We got the AIM perps of conspiracy & premeditated murder of Anna Mae Aquash in collusion!!!!


-By the way, tried to get on his website today, and Charles Abouezks web site is not responding or opening…
Wonder why?
Exhibit E
Nov. 25, 2003  (fm. Att. Abourezk to Att. Rensch)
Dear Tim,
          This letter is to confirm our understanding and agreement that I will serve in the
above-referenced case as an ex parte trial consultant to you.  It is also our understanding
and agreement that all communications between our respective offices, as well as with
each other, shall be privileged communications, whether written, verbal, telephonic, or
electronic, or by any other means.  All documents we exchange, and all correspondence
and other matters, shall be covered by the attorney-client privalege or the attorney-work
product doctrine.
          I also wanted to confirm our conversation in which I indicated to you that although
I represent 3 of the witnesses in this matter, I have discussed this consultancy with my clients,
and they believe that there is no conflict-of-interest by my participation in the above-referenced
matter.  It is my understanding that you also have reviewed the discovery and other materials
turned over to you in this case, and that you also do not believe there is a conflict-of-interest.
Charles Abourezk 
Beware, be aware, of when someone keeps saying, believe, I believe, you believe, it’s all
ok, we believe…what they really mean is….we need to be covering our asses!
This matter has nothing to do with belief…. 
It’s about the truth. 
This is a conflict of interest, and outright interference by Charles Abourezk so Arlo Looking Cloud could not & would not tell about Charles Abourezk’s presence at Bill Means house the night before Anna Maes premeditated murder (conspiracy by AIM leadership & AIM members, & AIMs legal council)…when Rios, Graham, & Looking Cloud stopped by Bill Means house on their way to Dick Marshalls home to pick up the gun Graham used to murder Anna Mae Aquash, & Arlo Looking Cloud had Charles Abourezk answer Bill Means door, so Looking Cloud could use the bathroom….no wonder Charles Abourezks website is down…hes got serious problems, & he is right in the middle of Indian Country in Rapid City Sout Dakota…
Does Tim Giago want to explain his relationship with Abourezk, as HIS legal council…another phoney making money off the Lakota people, spreading AIM lies & propaganda!!!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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1 Response to We got the AIM perps of conspiracy & premeditated murder of Anna Mae Aquash in collusion!!!!

  1. What a load of BS from the AIM camp….still playing to their audience!
    Ted Means
    One of the greatest leaders of the Oglala Nation passed away today, AIM brother, uncle, elder Ted Means. Our thoughts and prayers on this National Day of Mouring go out to the Means family on this very difficult day. Many of us in AIM worked beside Ted in a concentrated effort to improve conditions for all Indigenous people of the western hemisphere and in the Oglala Lakota Nation of South Dakota. We will miss his humor, dedication and commitment in good times and bad times. Ted Means gave his entire life to helping the Lakota people and all Native communities who sit without necessary resources each and every day.
    (If you intend to use our Lakota language…at least use it properly, eh…boyz!)

    Posted 3 days ago by Ronald P. Leith
    AIM sure has you fooled Ronnie boy!
    Now, we will be looking at who you are, Ron in the scheme of things…why would you write something that once again honors one of the betrayers of the Lakota people of AIM!


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