More Crow Dog intel

If you go to  you will find another one of the NACNA clone affilates. This guy Freddy is Leonard Crow Dog’s # 1 agenda man in Mexico, including his Sundance. the “Lakota Bundle” he boasts about carrying is the one Leonard Crow Dog gave him at the midwest shamanic gathering in 2010.
His main business buddy, Allen Brown is a hypnotist who does “past life regressions” with powerful plant medicines, the more they indulge their clients in their illustrious past life fantasies the more they hook and fleece them.
Pretty crude bunch of operatrors, there are many more like him who all trained back at “Crow Dogs Paradise.” These are all his followers who over the years have come to believe they are the only true red people, as they distort and demean Sacred teachings and traditions for business and ego glorification.
Leonard Crow Dog has blood on his hands…& by Lakota Protocol is not allowed to do ceremony of any kind, let alone selling ceremony. In fact Crow Dog in November 1997 tried to get me, HakiktaWin to pay him 10,000… with a hundred & fifty a head, with a hundred head minimum paid in advance to do ceremony, plus expenses for Crow Dog & his three helpers…air fares, lodgings, food…add that up!
I did not even asked Leonard Crow Dog to do ceremony for me…he had heard about me, & called me saying I needed his services…
In fact, when I refused…Crow Dog threatened me with…dont you know who I am, which I replied…Yes, I do..but you have no idea whom I am or whom I serve. I asked Crow Dog since he was charging this huge fee for doing ceremony & running ceremony like a business, was LCD paying taxes on his ill gotten gains, or sharing with the Elders, women or children…at that point his profanity was in full expression of his dismay at not being able to get this money from me….obviously LCD needed it badly. LCD slammed the phone down when he saw I was not going to pay for ceremony…& had stood up to him, with our Lakota protocols & rules of conducting Lakota ceremony…
Years later I found out Crow Dog did get the money from someone at the same time he was trying to scam me…an Irish woman from the Westcoast, another money bags, who is bi-polar, exposes herself to children, went into the Inipi Lodge on her moontime & smeared herself with it, (when women on their moontime are not allowed inside the lodge, but taken to a separate lodge for women) who was Sun Dancing at Patrick Hendricksons AIMs Sun Dance arbor on Vancouver Island, had a check or checks stolen from her check book by Patrick Hendrickson, now dead…Hendrickson wrote out the checks for the amount Leonard Crow Dog needed….over 10,000.
This woman thought that if she paid for being there at Crow Dog & Hendricksons arbor, she could do as she pleased…ignoring Lakota protocols completely…she told me these things herself, & are quoted here.
I also found out from Hendrickson while on his deathbed, dying from diabetes after selling ceremony as Crow Dog had taught him to do in New Zealand…that anyone running an AIM sanctioned Sun Dance or ceremony if any kind is required to pay a tighing, which ultimately goes into the coffers of the American Indian Movement…
If people do not pay to pray…their Sun Dance or ceremonies are shut down by AIM members & supporters.
I asked why AIM did these horrible things…Hendrickson said calming as he spoke, they like room service & they like the money & sleeping with the white women who give it to AIM!
Do you want to be a part of this type of hypocracy & disrespect…DO NOT GIVE AIM, CROW DOG, PELTIER or ARVOL LOOKING HOSE A DIME…they are murderers, crooks & they have no honor or respect for anything.
Is that the type of spiritual leader you want for yourself or your group, we do not believe so.
These words here are taken from actual conversations I have had with Crow Dog, Hendrickson & the woman from Denman Island..whos name I will never utter ever again, she killed my animals over her desire for money from AIM, celebrity, & fame….she is nuttier than a holiday fruitcake, along with her buddies in crime.
Stay away frompeople like this…they will contaminate anything good you may do or do in the future, or disturb your Ancestoral lands with their disrespect & blood on their hands.

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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3 Responses to More Crow Dog intel

  1. Hey, Nutbar…bring it on…& I will hand over all the documentation I have on your illegal activites going back a decade to my contact within the FBI, then you can explain all that is in those files to legal authorities…
    You have been in the nut house, you have been arrested, you do expose yourself to anyone you can…& you have done everything I stated here…if you dont like it because someone called you on it, then behave yourself or you will find yourself imprisoned or deported…
    You blathered your guts out on Alton Carrolls NAFPS site about me…anything to get attention for yourself…got that copied, too.
    You exposed yourself even to my husband, who told you to stop…telling you that it was enough to put a man completely off of women…if you were all there was.
    You do not have a legal leg to stand on against me, where I do…against you.
    You cannot touch me, so stop threatening me…you are a disgusting individual, who will do anything to draw attention to your pathic self.
    I can prove everything I stated here, I have numerous statements from people who every New Years Eve at the dance on Denman see you take your clothes off & dance naked on stage in front of children & everyone in attendance.
    You have also admitted to myself & other witnesses your destruction of private property of your neighbors on Denman.
    I recorded, photographed, & documented everything you & your crew did for 16 months as you stalked me everyday….
    If you continue to stalk me as you obviously are still now, following every move I make, one phone call…& you are done.
    Make my day…do it.
    Your nasty behind will be deported back to Ireland so fast your head will swim, but it doesnt take much to do that, make your head swim, your nuts anyway…you want to go to court against me with your criminal backround-record, like I said, make my day, Nutbar!
    I have so many witnesses, you do not stand a chance in hell…
    You lie about everything, you havent any cultural identity of your own…so playing 1st Nations is all you can do…all the ribbon shirts from AIMs Sun Dance…where you were this year yet again, liar…will not make you into anything but what you are…you know what that is, I dont have to say it, you know.


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