READ this new information about AIM….. pretrial motions for Looking Cloud to tell the truth…

8.  Exhibit F:  true and complete copy of correspondence fm. Attorney Charles Abourezk
                    to Attorney Timothy Rensch, Jan. 20, 2004
There will be no way anyone will get a truthful statement from with either Abourzek,
James or Charles, former Senator of South Dakota, James… & his son, Charles…now a
South Dakota Supreme Court Judge, writing laws for the Lakota Nation….and, Tim Giagos legal
council in Rapid City, no less!
The liars & murderers, at the very least… accessories to murder, all clumped together in a neat
little package.
Charles Abourzek answered the door at AIMs… Bill Means house the night before Graham murdered 
Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, on the way to pick up the gun from Dick Marshals house used to murder
Anna Mae &… Charles Abourzek, who could have prevented her murder… did NOTHING to prevent
her murder….the orders for her execution came from only one place… AIM hiarchy, Dennis Banks, Russell
Means, Bellecourts & Peltier…all over what she knew, & the fact Peltier bragged to Anna Mae he had in
fact murdered the two young FBI agents at Jumping Bull as they begged for their lives when they were
already mortally wounded.
Do you really think AIM Dog Soldiers would murder the lover of Dennis Banks…rape her (Graham) the night
before he murdered Anna Mae, if he expected to live, NO! 
Since both Abourzeks are KNEE deep in their involvement with AIM since the 1970s… you expect
a truthful statement from Charles…
Just watch…. WE SHALL REMAIN, & with this new information you will see the PBS about AIM film in a
much different light!!!!
And, for your futher information James Abourzek invited Tetuwan Oglala Lakota Ceremonial Chief & Holy
Man, Frank Fools Crow to say a prayer to open the Senate in 1970, which set all this in motion, since it was
Frank Fools Crows goal to regain the Sacred Black Hills for his Tetuwan people!
Coincidence…I will never for one minute believe it was!!
The US Govt & the Nixon Administration wanted to keep the Tetuwans natural resources (Uranium leases)
for US Govt interests…and, it was enough to kill for…what works for the US Govt. is repeated.

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    This definitely needs more review!
    Why isn’t Well Looking Cloud free?
    Why isn’t the real murderers of Robinson/Aquash behind bars?
    Looks like to the TruthSeekers the truth is obvious!
    All the PHONEY AIMsters/their Syrian Sioux US Govt. HANDLER/Corrupt politicians, ATTORNEYS, Judges, ATTORNEY General, President can’t afford to have the fall guy free!
    Especially during an Election Year, this Intel coming to light would Rock the Dems bid for Presidency!
    Exposure of this level of corruption & Cover-up of serial murderers, rapists & US Govt enabled Pedofiles/Child Sex Abuse would bring the perps house of cards DOWN!


  2. It is all in the details, folks…
    Always hidden but in plain sight!


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