In response to my fraud accusers..better a post than just a comment.

Here is who I am, my Teuwan Lakota Ancestors & relatives, my backround… Barry, Lone Wolf, Okreek… or anyone who wants to say I am a fraud, & not a Tetuwan Lakota Pipe Carrier..
I am an authentic, registered Tetuwan Minneconjou Lakota at Cheyenne River Agency, same agency as Arvol Looking Horse…just so you know.
So, where are my accusers above registered at, we Lakota always ask…whom are your related to, where are you & your people (family) from…can you speak our Tetuwan language.
So, if you want to diss me, best have your family history & facts down pat.
I do, & for your information…I have absolutely nothing I am ashamed of, or am even remotely worried about someone finding out about…
I am guilt free, never been in trouble, have had a baby out of wedlock, or been in jail,not even a parking ticket.

I have lived a good life living our Sacred Lifeway teachings, & instructions of my Father, Creator & Whope, that she, White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman brought to the Lakota in their time of despair, of how we Lakota were suppose to conduct ourselves with one another in approx. 1550…

Can my accusers say the same.

I think not.

Other than being a victim of rape by Russell Means in 1972, there is nothing in my backround that is even remotely questionable, the rape was my fault in trusting someone who was evil…and, not listening to my Father, when he said to me, do not let AIM use you to get to me or the Cannunpa Wakan.

As children do…I thought I was safe & the AIM people were doing good things for Indian people, only when the raped began & the 18 AIM members in the room when the assault occured did nothing to stop Means, did I know I had made a terrible mistake in being there.

My Lakota Aunties thought Russell Means was authetic at Rosebud, SD while he fancy danced in his regalia…. in what Means was pretending he was doing for 1st Nations Indian people, my Lakota Aunties did not know at that time Means was lying about everything & was the Trojan Horse of 1st Nations peoplethat his linage was really Crow, Wasciu & Dakota, not a drop of Lakota blood in Means backround.

I unfortunately trusted my Lakota relatives judgement, which led to me being at the wrong place, at the wrong time with Russell Means & AIM. While AIM was on the Trail of Broken Treaties in the fall of 1972, & in Spokane Washington.

Read Means book, Where White Men Fear to Tread, he states AIM 1st stop on AIMs trip to DC was in Spokane.

I am grateful just to have been raped by Means, I could have been murdered…looking back at all of AIMs other victims….many of whom were murdered, even other AIM members & supporters.

Boyfriend judgements in the past may not have been ideal, until I met my wonderful husband, maybe….
But, who hasnt thought someone they thought they loved was more than what they were…
Anyone who has ever loved, & been disappointed in the choices they made about the character of whom they were involved with…is personal human error.
That is just being a normal human being….
As long as you did something about it, & did not continue on with the pattern of making poor choices for a life partner…

It is called a learning curve.

I love my husband, we live for one another…

I am blessed to have a man who loves me & cherishes my being a Tetuwan Lakota & supports me in my work.

I hope my fraud accusers can reflect & say the same…but, we Lakota have a saying….
He wascasa sni yelo!!!!

He is no man at all!
That is my opinion of them….

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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