Here you go…get an idea of what Carroll looks like…noted Fullbright University recognized Scholar, oh my!



Suzanne Dupree, aka Looking Back Womantext

Whatever Suzanne Dupree’s agenda is, the one thing she is guilty of is exploiting her people’s traditions. To stand and pose for photographs with a pipe;wap2Cache


Dear Alton Carroll & Arvol Looking Horse,
You both continue to put your feet in your mouths…& that is what happens when you lie.
You both continue to slander me without a shred of evidence to support your lies against me.
Do you think this Tetuwan Minneconjou Lakota is exploiting his Lakota peoples
traditions by posing for photos with a Cannunpa?
All our Traditional Lakota people were photographed with their
Cannunpas, if they had one…One delegation of Lakota that went to Washington DC to see the Great White Father, the President of the United States, every single Lakota that went had their Cannunpa in their hands or lying in their arms…do you think everyone of those Lakotas were exploiting their Lakota peoples sacred traditions?
The only fakes & frauds are you yourself, Carroll… and Arvol Looking Horse! About yet another one of your lies…about my film, “Gift From the Ancestors”…
Where is it, Carroll???
Where is all the money John Lekay spent on financing my film that you lied all over the internet about Lekay having spent?

What about the 4.5 million dollars Looking Horse took out of the Wolakota Childrens Fund, for your film…Spirits for Sale, that flopped big time, eh…
There isn’t a film, Gift from the Ancestors, you idiot!
But, there will be an educational book named that…

There never was a film I made…&, I played you and your crew, like a Lakota flute….
I wanted to show all concerned, for every action there is a counter action
by you, Arvol Looking Horse or AIM to continue to try and control that which is Sacred in Indian Country…

You make fun of my vocation, however…
I can’t for the life of me understand why… where you teach in Texas, that your Dean where you are suppose to teach… would even allow you around young minds with the poison you spew to protect yourself and ALH’s investments in trying to make people believe your lies….like Fullbright University, who has endorsed you as a Native scholar..and, I am sure your blood quantum is par of the American Indian Movements…no existent, not enough if measured collectively of all the main AIMsters…to have a decent nose bleed!
I am registered at Cheyenne River, & I am more Lakota than many of the AIM members themselves…on my site their blood quantum is listed, and it isn’t much for all the ink they try to get, and that AIM got during the Seige of Wounded Knee.
I don’t see you addressing Marie Elk Head Fiddlers UTube Video…where Marie shares with the viewers how the lie began with AIM looking for the Pipe/Cannunpa, and the Looking Horses NOT having It, and taking another Cannunpa from the wall…saying to AIM, Dennis Banks & Russell Means in 1972….this one is It.
When It was not…that is fraud, bet that went over really well.

Shows as early as 1972, AIM was looking for the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, and when AIM thought they found It at Wounded Knee, they destroyed what they thought was It…along with Riegert’s book manuscript called….
“Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed From Wounded Knee, while AIM occupied Riegerts trailer home as AIMs security headquarters…

But, the manuscript for “Quest” was NOT lost, another copy was in the editing process with Paul Manhart SJ… who, along with Ralph “Doc” Hubbard published “Quest” (copyright 1975) after Riegert’s death in 1974.
Nor was the Catlinite Cannunpa lost…if one believes Beatrice Medicine, & Phil Lane Sr…upstanding Tetuwan spiritual Elders and educators.
The Cannunpa was there all the time with Fools Crow, the Cannunpa his Uncle Nicolas Black Elk, & he lovingly cared for and kept safe from harm & ego, hidden yet in plain sight. Cared for by the Hunoup speaking Bear Medicine Society Tetuwan Elders….never in the care of anyone else from Martha Bad Warrior and Andrew Dupris to Nicolas Black Elk and Frank Fools Crow…to my Father, Calvin…and, then to me.

So Carroll, slander is so expensive…if you cannot prove your lies, slander, libel & allegations against me….
An apology would be in order…one in writing, and on every site you posted your slander
against me….

Oh, your NAFPS sites has been removed….

I am sure your Dean, or any educational organization you may try to work at in the future, will NOT be impressed with anyone who thinks he can manipulate history for their own personal benefit, at the expense of others…
Look who the real exploiters, Faux Indians, & frauds are….you & Arvol Looking Horse, not I!!!
I can prove who I am, can you?

Dec.21, 2009/updated January 31, 2012

So, this little type of non-native girl is my judge & jury at…

You have got to be kidding, this is from your…hahahah, lol!

Go for it Carroll, you dont have much other than your lies & a computer, fill your boots,

wont ever make you a real authentic 1st Nations person, no matter how bad you want that for your cultural identity…it just wont be happening this life!



“Moderator for NAFPS site and Alton Carroll

Oh, by the way, educatedindian is Dr. Alton Carroll.
Al’s a guy.
He’s a college professor in Texas.
Debbie is a woman 🙂
We have a few other moderators on NAFPS, but they haven’t been around so much recently.

“Maybe the other moderators on NAFPS realized educatedindian, Dr Alton Carroll is a fraud???”
And, so is Arvol Looking Horse.
Rats leaving a sinking ship…the frauds site is NAFPS themselves!
How are ya all doing at NAFPS, with those 3 fingers pointing back at you???
You got to love Heyoka medicine!!!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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