Encapulation of what the depositions mean

Basically, the depositions that the presiding judge, Piersol is allowing for Arlo
Looking Cloud…. is the fact that the former South Dakota Senators son, Charles
Abourezk is and was in conflict of interest many times during the 2004 trial of
Arlo Looking Cloud, which led to Looking Cloud being convicted for murdering Anna Mae Aquash, when Charles Abourezk himself… was at Bill Means house the night before the
trio of Graham, Rios and Looking Cloud stopped by on their way to Dick Marshalls
house to get the gun used to murder Anna Mae…. Charles Abourezk, the son of the
Senator of South Dakota opened Bill Means door so Looking Cloud could use the bathroom.
Then, years later Charles Abourezk made sure at Looking Clouds trial in 2004, that Looking Cloud took the fall for all of AIM & the Abourezks…. for they were all a part of the
conspiracy to commit the premeditated murder of Anna Mae to silence her, one major reason was she knew about Russell Means raping me, another was Peltier bragged to her about murdering the young defenseless FBI agents at Jumping Bull on June 26th 1975.
One very important item to note is…Anna Mae was Dennis Banks lover, even
though he was with Kamook, the 15 yr old mother of his children.
And, no one in AIM, let alone an AIM dog soldier, would even think of murdering Anna Mae, again let alone also (Graham) raping her…if they did not have permission from the hiarchy of AIM & Dennis Banks himself. The rape of Anna Mae by Graham was his reward for murdering Anna Mae from Dennis Banks & the rest of AIM…these men are absolutely evil.
Abourezk has been caught in his premeditated collusion to commit murder, & as an acessory to murder…by knowing what was to happen to Anna Mae by AIM, was there in Bill Means house where the decisions were being made to do it, & did nothing to prevent her murder….& now he is a South Dakota Supreme Court Judge, making laws for the Lakota Nation…
And, Abourezk gave testimony in the 2004 trial of Looking Cloud, along with Richard Two Elk that sealed the fate of Looking Cloud, until Graham was also extradicted, charged, tried & convicted of being the actual shooter in the Aquash murder…
Graham always said if he went down, he would take all of AIM with him, & it looks like he will, along with statements Rios made to prosecution before her death around the time of Grahams conviction of Anna Maes murder.
Abourezk has done everything he can to suppress this new information from Looking Cloud from becoming public…but, now the presiding Judge is going to allow this new information…& Abourezks will be going to prison with the rest of AIM.
This explains why…none of AIM, other than Peltier, & Crow Dog have spent any real time in prison.
When you have immunity from your criminal activities & murders by the US Govt & the State of South Dakota, you do NOT go to prison, you just get rich from your crimes.
All this had to do with the Uranium lease contracts Pres. Nixon signed, Lakota Black Hills natural resources & the suppression of Lakota Spiritual history, (Wilbur Riegerts books) taken over by the AIM agents for both governments, US & Canada….the American Indian Movement.
So, get this info out there, I know for a fact, everyone will want to be on the right side of this issue…unless, of course, they endorse the lies, murder, rape, pedofile behavior, theft, propaganda etc. attached to Sacred Ceremonies….that AIM wants to continue to control!
Many people involved with AIM & Arvol Looking Horse are in so deep, they cannot extract themselves…their whole cultural identity is wrapped up in AIMs lies, & illegal activities, as I said to you all earlier…AIM was & is not not working for 1st Nations self-determination…AIM was & are doing everything AIM could & can do against it, even murdering those they felt a threat to AIM & the Governments agenda of keeping 1st Nations natural resources under governmental control, period.
This illegal behavior by the Govts & AIM has nothing to do with democracy for all American & Canadian Citizens…it is a lie.

These are my truth & opinions, & I am exercising my right to freedom of speech, while we still have it!!!!

This type of corruption must not be allowed to exist or continue by any government body!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    This is what it all boils down to….



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  4. Arlo Looking Cloud is free & sighted at WOUNDED KNEE several months ago driving a new pickup truck as stated would occur when he served his purpose, well paid of course for taking the fall for ARVOL Looking HORSE, bogus 19 Generation White BUFFALO Calf Pipe Keeper….
    The Calf Pipe came to the Lakota via Whope-Blue Star Woman in 1540, RE: Custer’s Fall & Ghost Dance books by David Humphries Miller, adopted son of Nicolas Black Elk.
    Miller died of cancer!
    Here is the link to read about Arlo & ARVOL!


    Will really clear up any questions anyone may have!
    Richard Two Elk was at WOUNDED KNEE, SD a couple of yrs back asking Lakota residents where PERRY RAY Robinson’s remains are buried, hidden by AIM…WK2-1973.
    Two Elk was sporting a Federal Marshall’s badge connecting him & Trimbach’s together in their lies & joint FBI phishing expedition to find Survivors of WK2-1973 who witnessed AIM’s true agenda, the Govt Staged event dubbed by mainstream BS media as the Seige of WK2!
    The witnesses/Residents refused to talk to Govt sell out Two Elk knowing full well they would be signing their own death-assassination warrant-hit list to be exterminated to protect the AIM lies & very profitable propaganda BS.
    It was so profitable the Feds & everyone Corrupt wanted a piece of the pie.
    Who were the enablers???
    Abourezk, the Syrian Sioux, Obama’s mentor-godfather & the Illuminati who control Islam!
    Who bought the Obama Presidency using the Blacks!


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