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We don’t know what is true here, she (Brenda Norell) takes 10% truth and spins it with 90% fantasy.
 We find the fact that someone is hacking in here to be very interesting.
Also, the photo is interesting in that we believe that is Peltier walking down the road with others,
certainly not the image the Peltier Defense Fund would like to be released. 
We also wonder who that is walking beside him?
“The files of a global security company, Stratfor, were hacked by Anonymous, exposing US spies at Stratfor were focused on a website with a photo of the Wounded Knee occupation of 1973. The website includes links to Indian organizations & movements, including the American Indian Movement, Indigenous Environmental Movement, the Zapatistas, Transform Columbus Day, Defenders of the Land, Waziyatawin, Unsettling America & Lakota Oyate.”                           (BrendaNorell article from ‘Censored News’ website)

The website can be found by googling “censored…

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