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Search engine terms for January 29, 2012 on Looking Back Woman blog…

Search Engine Terms Today Search Views frank fools crow first generation 3 russell means rapist 2 suzanne dupree 2 wordpress favorite posts 1 richard two elk 1 ward churchill 1 tewanka lakota 1 native american pipestone elk head pipes 1 … Continue reading

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Follow up on the Bahai connection, Lakota spirituality & AIMs spin masters…..

  We don’t know what is true here, she (Brenda Norell) takes 10% truth and spins it with 90% fantasy.  We find the fact that someone is hacking in here to be very interesting.   Also, the photo is interesting in that we … Continue reading

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I never said I was Lakota Spiritual Leader…

I have never made that claim, what I have stated is what I carry, why I carry It, who made that decision for me to do so, and, to make it very clear here…I am the CLEANER!!! Since the Lakota … Continue reading

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Hey Dizzy Lizzy Cornish…get educated, AIM kool-aide drinker you!

  LizzieCornish has made a comment on Looking Back Woman – The Truth, Part III: Yes, you CAN blame everything on the FBI, actually..and the more I discover, the more shocked I become about what the FBI did, not just … Continue reading

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Hey, Hollyweird…looking back at you!

FBI finally admits the American Indian Movement was funded by the US government. By Looking Back Woman Dated: Mar 02, 2010 Updated January 28, 2012 AIM could not have existed without funding and support from certain quarters of the US … Continue reading

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The best reading material you could have, along with American Indian Mafia…no more suppression of these books!

      LikeCommentUnlikeComment Tag Photo Click on the photo to start tagging. Done Tagging          Type any name to tag: Type any name     Adrienne Fritze QUEST and SIOUX INDIAN | I now have the text … Continue reading

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All the AIM crooks, murderers, rapists, pedofiles, their legal council & supporters all want to appear to be good guys!

My opinion on this issue from my inside knowledge about these AIMsters & co-conspirators corruption is…they all want another day at the feeding trough, to continue on with their careers, speaking engagements, non-profit societies, & criminal activities…. That is all they … Continue reading

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