’s decisions at Wounded Knee. I’m so sick of these yahoos, always piously critical of other’s life and death decisions. Trimbach’s plan of ending the standoff would have been “horrible,” as if the complete destruction of the village, hundreds of Indians left homeless, and secret rapes and murders by the AIM leaders were somehow preferable. If O had actually read American Indian Mafia, he might have noted that more people were killed, i.e., murdered, not to mention interrogated, tortured, raped, beat up, etc., by AIM thugs than died (2) as the result of massive long-range gunfire instigated by militants during a dragged-out, 3-month village occupation. O must be okay with covering up the Wounded Knee murder of civil rights activist Ray Robinson, to use his logic, if it somehow reflects poorly on the FBI or furthered the militant AIM agenda. Guess that makes O a racist. He should be happy: the government spent most of their time appeasing the butcher of Wounded Knee, Dennis Banks, just as O favored. And if one actually reads the latter chapters, Trimbach presents a good argument that this was the reason the village was destroyed, lives were lost and ruined, and a whole contaminated history was born.

And about the claim that the trial of Leonard Peltier is barely mentioned? Utter BS. Trimbach spends more ink exposing Peltier, by thoroughly analyzing the legal case against him, than any other book I’ve read about Peltier, and there have been many (bad) ones. Trimbach begins with the trial and finishes by demolishing all the bogus arguments meant to exonerate this guilty killer. And he does this by highlighting major parts of Peltier’s trial, other trials, appeals, and the propaganda O evidently has no problem defending. What is O inhaling if not his own caustic vapors? Look in the mirror, pal: “…lying scum-bag… willing to do anything, or say anything to win [his] ideological battles…” And he says Trimbach uses “distasteful” language? Biting sarcasm, yes, tame when dealing with rapists and murderers, nothing like what O hurls. Like when O implicates the FBI in the 1975 murder of AIM member Anna Mae Aquash. Doesn’t O know that Anna Mae’s executioners, both AIM members, were convicted of murder and that their leader, Dennis Banks, likely made the final decision to end her life? And according to Trimbach, AIM thugs still intimidate those who might testify against them. Like the book says of other self-anointed historians, no need to let the facts get in the way.

Trimbach’s book is a good read partly because it reminds us of the cost of freedom and justice, ideals ridiculed by his detractors. One may not like the tone or style of his book, but it’s a damn sight better than its critics’ tantrums. Mafia fillets the same type of politically motivated vitriol O trumpets out like a foghorn. Trimbach thus explains how and why AIM’s legacy has been so terribly falsified. Without realizing it, Oregonian proves Trimbach’s point and unwittingly supports his well-constructed arguments. As the FBI’s Trimbach contends, truth wins out in the fullness of time, most often by exposing the liars.


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I have two suggestions for you, Cheryl; Number one: find a person you can trust, someone with good reading compression skills, and have them explain my review to you. Based on what you have written, you don’t have a clue about what my review is saying. If you did, you would realize that the points you are trying to make are not valid. Nor do you seem to understand the book in question, or its subject.

Number two: seek medical help for your internalized rage. I would suggest getting medication first, then a follow up with long term counseling: at least until you can gain some measure of control over yourself. Trolling the net, looking for people to rage/flame at, is not healthy for you. Get some help with your anger issues, and you won’t be so prone to self-projecting your issues onto other people. Good Luck!

You & your Amazon review of American Indian Mafia & the Trimbachs needs a tune-up & a history lesson, as well as your narcisstic response to Cheryl Carrigans comment on your book review….
I would suggest getting yourself educated to the fact the American Indian Movement, whom your review supports & makes into heros & role models, fact is AIMsters are nothing more than frauds, domestic terrorists, murderers, liars, thieves, rapists, pedofiles whom will shortly will be joining Peltier in prison for their roles in the murder of Anna Mae, take it from a victim of AIM, you havent a sniff about what you think you know…. so the next time you want to give a review or your opinion, think before opening your mouth.
You just showed how little you do know, & you have gloriously shown that to the world!
If anyone needs to be medicated, its you Buddy Boy…come to momma, I will educate you, & you wont be spewing the retoric to me you have to my very good, well educated lifelong friend, Cheryl Carrigan…
Yeah, I know…when a woman disagrees with a man, she has to have mental issues, needs medication, be angry, or is menopausal, what is your excuse Oregonian, eh…just stupid!
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  1. Oregonian is a perfect example of someone who is celebrity dazed by AIMs own propaganda…
    AIM uses this type of person continuously for their own personal benefit, all the while letting this idiots reputation flap in the breeze when their statements are found to be inaccurate & self serving.
    Know for a fact whom you support!


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