Statements & lies of a seasoned murderer…

Dino Butler:

Certainly the truth is at issue, but to me, it’s not the truth of who or what killed Anna Mae.

The real issue is a lot bigger than Anna Mae or anybody.

The issue is survival.

Dino Butler:

Anna Mae gave her life for a reason.

Our getting involved with each other fighting about who’s telling the truth about it, and pointing fingers at each other won’t work….


Why not Dino, since John Boy Graham was convicted of her murder Dec. 2010, on the orders of the American Indian Movement leadership…

Re: Would any underlings in the American Indian Movement actually have the guts to rape & then murder the former lover of Dennis Banks…unless they themselves wanted to be murdered for doing so, NO!

Anyone who knows the inside workings of the American Indian Movement are aware…that raping & murdering an AIM leadership lover would be suicide if the rape & murder was not sanctioned by AIM leadership, by the very man who was Anna Maes lover….Dennis Banks! 

AIM just never believed that John Graham would ever be extradicted, with the former Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada, Peter McKay blocking & preventing the 3 Judges ruling on Grahams extradiction…

My opinion & question is, why would the former right hand man of the leader of Canada, Peter McKay… who wasnt even born when Anna Maes murder was commited by John Graham, want to protect a AIM member, Native Canadian who murdered another AIM member, Native Canadian, unless somehow AIM also works in Canada against 1st Nations here as well…

That is a question that sparked the extradition of Graham from Canada, when posed to the Dept.of Justice of Canada, & the Indian Affairs Critic of Canada, & shortly thereafter, Graham was extradicted from Canada to face murder charges in the execution style murder of Anna Mae Aquash-Pictou….which AIM leadership have been proven, had knowledge about her murder even before her body was found. 

After this inquiry, righthand man to the leader of Canada, Peter McKay was moved to another position within Harpers administration…

Was McKays position of protecting Graham, just disrespect of women in general, like his former paramour, Linda Strondich, another politician in Canada… who dumped McKay. With later, McKay publically calling Strondich a dog, or was it because McKay didnt think the rape & murder of a Native Canadian woman of importance.

 Or was it the political support Peltier has from people globally, who actually think Peltier is a political prisoner, which is a complete fabrication of the American Indian Movements propaganda machine…

Peltier is nothing more than an unrepentant, cold-blooded murder, who bragged of murdering the two young FBI agents to Anna Mae, which was the catalyst for Anna Maes execution by AIM.

Is this another reason AIM leadership, (re: Leonard Crow Dog, Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Leonard Peltier, etc) was able to move so freely into Canada, across the Canadian border to do ceremony for $$$$, hide from law enforcement, and appear on APTN on a program promoting AIMs propaganda & lies…

These are questions posed about AIM in 2007-2008 to the Indian Affairs Critic of Canada, which were never answered or clarified successfully.

Someone needs to start asking…

Why would AIM be supported in Canada from the current political administration, when the American Indian Movement is nothing more than urban domestic terrorists re: takeover & destruction of the BIA offices in DC, & the Seige of Wounded Knee.

AIM, whom have criminal backrounds, have been incarcerated in prison…& have been allowed to remain free to murder, rape, commit pedofile acts against children again & again by their handlers…. we need to be asking why!

All hardcopy documentation of this information will be available when the American Indian Movement is indicted for AIMs numerous & prolific murders & other criminal activities spanning decades in Indian Country across North America.


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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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