Canada, eh….the murders of two Canadian 1st Nations people

I came across this interview of Vernon Bellecourt by Antoinette Nora Claypoole.  The updated interview was released on Sun. Oct. 17, 2010.  And it was picked up and re-released on Infoshop News, Dec. 9, 2011.  (the original release was in the Spring of 2000, by Ojibway
-I have read the first 3 parts.  Instead of being ‘distracted’ by the convoluted lies he’s weaving, understand the programming:
What you(I) believe, is what is true.
If what you(I) believe is true, then what is true, is what you(I) believe.
If what is true, is true, then what is true, is the truth.
-once you know this, then you understand that every criminal, whether convicted or not,
reveals the truth embedded within the fantasies.  The lies.  They can’t help themselves.  It’s
almost like they have to boast, and reveal info. that no one else knows.
For example, I never knew Vernon was going out with Margaret Brigham around the time of Anna Mae Aquash’ death, and he visited the Maritimes, around the time of the discovery of her body.  That Nageeshik Aquash went for a walk with Vernon in the bush, and they talked.
That after, Nageeshik was in a mysterious car accident (driver and car never found), and
was a paraplegic after.  Vernon had gone back to the States.
Nageeshik was in a small house in Lac Courte Reserve in Wisconsin, as a paraplegic,
and mysteriously, the house burned down.  Cause never determined.  Nageeshik died.
That’s in Part 3 of the interview.
Vernon was the chief enforcer for AIM, till Russell Means formed his own committee of
enforcers, and so there was dueling enforcers.
My question is, how could a ‘domestic terrorist’, Indian as well, cross the border easily and
enter Canada?  It seems the AIM members were doing this freely and easily.  I have a
CBC radio recording of several AIM members being interviewed in Toronto I think, back in
the 70’s.  When the trial of Russell Means and Dennis Banks was going on.
Trust me, it’s not that easy to get into Canada.
Also, if Nageeshik was attacked twice, he must have had information, incriminating evidence even, pointing back to AIM leadership, and the Bellecourts. 

I wonder if that information is hidden somewhere.  He would have documentation, something I’m sure, not just his own memory.
I wonder if the Aquash sisters are aware of this?

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. All carefully crafted… why now?

    Maybe John Boy Graham is ready to talk, or has already talked….somebody has!


  2. well…hello. Here are some FACTS which may help you sort through things, and keep an “open” mind/heart:


    In 2000, when I did this interview, there were NO INDICTMENTS for the murder of Annie Mae.
    Although Annie Mae was finally being talked about (even her daughters were silent, had been since her murder. Because they HAD been visited by U.S. Gov’t/”feds”. So. Although John Graham and Looking Cloud’s names were floating around out there, NO ONE HAD BEEN INDICTED, when I spoke with Vernon.

    2. NOGEESHIK, DID FIND EVIDENCE: Nogeshik was not killed or run off the road after visiting with Vernon in Nova Scotia. If you read carefully, you will see that Vernon says he was on a “tour” and went from Nova Scotia, where he tried to visit with Annie Mae’s family, up to Walpole Island, where Nogeeshik was from. The visited only once, briefly, according to Vernon. Nogeeshik had two awful events. One the car accident. The second, a fire in his home right after he made a phone call to relatives saying he had figured out who killed Annie Mae. Nogeeshik spent his entire life, after her death, looking for her murderers. He was actively searching, when all these brutal things happened to him. And the FBI had threatened his wife’s life. So ANYONE could have set that fire, in Nogeeshik’s home. ALL of this is documented in my first book, Who Would Unbraid her Hair: the legend of annie mae.

    3. WHY NOW??? The interview has been at Infoshop News for months. I published it there awhile back, because it is a piece of history which some have tried to silence. Vernon, whether you believe/like old AIM, spoke alot about the history of AIM. All of which is true. And helps people know the way people gave their lives for the freedoms Indians have, now. Making sure the interview is available allows people to GET INFORMED. and Make their own decisions about this ongoing, awfulness, in Indian Country. Annie Mae’s murder will probably never get “resolve”. The best one can do is remember that she died, for the People. Not as a martyr, but as a woman who knew she was risking her life. And did it willingly so the next generation of Indian kids could have “a better life”.

    4. JOHN GRAHAM: John Graham has told his story. It is in an interview i did with HIM, in 2004. Just google antoinette nora claypoole John Graham, and you’ll find it. If he was going to lie, the way the feds wanted him to, he would have done that up in the Yukon when the FBI visited him, there, offering him a deal. Read the interview.


  3. here is a more reliable link to my interview with Vernon Bellecourt

    and a link to my interview with John Graham 2005

    antoinette nora claypoole


  4. whoops…typo.
    Graham interview was 2004.



  5. more on NOGEESHIK and your question about where is HIS EVIDENCE:

    NOGEESHIK AQUASH DIED in the fire, at his home. He was a paraplegic, and could not crawl out of the fire, in time to save his own life. This was on the night he had made the phone call to a relative saying he had info. All his “evidence”, notes, etc. Burned in that fire. This was BEFORE internet, so there was nothing saved. Again. All this info can be found in my first book. And is documented by an interview I did with his nephew.

    Nogeeshik died. Back in the 1990’s sometime (or maybe earlier, the death date is hard to find).



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  7. and lastly…a new book, Ghost Rider Roads, is coming out in January 2012. It is collected works of/by old AIM, including lovely old stories from 1973 by Robert Robideau, and current info about Leonard Peltier, The Bellecourt interview I did will be in there…and much more. It can help those who want to “know more” ….you can find info on the book at…peace. antoinette.


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