When the Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin story broke…



“I have in my possession the C’anupa Wakan used by Grandfather Frank Fools Crow as Ceremonial Chief and Holy Man of the Western Teton Sioux during the first through the fourth White Buffalo Calf Pipe Ceremony and Sun Dance held at Green Grass, South Dakota between 1971 and 1975.”


These are the first words from Looking Back Woman that grabbed our attention as the petite and soft-spoken, middle-aged woman of Lakota ancestry claimed she has the oldest C’anupa Wakan — also called the First Pipe, that the holy White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman taught chiefs of the Great Sioux Nations to make centuries ago.

    This serious claim came to our attention in an article published in a small newspaper in Canada, in 2003. At first, I discounted the claim out-of-hand for several reasons.

    There are only two Sioux pipes that are old and worn enough to be the “first” pipes brought to the people.

    There have been a number of false claims in the past regarding the C’anupa Wakan and in this day and age of fast-buck artists, it is best to doubt first and let the chips fall where they may later.

    Regardless, we decided to publish the article in the interest of bringing out the light of truth. And, there was something about this woman that spoke to a little voice inside that said, “What if?”

    Shortly after we published the Looking Back Woman story on this Website, James Ritchie, archivist of Boissevain Community Archives and the Moncur Museum Gallery, who is quoted extensively in the article, contacted us to add comments and clarify statements he felt were not correctly reported in the newspaper article.

    After we posted Mr. Ritchie’s comments on the Looking Back Woman page, a representative of Looking Back Woman called and said Ms. Dupree wanted to share more information in the interest of seeking truth.

    This struck our bell.

    We sent Dupree a list of questions and later followed up with dozens of lengthy telephone conversations and innumerable emails over the next year or so.

    We found Dupree to be candid and quick to respond, thought her answers opened up more questions than they resolved.

    We discovered that Looking Back Woman is authentic, honest and has a good bit of history to back up a good portion of her claim, but many questions remain.

Thus begins the story about Suzanne Dupree, Looking Back Woman


With that said by the author, I want to be clear…Bear pursued me to tell my story about the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, with the promise to publish the story on his website…

When it was organized, but not where it is today…he was approached by Arvol Looking Horse and given enough money to purchase a location for Bears organization…and, a letter from Looking Horse stating it had Sacred site designation, same letter Bear had me sign a few years earlier…with Bears bases all covered for his agenda, he took Looking Horses money bought property for his organization, and never did publish my story saying to me…

Bear said… when cornered by me, he had to do what was good for his organization, your train, LBW, has not left the train station, where Looking Horse has been all over with his train car…these were the words of the man, Bear… who married my husband and I, whom we loaned money to help Bear, that was never repaid…gave Bear wonderful gifts showing our friendship & loyality to him…he sold us out in a heart beat, to run with the big (AIM & ALH) dogs who had up to that point…ignored him & his organization, until he had enough dirt on them, legitimate dirt, provable dirt..to get what he had been after from them for years and years, the letter he had both Looking Horse & I sign, giving Bears organization Sacred site designation…and, a big enough payoff from Looking Horse & AIM, to keep his mouth shut & my story unpublished.

How is my train car of truth today, Bear…long out of the train station…proven, & constantly moving forward with the truth about Tetuwan Lakota history, culture, true Lakota spirituality, and honesty…while you, our former so called friend, wallow in your betrayal of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, my husband & I….and, our generousity to you.

My story was the biggest story you will ever have, revealing how AIM & Arvol Looking Horse, with the help of the US Government took over Lakota Spirituality & history for personal enrichment, celebrity, & profit for AIM & ALH… & governmental control over the Lakota Sacred Lifeways and the Legacy of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin…which I have just taken back from all of them…no embellishment, just fact.

So, as I told you when we had our final words after we found out your betrayal, you can never use my name(s) Suzanne Dupree-Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin-Wa Chokpe Sni (Fears Nothing)…my new Lakota name.

You are doing so currently on Google search under my name, which is not allowed, Bear…by you or your organization to draw traffic re: people to your website, you gave up that priviledge when you betrayed us.

Do not try make people think we are still in association, when we are not…not since you were found out years ago to be in bed with the abusers of the Sacred. You are way more like them…than you will ever be like me….for you are not whom you portrayed yourself to be, & from the betrayal…will never ever be.

While I am here…any previous members of your organization, Bear… they know whom they are…who have used my name(s) extensively to sell their trinkets, books, beads etc…on many social networking sites such as FaceBook…stop using my name(s) as well.

All who have done so…have enriched yourselves long enough off using my name(s)…hijacking my authenticity, while not having any of your own, no matter what kind of Indian name you have given yourselves…books you have written, articles you have published, website content you may have… when it was time to step up to the plate, you did not.

Instead of taking a firm position of truth, you waited…& still wait today to see whom will be left standing when AIM, Arvol Looking Horse, supporters, handlers, legal teams, financiers, etc are removed from the position abusing & controlling the Sacred…of which all of you abusers have profited from as well.

At one time you were all allowed links to my website, given time & energy from me, while in many cases you were giving everything I shared with you to AIM & Arvol Looking Horse to get something back from them…for the betrayal…I know whom you are, & if anyone has been paying attention… your links to my site are no longer there, as I moved through the process of finding out whom you actually were & whom you really serve…I got all the info I need now about all of you…never come to me again or use my name(s). 





About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. Smoke Signal Newsletter Volume VI Issue 2 February 2004www.manataka.org/page508.htmlCached

    Looking Back Woman! Dec. New! The Entire Book!
    However, at the time of this date, Feb 2, 2004… unless you had knowledge this link was there, it was not visible to others…or available.


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