Crow Dogs role in Anna Maes death…

June, 1975: According to Ka-Mook Nichols, while her and Dennis Banks are in Custer, South Dakota staying at the Bavarian Inn, for Dennis’s trial on the Custer riot charges, Leonard Crow Dog angerly indicates to Dennis Banks that he no longer wants Annie Mae coming on his land because she is an informant.

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    SO CALLED POLITICAL (AIM) PRISONER PELTIER TARGETING ANNA MAE AFTER HE BRAGGED TO HER THAT HE DEFINATELY MURDERED THE TWO FBI AGENTS AS THEY BEGGED FOR THEIR LIVES, that is why Anna Mae was murdered, Peltier is GUILTY! And, complicit in Anna Maes murder along with AIM leadership, Trudell & BANKS as well as John Boy Graham, and the Abourezks!


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