Another well crafted lie, blood on the hands of the involved…BUSTED!!!!

It had me until I saw Madonna Thunder Hawks name, Russell Means relative listed there.
I believe this is a movement by AIM to still control things via their AIM women, much like Yvonne…Changing AIMs position about women is par for the course, when it comes to the objective…continuing to control the Sacred, and anyone involved who let someone die when they could have been saved, like Thunder Hawk did with Ray Robinson during the seige of Wounded Knee no right to be part of a Lakota Winyan Sacred Society, no matter how many Lakota women attorneys you girls have on board with this huge well crafted lie.

Our Dupris-Dupree-Dupuis family were part of the protectorate of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe (Winyan) Legacy…following so called Sacred societies like this is what we do, & anyone like this or is association with Madonna Thunder Hawk, is an AIM operative…& AIM if you havent noticed is going down for their murders & other criminal activities from the last 40 years…good try boyz, anything to try & hang on to what you have no right to be even a part of…



Now read this well crafted lie by AIM…or etter said by their women…

>> I am a Lakota (1), I speak Lakota but I come from the tribe of the
>> Hunkpapa and I am a chief and overall leader of 79.000 people. My native
>> Lakota name is Tjaoya Tewanka Pewee which, in English, means
>> ‘Lady-Seen-by-her-Nation’. I come from the Sitting Bull tribe and I grew
>> up where they killed Sitting Bull (2) on the Standing Rock reservation
>> in South Dakota. My name was given to me when I was four months old and
>> its meaning is ‘you will lead your people and the nation will follow
>> you’. This same name has only been held previously by one other woman,
>> and that was Sitting Bull’s sister.
>> Women Chiefs
>> Back in the old times we had matriarchal societies. Those prestigious
>> societies were our governments and I am a descendant of one of those
>> woman chiefs of long ago. The society I come from is called ‘the Red
>> Robe society’. In former times those robes were made from buffalo but
>> today there are no longer any buffaloes, so instead we wear a red coat
>> or a red shirt.
>> We also had an overall government, which in English was called ‘The
>> Seven Campfire’. Each campfire had a chief, and there was a chief over
>> everybody and that was Sitting Bull. Every tribe in The Seven Campfires
>> of the government had a woman leader. She was either a warrior or a
>> headwoman of a society, or she was a spiritual leader or a medicine
>> woman. The final decision-making, whether to do or not to do something,
>> even whether to go to war or not, was a woman’s decision. But this
>> government disappeared when the white military started destroying our
>> natural boundaries and confining us to the forts.
>> In the early 19th century, when they started making treaties with us,
>> our women chiefs were not recognized and we had to appoint male
>> representatives from our families. So they gathered at one of our sacred
>> places called ‘Two Kettles’ to discuss the future of our people, but
>> they were all massacred by the military. Later when the treaty process
>> was fully applied to our territories with the cooperation of the men
>> chiefs, there were no longer any women’s societies. Everything started
>> going underground. The women’s roles were kept secret, because we
>> believe that things always happen twice, and they will repeat themselves
>> if you do not take care. So only selected families kept the knowledge
>> and the wisdom and the principles of life and the practice of the
>> ceremonies.
>> Secret Knowledge
>> The rituals and the initiations continued, but it was never done
>> publicly and you were afraid to talk about it. Many of the teachings
>> that I received were very secret, and all the elders with whom I worked
>> and who taught me have said: ‘You cannot talk yet until the sign has
>> been given’. I was very young and was not allowed to ask what the sign
>> was. I first had to prepare for four years. And when I was worthy of
>> this information, it was given to me as follows:
>> We navigate with our star cosmology, and follow certain migration
>> patterns. But we also have to know the place where we originated from,
>> when we first came on top of this earth. Before, we were inside Mother
>> Earth. If you can identify where these places are, then you are worthy
>> of being within the society and of having this information.
>> So I had to travel from my region to the point we came from which is
>> called ‘Wind Cave’, a very sacred cave. Going there you have to discover
>> something about yourself. What I discovered was that we were known as a
>> ‘star people’ but we were also known as a ‘common people’. This means
>> that we were one people from one mother and one father, and that it was
>> a privilege, an honor to stand upright. Therefore you must not abuse
>> that power by arrogance, but have humility. How a person walks and talks
>> is very important to the old elders because they watch to see if you
>> have arrogance and they will say: ‘You appreciate nothing because of the
>> way you walk and talk, you take things for granted’. They have to make
>> sure that all is respected and honored. Whether you agree with it or
>> not, is not the question, you need to be humble and you need to say
>> ‘Yes’, otherwise you are not a good leader. Everything we do as a chief
>> or as a headwoman is based on our deeds, not what we accumulate, not
>> money, or anything
>> like that.
>> Dealing with Mainstream Society
>> I was allowed to go to school because of the changes that were seen
>> coming. We needed to  have educated ones to understand what the dominant
>> society was doing and how that was going to affect our people. So I was
>> given permission to attend school. I graduated from a public school and
>> went on to college. But during this time, I was still told to return
>> home, and so it took me almost nine years to really finish my education.
>> The elders feared that I would become too absorbed in the mainstream
>> society and forget about the people. So they kept pulling me home. When
>> I was in my third year of college living away from home, my grandmothers
>> suddenly arrived one day. I could not believe that they had left the
>> reservation and found me. But one of my aunts had picked them up outside
>> of the city limits and brought them to my place. They wanted to check up
>> and make sure that I was not being totally assimilated. When they saw
>> that I lived in an apartment as a single woman, for them it was not good
>> I did not have places to grow things. I had grown up in rural
>> surroundings with horses and wild animals and there was nothing like
>> that here. The other problem for them was what I was learning in school.
>> They said: ‘You speak too good English, you need to come home’. They
>> wanted me to leave right away but I made an agreement with them that I
>> would stay until the end of the year and then I would go and stay at
>> home. They were anxious about things that were happening in my family
>> and that I needed to take responsibility then, and assume my role. My
>> responsibility was that I should be a warrior and take the place of a
>> brother who had been killed Vietnam. So I went into the military service
>> and spent 13 years there, and during that time I was able to finish my
>> education. Back home I was treated very respectfully because of my
>> military status, my warrior status.
>> Time to Teach
>> Today I am the only female chief who sits on a council of 17 other
>> chiefs and they are all aged in their nineties. I am also their legal
>> advisor and handle all the international affairs of my people, even the
>> economic aspects. I am also helping to bring back the
>> traditional ways of society structures to our people. For us, everything
>> is directed by our prophecies. Our particular prophecy is the white
>> buffalo calf woman returning. In the 1990s, when the women elders with
>> this knowledge (we call them robe keepers), started dying, I was given
>> permission to teach. They said to me: ‘Now is the time to teach, to
>> bring it out in public. Go out, the women will come to you, they will
>> know you through a dream’. So I went home and stayed there for one year,
>> had no public contact and did what I needed to prepare the teaching. As
>> all these teachings have never been written down, I had to start by
>> translating these teachings into English.
>> After that year the women started coming, finding me through dreams. It
>> was amazing. One of devastations of my people has been alcohol,
>> particularly among women. So many of the women who came were sick – into
>> alcohol or drugs, or some other form of destruction. Through the
>> teachings they started to change their lives. And they started looking
>> at their background, their identity realizing that they were someone,
>> and they became society women. Many women who had formerly been
>> matriarchal headwomen, came out now and said: ‘I am a descendent of so
>> and so; this is my genealogy; this is who I am. Do I have the right to
>> be a member of the society?’ But one has to earn that right, and so the
>> women had to undergo a one-year initiation period. After that, for the
>> next four years they had to keep themselves worthy of maintaining the
>> teachings and the principles of the society. And there are many things
>> that are required of them. By now I have 290 women in our society and
>> only one percent is affected by alcoholism in the reservations. This is
>> because women are now realizing their role and responsibility as women.
>> Bringing that back gradually has been like a culture shock, because they
>> have been so used to the dominant way of life.
>> Women of Red Nations
>> In 1970, when the big civil rights American Indian Movement was
>> developing, our elder women got together and said: ‘We need to send
>> someone out from the society’. So from their knowledge of the families,
>> they picked a family of women, young girls, who have the teachings
>> within their family. And the elders said: ‘You will wear a red coat,
>> which symbolizes this red blanket that we wear. And you will be sent out
>> to tell the world what is happening to our people, and then you will
>> report back what they are saying’. This family of sisters went out and
>> included Madonna Thunderhawk, a teacher and an aunt of mine; and Phyllis
>> Young who is also a red rope. They were sent out to tell the people what
>> is happening to us, because they could speak and read and write.
>> >From this originated the ‘Women of Red Nations’, and the first part of
>> our teaching was to go public with our women. When the teachings began,
>> many of our people were scared, and they are still scared, because of
>> the spiritual power which is part of it. Some of our people are
>> Christians and some are traditional practitioners, and those ways are
>> still in conflict on the reservations. Well, I am a Christian but I am
>> also related to the tradition. So this has to be a gradual process, step
>> by step, and we are starting with the young kids and then the kinship
>> falls into place. Next year we are taking some of the young women and
>> girls to Wind Cave to teach them.This work is beginning with women and
>> it is going to end with women, because the prophecy  says that ‘the
>> white buffalo calf woman will only return when the women take their
>> place of honor again’.
>> (1) Lakota are native North Americans of the prairie and central plains.
>> Their dialect is Lakota. They form the western tribes of the people of
>> the Dakota (better known today as Sioux). The Dakota consist of various
>> tribes of distinctive cultures and dialects.
>> (2) Sitting Bull was one of the most outstanding Dakota chiefs. He is
>> said to have been the famous winner of the 1876 battle against General
>> Custer at Little Big Horn. He later escaped to Canada but returned in
>> 1889 with the so-called ‘ghost-dancing movement’ and was finally
>> murdered by the white militaries. With the massacre of chief Wounded
>> Knee in December 1890, the long lasting resistance of the Dakota was
>> definitively broken.
(Sorry to be the bearer of bad news sweetie, but it was my direct Tetuwan Minneconjou Lakota relatives who were murdered at Wounded Knee, & they were Lakota NOT Dakota…get the facts straight before doing something as lame as this for your handlers…)
>> Recorded and written down by the German journalist Ulrike Helwerth.
>> Germaine Tremmel is a Native American, a descendent of the Lakota and a
>> member of the
>> Hunkpapa group. She is an attorney and serves as a legal advisor for her
>> people. She is an
>> observer of the Lakota Nation Human Rights and its official
>> representative at the board of
>> directors of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO).
>> Germaine Tremmel is
>> a leading Lakota chief and head of a women’s society. She also serves as
>> spiritual advisor
>> for The Red Drum Women Singers of Minneapolis/Minnesota (You cannot be a Lakota spiritual advisor & be in support of Madonna Thunder Hawk, Russell Means relative, who did nothing to help Ray Robinson after being shot by AIM, & allowed to bleed to death in the AIM infirmary during the Seige of Wounded Knee in 1973 & Robinsons remains hidden to this day,… the informary was manned by none other than Madonna Thunder Hawk aka Gilbert!) BUSTED GIRLS!!! Nice Try, No dice….

You winyan have been reading my site…good for you, but this scam just is not going to make the grade, you have way too many facts inaccurate re: you should know what Tetuwans were murdered at Wounded Knee in Dec 1890, which means you are lying…one lie leads to another…& you are on the wrong side of this issue.

And, any time you want to debate these facts in a court of law…bring it on!

You are as fake as your handlers…best try another angle…no blood on the hands of spiritual leaders by Tetuwan age old protocols…supporting & promoting them is the same thing….guess your society doesnt know Lakota protocols for walking in a Sacred manner.

HakiktaWin-Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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4 Responses to Another well crafted lie, blood on the hands of the involved…BUSTED!!!!

  1. This lie was carefully crafted as all AIM propaganda is…from my websites information about our Tetuwan Matriarchial society…thanks for getting educated girls…but, this scam is not going to fly…
    Nothing is more real than the woman’s superiority.
    It is they who really maintain the tribe, the nobility of blood, the geological
    tree, the order of generations and conservation of families.
    In them resides all the real authority: the lands, the fields and all their harvest
    belong to them; they are the soul of the councils, the arbiters of peace and war,
    they hold all the taxes and public treasure; it is to them that the slaves are entrusted;
    they arrange the marriages; the children are under their authority; and the order of succession is founded on THEIR blood….
    The Council of Elders which transacts all the business does not work for itself.
    It seems that they serve only to represent and aid the women in the matters in which decorum does not permit the latter to appear or act….
    The women choose their chiefs among their maternal brothers or their own children.
    Father Joseph-Francois Lafitau
    Customs of the American Indians
    compared with the Customs of Primitive Times (1724)

    First girls, you have to have your facts straight, which you do not…histoical accuracy is paramount, & it just isnt here…try another tactic.
    This is my birthright…my bloodline comes through heritary Minneconjou Chiefs, Makes Room Sr & Junior, Junior was adopted by Fredrick Dupuis…who saved the last of the buffalo with his wife, Mary Good Elk Winyan, the bloodline goes back to the protectorate put in place to protect the Sacredness of the Legacy of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Wiyan, her teachings & Sacred Lifeways…so if you are going to try, like AIM tried to do…& change our history, the Tetuwan Minneconjou Lakota at Wk Dec 1890 to the Dakota…& the other many mistakes you made with this little ditty, you will have to do a far better job than what you did here…period.
    Remember, my job as a heyoka is to show the people how foolish & pitiful they are when they try to do something detrimental to the good of our Tetuwan Nations…that is my job as a Lakota Scholar, Sun Dancer, and fraud investigator…and, Cannunpa Caretaker.
    So, best get all your girls back together, because you cannot change what has already occurred, & you will have…because of this yarn, no involvement in the future of the Tetuwan Nations, once a liar, always a liar!

    Nothing is more real than the woman’s superiority.
    It is they who really maintain the tribe, the nobility of blood, the geological
    tree, the order of generations and conservation of families.
    In them resides all the real authority: the lands, the fields and all their harvest
    belong to them; they are the soul of the councils, the arbiters of peace and war,
    they hold all the taxes and public treasure; it is to them that the slaves are entrusted;
    they arrange the marriages; the children are under their authority; and the order of succession is founded on THEIR blood….
    The Council of Elders which transacts all the business does not work for itself.
    It seems that they serve only to represent and aid the women in the matters in which decorum does not permit the latter to appear or act….
    The women choose their chiefs among their maternal brothers or their own children.
    Get the fact & history accurate! This has nothing to do with any of you….
    HakiktaWin-Looking Back Winyan
    Named by Ceremonial Chief & Holy Man, Frank Fools Crow August 1975 at Green Grass, South Dakota in front of all assembled at his arbor for the final Revival ceremony of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe & accompanying Sun Dances 1970-1975, and…the Calf Pipe Bundle was opened by FFC, & Arvol Looking Horse during these ceremonies was no where to be found…only Madonna Thunder Hawk aka Gilberts relative, Re: liar, murderer, rapist, pedofile & the Trojan Horse of the Tetuwan Nations, AIM Leader, Russell Means, whos tongue Creator has taken for telling so many lies…
    Let that be a lesson to all of the people using Lakota Spirituality for personal profit, & lying about whom they are…and, helping AIM murderers.


  2. My comments about this issue here, are my opinions as a rape victim of AIMs Russell Means, Madonna Thunder Hawks aka Gilberts relative…
    I am exercising my freedom of speech to clarify & re-establsih the true historical events of the Tetuwan Nations and about the Sacred Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin (Calf Pipe-Cannunpa Wakan) that AIM has hijacked, & made millions upon millions of dollars from, control the Sacred in Indian Country for the last approx. 40 years…with violence, murders, rape, molestations, assaults, none of which has anything to do with the Sacred…it is all about making money for AIM, Arvol Looking Horse, & con-consirators, media & academia involved in the hoax-fraud….
    Remember the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.
    The longer the lie is told, the more the lie becomes the truth…
    Do not continue to believe this lie…embrace the love & light of Creator, & you will know the truth & what to believe, & you do not have to pay these AIM crooks a dime to create your own personal relationship with your Father, Creator…
    One more fact you should know, is the Cannunpa Wakan was not passed to the Looking Horse family ever, nor did the Calf Pipe remain in the Elk Head familys possession or Bad Warriors. Martha Bad Warrior stated to Wilbur Riegert, who recorded this statement Aug 1936, before Martha Bad Warrior was left to die at the onset of winter in a tipi on the cold Lakota plains by her family for making this important statement…
    NO one in Marthas family was worthy to carry the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, for they were becoming Christianized…Martha Bad Warrior was murdered for making that truthful statement about her family & Christianity…they do not go together because of the hypocracy involved with Christianity.
    After Marthas death…Lucy Looking Horse moved into her Mother Marthas nice little home, & took Marthas identity…re: photos from the Smithsonian, & started charging money to see what Lucy was calling the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, but Martha had already passed the catlinite Cannunpa to an individual within my Dupree families WBCP protectorate…


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