All the AIM crooks, murderers, rapists, pedofiles, their legal council & supporters all want to appear to be good guys!

My opinion on this issue from my inside knowledge about these AIMsters & co-conspirators corruption is…they all want another day at the feeding trough, to continue on with their careers, speaking engagements, non-profit societies, & criminal activities….

That is all they know how or want to do, & the con, marks or easy pickings is so readily available, it is just to easy for them, & they just do not want to stop doing what they have been doing in the past, forever & ever…

And, they will murder again, if they are not allowed to continue…they have gotten away with murdering people for decades if anyone posed a threat to this cash cow…

This is just human nature, as pathic as it is…it is what it is, for we are pitiful human beings…that is for sure, as long as we allow it to continue.

It is all about personal choice & making good decisions that affect everything around us…when we endorse evil, we become evil ourselves…Evil prevails when good men do nothing…I hope you are getting that, Charlie!

You, Charles…. do not get to continue on as if you were not where you were… when you you were there at Bill Means home the night before AIM executed Anna Mae Aquash-Pictou.

Aquash-Pictous execution by John Boy Graham on AIM leaderships sanctioning & instructions…occured because she had been with AIM since the beginning, been Banks lover, even though Banks was having children with KaMook who was no more than 15 at the time.

Anna Mae knew everything that AIM had done illegally, had helped AIM in their criminal activities, the only problem for Anna Mae…was Peltier had bragged to her about murdering the two FBI agents, while on the run… cruzing around in Marlon Brandos motor home…before Peltier & Banks left the two female AIMsters, KaMook pregnate again by Banks…with another Banks child in hand…& his other lover, Anna Mae by the side of the road, while he & Peltier ran for their lives…

Leaving the two AIM women…or woman & child, because KaMook was not really more than a child herself…to face the legal music when the AIM group were stopped by law enforcement, while bullets flew…for AIM was never NOT armed & not dangerous. 

The AIM mentality is as Robert Robideaux stated about the two young FBI agents who were murdered by Peltier at Jumping Bull June 26th, 1975…when Robideaux said…they, the FBI agents Coler & Williams squirmed like worms, well wouldnt you if you had been shot numerous times & you were dying…

None of these AIMsters, past present or future…are good guys.




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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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