Follow up on the Bahai connection, Lakota spirituality & AIMs spin masters…..


We don’t know what is true here, she (Brenda Norell) takes 10% truth and spins it with 90% fantasy.
 We find the fact that someone is hacking in here to be very interesting.
Also, the photo is interesting in that we believe that is Peltier walking down the road with others,
certainly not the image the Peltier Defense Fund would like to be released. 
We also wonder who that is walking beside him?
“The files of a global security company, Stratfor, were hacked by Anonymous, exposing US spies at Stratfor were focused on a website with a photo of the Wounded Knee occupation of 1973. The website includes links to Indian organizations & movements, including the American Indian Movement, Indigenous Environmental Movement, the Zapatistas, Transform Columbus Day, Defenders of the Land, Waziyatawin, Unsettling America & Lakota Oyate.”                           (BrendaNorell article from ‘Censored News’ website)

The website can be found by googling “censored news 2012” and it appears about 6 links down from the top.
Stratfor is a global intelligence company and they were indeed hacked in Dec. 2011….
Texas DPS (Dept. of Public Safety) includes a branch that comprehensively takes care of both domestic
and international terrorism issues, in co-operation with ‘Homeland Security’, among other agencies.

Norell mentions them in her article as part of the conspiracy along with Stratfor, to spy on AIM
and other movements.
Interestingly the FBI investigated the Texas DPS & in 2010, several persons were charged & found
guilty of possessing & selling drivers’ licences illegally.
CURIOUS about all this…. because, we are presuming AIM is always feeding Brenda Norell info. & telling
her what is important to put out into the public domain.
At the end of the article she manages to link the FBI once again with a counter intel pro infiltration
of AIM and Occupy movements. 
 They are (AIM) is trying to recruit the young and disenfranchised from the ‘movements’ to be one with AIM!!! 
And, Norell asks for donations again, seems much more urgent in her appeal for funds. 
 Have been looking at what Bahai is, & have found an interesting article on it. 
Remember, Norell is devout Bahai, yet in Bahai rules and regulations, no woman especially, & no man generally, can espouse political causes… they must turn to the Administrative Body of Bahai, and only men elect men, repeatedly, to control everything and everyone.
So why has Norell been given permission by the powers at the top of Bahai, to continue her rants and propoganda?
Surely the ‘Universal House of Justice’ a control mechanism at the top within the Bahai religion who sanctions persons who are deviating from the absolute authority of B’ahulla, as decided upon by these men who are elected for life it seems much like other religions, would forbid Norell to speak as she does.
But they don’t.  Why?
The religion originated in Iran, has some Muslim precepts, but now pretends to honour & accept all
religions, all politics, but they don’t. 
 In my opinion I would say Bahai want to consume all religions, all politics, under their One World Order.
The main administrative governing body of Bahai, is now in Israel.
This website was probably written by a Bahai, but even here it states that no one should be concerned
with local politics.
In the Year 2000, in the Pesla, Pahe Sape, in the Black Hills, Bahai attempted to take over the
‘Sacred Fire’ & many became sick, & one ‘medicine man’ speaker almost passed out in front of the
Sacred Fire, as he attempted to talk about Bahai precepts and principles.  
 It was so bizarre, weird, and insulting….the people were there to talk about peace, to honour the Sacred Fire created in a good way for 4 days of communication by all people.  
What happened was like a cancer attaching itself to everything, pretending to be good. 
Their overt message was that all people on the Good Red Road were really on the Bahai road, because they were one and the same. 
Therefore Bahai could be part of the traditional ways. 
(Secretly they were saying traditional ways would one day be Bahai.)
Just so you know, Junior…it isnt going to happen.

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. Too many coincidences. look at this wikipedia entry

    “Haifa is home to the Baha’i World Centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site”

    -they are checking you out…
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  2. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:

    Read the comments as well as the content, connecting the dots…



    -Make no mistake, they-AIM & their Bahai connections are stepping up and going full blast again…

    -We all are getting angry and awfully tired of the AIM fraudsters/murderers always ‘winning’ by propoganda & lies alone, let alone AIM once again, winning with actual physical violence, along with AIMs programming techniques and BS rhetoric!

    -A big piece of the puzzle that we didn’t understand is Baha’i supporting AIM, AIM supporting Baha’i… it would be a good ‘warrior’ tactic to divide and conquer, have them-AIM & Bahai fight each other with their insane greedy little minds & agendas…

    -All it takes is the truth…connect the dots, folks, and no longer feed either beast, AIM or the Bahai…neither represent the White Buffalo Calf Pipe-Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin in any way, & all they both are working for is that One World Order…


  4. Bahai also allows AIM to hold all their meetings in their centres… they are also probably
    funding AIM, they sponsored AIM West’s conference in San Francisco in Nov. 2011
    Just so everyone knows how close the Bahai & AIM connection really is…


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