First it was reservations for 1st Nations people, now it is mainstream American…

President Obama is expected to sign a military defense bill perhaps as early as today, Friday, December 16, which gives him and future presidents unprecedented power to seize American citizens and others suspected of terrorism on U.S. soil and hold them in military detention indefinitely without charge or trial.

Obama had previously promised to veto the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 (NDAA) because he objected to the military custody provision of the bill. “Applying this military custody requirement to individuals inside the United States, as some Members of Congress have suggested is their intention, would raise serious and unsettled legal questions and would be inconsistent with the fundamental American principle that our military does not patrol our streets,” the administration said in a statement November 17. He repeated his promise to veto the bill as recently as December 9.

But at a press briefing December 15, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that the administration’s concerns about the bill had been assuaged by changes made in a conference committee. “Well, let me make clear that this was not the preferred approach of this administration, and we made clear that any bill that challenges or constrains the President’s critical authorities to collect intelligence, incapacitate dangerous terrorists, and protect the nation would prompt the President’s senior advisors to recommend a veto,” Carney said. “After intensive engagement by senior administration officials, the administration has succeeded in prompting the authors of the detainee provisions to make several important changes, including the removal of problematic provisions.”

The problematic provision has not been removed, however. Carney said that the provision “does not increase or otherwise change any of our authorities in regard to detention of American citizens.


I hope everyone understands, if Usama Bin Laden was a CIA operative, as the Russian agent, Buska stated in 2004 to My Two Beads Worth, and was on the US payroll, then all this above that Obama is signing into law…. has nothing to do with terrorism, other than what is being created by this administration, & prior US administrations… for control for the One World Order….

Inicially it was 1st Nations people who were subjected to Reservations, given status numbers, controlled, subjected to numerous abuses & molestations of their faith, children, relgious practices, culture, spirituality and history…now, it is you, mainstream America…

This is what people voted into being during the last election, the dream of Charles Manson…if you take time to read Helter Skelter, and do read it…You will be amazed at the simularities & prophetic happenings, that are occurring right now under our very noses without our Constitutional Rights our Forefathers wrote to protect us from too much government, & died for, and our Ancestors fought against….Many losing their lives, fighting for what…this traversey of our human rights as American Citizens….

Everything is ok when it happens to someone else…when the justification was then… they were just savages…Manifest Destiny, eh!

How are you feeling now, reading about the suspension of our Constitution…as you gather your families together for the Holiday Season, joyful or fearful….

Are you prepared physically, mentally or financially ready to stand and fight…or do you think you can run & hide…the Jewish people couldnt when this happened to them, anymore than my 1st Nations people could from the US Calvery….

If you do not stand & fight collectively & be ready to die for your freedom for yourselves & your children…you will have happen what happened to 1st Nations people when they refused to find common ground among themselves, and fight the good fight together…

Consider that thought… as you cut into that Christmas turkey or ham this year 2011…realizing, this maybe the last time you will enjoy the fruits of your labor, your families, your home and freedom…

Act now…for WE ARE THE PEOPLE, just say NO to this, it is almost election year…remember, Bin Laden never did get a trial, his body never was seen, all who executed the kill order in Pakistan to murder Bin Laden are dead…no one still alive to tell us what is real, or the truth… & what is the plan for OUR futures…which are controlled by the puppetmasters called politicians, & whom they serve.

If Bin Laden was a highly prized United States CIA operative… everything we think we know & have been programmed into believing about 9-11 is a lie, & many people, US Citizens, called collateral damage by the puppetmasters… who died ground zero in the Twin Towers, flying in planes, the firemen, ambulance attendants, & police… who tried to assist the victims were actually murdered…&  lost their lives based on the future success of what is happening to us right now December 16, 2011, ten years later after the 1st so-called terrorist attack on US soil, if that is actually what happened…cause & affect.

Vote this year for less government, and our FREEDOM!

Obama always says he is going to do the right thing, but always does the exact opposite, cant you, the public see that…that is called lying to the people & Citizens of the United States, folks…plain & simple, lying.

Nixon was impeached for lying to the people of the United States, Clinton should have been but… was NOT. Now…we have Obama lying, hows all that hope & change working for you, eh….your pocket book & freedom, nonexistant!

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