Hey Dizzy Lizzy Cornish…get educated, AIM kool-aide drinker you!

LizzieCornish has made a comment on Looking Back Woman – The Truth, Part III:

Yes, you CAN blame everything on the FBI, actually..and the more I discover, the more shocked I become about what the FBI did, not just to the AIM, to the Native Americans, to Leonard Peltier, to ‘Geronimo Pratt’ but also many, many others, The Black Panthers, all the Political Prisoners STILL held to this day, DECADES are the FBI had them thrown into prison..Look into THAT, LBW..and tell THAT truth, instead of blaming your own people. YEESH!! Oh, and jamessimon is a racist, look into that too.
Ahhh, Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy…you should know better than to spout off to me AIMs retoric & propaganda….when I know 1st hand that AIM are murderers, rapists, pedofiles, liars, & thieves, who stole as much as AIM could carry away from their own so-called 1st Nations people, and millions upon millions in donations earmarked for real 1st Nations people & their needs.
When AIM didnt think AIM was getting every penny from their AIM supporters collecting the donations, AIM threatened to murder them, too…right from those former AIM supporters mouths…fact, not fiction, Dizzy Lizzy!!
Real noble warriors & heap big Indians, He Casa Sni Yelo… that only Hollyweird can shore up the AIM propaganda & lies….by Hollyweirds films trying to make people believe, like you…Dizzy, that AIM are heros & role models. 
However, collectively…. if you added up all of the faux-1st Nation AIMs blood quantum…not enough 1st Nations blood, with all of the top dogs of AIM added up together, to have a decent nose bleed, Lizzy!
You sound like one of the Occupiers, who are throwing rocks & bottles at law enforcement, trying to break-in to unoccupied buildings…saying they, the Occupiers want justice, hahahahah, LOL! Right!
You probably voted for Obama, wanting all that hope & change too..without even remembering Acorn, or the selling of Obamas Senatorial seat by Blatherovich from Illinois, the Rev Wright, or mentor Bill Ayres, self-proclaimed urban domestic militant terrorist, who tried to blow up the Pentagon in the 1970s, now mentor to Obama…same people behind Occupiers, as the AIMsters Dizzy Lizzy.
So, crawl out of your back side & get a breath of truth…before opening your yap again, showing how really naive & just how ill informed you really are.
 What ARE you reading MARXISM, or Ayres 1973 book, We Are Everywhere……
They dont call you Dizzy Lizzy for nothing, honey!
The reason why people like you refuse to believe the truth when it is presented to you, is because the truth just does not serve you…
The reason why I know all about AIM, I was raped by Russell Means in 1972 when I was only 17 yrs old, & no I did not bring it on myself…that is just one of AIMs MOs, rape , & pedofile behavior….
Along with burning people up, their cars, their homes, BIA offices, Museums…that is what AIM does, to innocent men, women & children.
I was in South Dakota near Jumping Bull when Peltier did murder those two young FBI agents in cold blood, as they lay already mortally wounded & bleeding out, when Peltier shot them in the face, finishing what AIM started there at Jumping Bull that day, June 26th, 1975…murder….why do you think Anna Mae was executed, Peltier bragged to her about doing it!
More murders….not the FBI murdering poor 1st Nations people, LIZ…AIM murdering even in some cases AIMs own supporters & members!!! Like Anna Mae, her husband…and, Buddy Lamont, new informants are telling authorities new info daily about what they saw AIM do & what they know.
And, you have the AIM spin masters, like Claypoole & Norell saying there are spies at Wounded Knee…no, there are people, 1st Nations & non-1st Nations wanting to unburden themselves…about what they KNOW for a FACT…AIM has done & will do again…if AIM is not stopped once & for all.
So, until you, Dizzy Lizzy… have something productive to contribute or add to what has already been proven AIM has done criminally, beyond any reasonable doubt…like the murdering innocent people AIM deemed a threat to their financial windfall-donations as faux 1st Nations representatives, at the expense of peoples lives in Indian Country…shut up & get educated, so you do not further embarrass yourself, Liz!
If that is even remotely possible.
Wa Chokpe Sni-Looking Back Woman 

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  2. James Simon says:

    Thank you, LBW, for putting “Dizzy Lizzie” in her place; she finally admitted she sundanced with Leonard Peltier, she says, in the 1970s. Dancing with the devil; that explains a lot! And we think she hails from Denham, UK. not very American, but like her European sisterhood, slavish dupes for their favorite murderer. The contagion has spread across the English Channel to Germany where rumor has it Dennis Banks was hustling his new propaganda film and scouring the countryside for underage girls. Some things never change, like European naiveté and smarmy ignorance!


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