Hey, Hollyweird…looking back at you!

FBI finally admits the American Indian Movement was funded by the US government.

By Looking Back Woman
Dated: Mar 02, 2010

Updated January 28, 2012

AIM could not have existed without funding and support from certain quarters of the US government.

“American Indian Mafia”… author Joseph Trimbach/FBI agent

After years of denials from both the American Indian Movement (AIM) and the FBI, now the truth is exposed with the release of the book, “American Indian Mafia” by Joseph Trimach/ FBI agent, and his son John… clearly stating in April 2006, that the US government has supported and funded the actions of AIM’s vast history of murders, overt criminal destruction of the BIA Offices in DC, the township and people of Wounded Knee, stolen private, public & Federal property, abuse and murder of their own AIM members, and others ( murdered 7 AIM supporters… during the Seige of Wounded Knee, including Ray Robinson) without any legal accountability, or justice for AIMs victims.

This does not include the murders of Anna Mae Aquash and Buddy Lamont, both AIM activists & members, present during the Seige of Wounded Knee in 1973, just to name a few….(Dennis Banks shot Lamont in the chest it recently was revealed…Banks is still free, & has been given the keys to Alcatraz)…oh, my…by yet another government worker.

One must ask, since this information has become available almost 6 (now, 2012) years ago, why no arrests have been made of the top AIM members, leadership or why John “Boy” Graham’s trial continues to be postponed, (thank goodness Graham was convicted of murdering Anna Mae…Dec 2010, when are the Abourezks going down too, with AIM) and now the federal charges against him are dropped, with only state charges remaining? (In prison for life without parole) Or why a current high ranking Canadian official, (Peter McKay, as Foriegn Affairs Minister of Canada) tried to prevent Graham’s extradition from Canada to the US for the Aquash murder, when Aquash was a Canadian by birth??? And, so is Graham.

Is there a reason why, after this admission by the FBI, the American Indian Movement is still allowed by the media, news networks, academia, law enforcement, CIA, IRS, as agents for the US Government, to continue to rewrite Native history for their/AIM’s & their handlers… own profit?

Currently there has (was, the suit faded as quick as the Acorn mess of Obamas) been a lawsuit filed by Floyd Hand Jr, a longstanding Lakota AIM member, so-called Lakota spiritual leader, (a criminal backround check of Hand Jr revealed a murder conviction his rape victim said) against the Sedona Group, in which several (3) people died as a result of too many people in an Inipi (sweat lodge), and lack of care, naming James Arthur Ray,(Ray got a slap on the wrist, hey…Oprah endorsed him, just like Obama) the Sedona Land owners and the US government accountable. The real reason behind the lawsuit is obvious to anyone who knows first hand AIM’s counter intelligence tactics…..(be the first ones to hold a press conference, sue everone, blame the government, who AIM works for, wear Indian clothing & jewlery, work in Hollyweird, have raped or murdered someone or many)!

This is not about the issues stated in the suit, but for AIM, as agents for the US Government, and the US Government itself, to revoke the Freedom of Religion Act for Native Americans, and implement a law requiring a permit from the US government to pray or hold native ceremony…..Fast forward to January 28, 2012…it never happened, because then the US Government would have to do the same with all religions…like the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, and on and on…if we are suppose to believe we have a democratic process….eh!

Though, the US Government would really like to have those extra dollars in income from the permits, and now more than ever with Obama borrowing trillions more again from China…but, no one else is going to pay to pray, why should Indian Country!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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