No Reversal of opinion which revealed through trust…the truth!

My 1st impression was accurate!

No Prince of a man here, only way out of AIM is in a body bag, ask Anna Mae’s Spirit!

ftskeleton1145b15d111211sd-senator-james-abourezk-with-aim-murderers-rapists-and-pedophiles1111Bio on the legal council for Arlo Looking Cloud, Mr. Barry Backrach Esquire….

Mr. Bachrach is a Litigation Partner with extensive experience in managing and handling a wide variety of litigation.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Maine, School of Law, has authored several legal publications and is currently co-authoring a book about the Massachusetts Constitution.

Bachrach has bar admissions in the states of Maine, Massachusetts and Minnesota and in the United Claims Court, Federal Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit.

Mr. Bachrach will & has offered hope to the oppressed, bringing back the principles that this country was founded upon, regaining the soul that this country has lost.

Bachrach believes that Native Americans are the foundation of this country, spiritual people who cherish the earth, not strive to own it.


Barry Bachrach, Esquire

The Law Office of Barry Bachrach

62 Paxton Street

Leicester, MA 01524

Telephone No.: (508) 892-1533

Facsimile No.: (508) 892-1633



Mr. Bachrach’s representation of Arlo Looking Cloud, in our Tetuwan Lakota opinion & view, has been a very compelling documentation revealing the real perps in collusion & participating in the premeditated rape-execution of Anna Mae Aquash-Pictou.

This continued abuse of power & position to successfully get away with her murder, as well as the earlier murders of numerous other 1st Nations & American Citizens, as well as others during the US govt staged event dubbed by the media & the press as the “Seige of Wounded Knee” in 1973.

We feel Mr. Bachrach’s unadmirable legal battle to free Arlo Looking Cloud via his most recent (dismissed by Judge Pirsol, sham) habeous corpus shows us…. that because of how high up the govt food chain the murderous corruption goes, law enforcement & the Feds are refusing to continue to pursue AIM Leadership & AIM’s US Govt puppetmaster & legal council protector.

Read Rezinate’s “Conflict of Interest” series on WordPress December 2012, nobody did it better (Dem full blown now, I say again now… but when he/Rezinate was on track/socialism Advocate/Bernie)no one did it better..but, none the less* to fully understand what has occurred in the 2004 murder case against Arlo Looking Cloud, & whom has done their/AIM/US Govt very best for Arlo to take the fall for ALL in the Aquash-Pictou rape-execution.

For all the real decision making US Govt perps (in powerful position(s)) involved, they so entitled…. never believing John Boy Graham would ever be extradicted from Canada to face the Aquash-Pictou murder charges as the real trigger man & her rapist, & that Graham would be found guilty in December 2010 of Anna Mae Aquash -Pictou’s rape-execution…

Only the men who made the decision for her rape-execution, the men with government immunity, powerful politicians, judges, & their faux 1st Nations AIM military force used against American 1st Nations & Canadian 1st Nations Citizens, AIM continues to remain free protected as US Govt Operatives by their HANDLER & his Muslim bought Presidency of Obama!

AIM remains free, & Arlo Looking Cloud remains imprisoned as a real political prisoner because the Free Masonic Elite Occultist Illuminati want it that way, & these Satan incarnates will devour this land & all it has for themselves, their cronies, Satan & his Chief of Staff/Crowley, as they have the Tetons & Indian Country…while feasting upon our children!

We put our distrust & do not put support behind the people like Mr. Bachrach, who are not against this type of corruption & misuse of power & position.

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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7 Responses to No Reversal of opinion which revealed through trust…the truth!

  1. Harvey Arden quit sending me your crap…there is no fixing congress, kick them all out & lets start over, including the executive office….the bought boy.
    First I get an email from Bachrach, then this from you…
    Go away, or….
    Wa Chokpe Sni-Fears Nothing


  2. Or read this….
    The longest running in Lakota country. He is the descendant of 37 generations of medicine men. CANUNNPA WAKAN. Interview with Looking Back Woman …
    As soon as this Interview came out AIM hiarchy members started dying, like Vernon Bellecourt & Robert Robideaux, Floyd Red Crow Westerman…
    Where oh where do the bad boyz go…


    Read the depositions that Judge Pirsol allowed for Arlo Looking Cloud, showing assessories to premeditated murder of the former Senator of South Dakota, & his now, South Dakota Supreme Court Judge, son…who stood by & allowed AIM to murder Anna Mae Aquash, when Charlie could have prevented her murder…
    Arlo saw Charlie, when Charlie opened the door at Bill Means house the night before Graham murdered Anna Mae when Arlo was on his way with Graham & Auntie Thelma to get the gun from Dick Marshals house that Graham used to murder Aquash….
    That is called a conspiracy to premeditated murder….
    If you watch PBSs AIM film, We Shall Remain…after reading the depositions Judge Pirsol allowed for Looking Cloud, this film will make you want to hurl…not applaud the criminals shown in this film!!!
    There is no justification for murdering innocent people by AIM, Aquash was just the tip of the ice berg of AIM murder victims…sanctioned by whom….AIMs handlers, of course!!!


  4. BooHoo, Bachrach…so you dont like my writing-journalism anti-AIM skills, your nasty email just shows who you really are, just because you have John fooled, I am not.
    You best do right by Arlo, & not be another Abourezk…& if you say you are reading my blogs, you wouldnt need Mr Amos to send my reply to you..hahaa, lol! Or know who I am…my burning question to you is…who Lakota was helping you ask in Lakota, Who I am, if you dont know by now, why wirte to me…I NEVER contacted you…We, sir…have no common ground, I do not buy into your new position that you have seen the light about AIM, you are too entrenched to do anything other than try to save your own butt, at the expense of others,
    Just love the kernels of info into your mind & years of manipulations as Peltiers head legal council from Mr Amos. If you want people to think differently of your new found good guy anti-AIM position, I would take the crapola down about Peltier endorsing you for Vice President, we have enough crooks already in the White House, Congress & Senate already!
    That is like Ron Paul posting the endorsement by Russell Means…why anyone would want an endorsement by MURDERERS…only you & he can answer that question!


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    Thank-you Mr Bachrach for making the lines clearly drawn between us…no common ground with me for supporters (former, if you will) or enablers of the American Indian Movement or Leonard Peltier!


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