Corresponding Arlo Looking Cloud depositions showing the role of Mr Backrach who recently contacted me, asking in Lakota who I was, & in English asking what was my backround after he had been reading my blogs…and, this shows beyond any doubt that the Abourezks, had conflict of interest from Charles Abourezk being at AIMs Bill Means house the night before Graham executed Anna Mae Aquash…and, Charles Abourezk, the son of the Senator of South Dakota did not do anything to stop it from occuring to continue to hid AIMs crimes, & the fact that the Seige of Wounded Knee & other AIM events were stages & that AIMs handlers are the US Government who took AIM out of prison & set them upon Indian Country to keep US interests of Reservation lands & natural resource within the firm grip of the United States Government, which AIM works for…. beyond any doubt in my mind, how else could AIM have this type of political corruption of South Dakota representatives covered up for so long…and, out of the public domain or media, murder, murder, murder by AIM, who presented a threat to AIM & Government agenda, thats called a cover-up!!!

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U.S. and who?  submits motion to dismiss Amended Section 2255
ALC and lawyer, response
-summary of 1st paragraph:
1) -doctrine of equitable tolling should be applied
 why?  -because Defendent’s Amended Sec. 2255 is timely
2) -Defendent submits there are ample facts to support
     claims made by D. in the Amendment   
Summary of Position taken in all Affidavits by ALC:
1.   As will be demonstrated below, Defendent expects that the 3 depositions that he seeks to
take, and to which the U.S. has no opposition, will shed further light on his arguments as
to why this matter should not be dismissed
2.  If this Court dismisses the Amended Section 2255 motion, which Defendent submits that it
should not do, Defendent requests that the Court provide him and his counsel adequate time
to file a motion with this Court to recommend an appropriate placement…

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