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Home page More stats 13
Blood Quantum of American Indian Movement Leaders More stats 10
Marie Elk Heads information about the Sacred Pipe & Arvol Looking Horse More stats 5
How the Arvol Looking Horse Fraud-Hoax-Lie Began & Who Is Responsible!!! More stats 3
Lucy Looking Horse standing behind her Mother Martha Bad Warrior incorrect information at the Smithsonian Institute!!! More stats 2
Entering into 2012 with the truth More stats 2
Dupuis-Dupris-Dupree Family History & Connection to the Sacred Buffalo Calf Pipe that has been written out of history! More stats 2
If you have something to say…say it to me! Lakota in Lawerence MI!!!! More stats 2
Voices of the people…this is disgusting, honor our Ancestors not AIM! More stats 1
94 views in one day…what people were viewing on Looking Back Womans WordPress blog…June 16, 2011 More stats 1
A sinking ship…loss of our Constitution Rights More stats 1
From the Wasciu, Crow & Dakota…get his linage correct on his obituary! More stats 1
Lakota Chants from John Fire Lame Deer, listen to the words Mitakuye Yapi! More stats 1
Letter from the Trimbachs to the City Council of Berkeley about getting the facts about Peltier correct….Peltier is not a political prisoner, but a cold blooded, unrepentant AIM murderer!!! More stats 1
Looking Back Woman 2011, revealing the truth about AIM, Dr Alton Carroll aka NAFPS, & Arvol Looking Horse frauds More stats 1
Lucy Looking Horse, NOT Martha Bad Warrior…where the lie began about the White Buffalo Calf Cannunpa (Pipe) More stats 1
Dupree-Dupris-Dupuis Family tree for Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree More stats 1
Arlo Looking Cloud shows conflict of interest by Rapid City Attorney & Supreme Court Judge of South Dakota, Charles Abourezk More stats 1
Welcome to Looking Back Woman blog 2012, Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin-Gift from the Ancestors More stats 1
So good it deserves a reprint…. More stats 1
Reality check, the criminal activites of the American Indian Movement & why they were sucessful More stats 1
Does Looking Back Woman Have the Sacred Pipe, if Arvol does not, & the Elk Head-Bad Warriors do not..she does!. More stats 1
Guess you would know way better than Frank Fools Crow or John Fire Lame Deer! More stats 1
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dupris the buffalo 2
frank fools crow on 2012 1
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About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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3 Responses to Stats going through the roof for Looking Back Womans WordPress blog!!! Jan 4, 2012!!!

  1. People ARE reading the material & getting educated about whom the American Indian Movement, Dr Alton Carroll of site, his buddy… Arvol Looking Horse, Leonard Crow Dog & Leonard Peltier really are, & whom they represent, whom protects & sanctions AIMs actions against other 1st Nations peoples like Buddy Lamont, Anna Mae Aquash, her husband…who was murdered in a fire while he was confined to a wheelchair, (like Wilbur A Riegert, whom wrote Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed From Wounded Knee) the night before Anna Maes husband was to present his evidence to the media about who killed his wife, & the 7 people, all AIM supporters murdered during the Seige of Wounded Knee, whos remains are still hidden & buried at Wounded Knee, like Ray Robinson, murdered by AIM for questioning AIMs true agenda.
    Once you know the truth about AIM & all of these murdering Fraudsters-Hoaxsters, whom supported them, the politicians involved, who financed them, wrote the propaganda & propagated the lies about them, & allowed them to get away with will never, if you have a soul at all… ever believe their lies & propaganda again.
    Wa Chokpe Sni-HakiktaWin


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