Heyoka Magazine LBW Interview reposted & Heyoka Magazine photo of HakiktaWin & APHA stallion, Shaker Schuldt

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30 Dec 2008 – In case you missed it. The Cannunpa Wakan. The “controversial interview” with Looking Back Woman is back online.



Photo. Looking Back Woman.

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3 days ago – I removed Looking Back Woman’s interview after much reflection in order to find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing attacks. This interview
Read this all together, connect the dots…it isnt hard to realize the American Indian Movement & their so-called Lakota spiritual leader, (who made you a Lakota Chief), Arvol Looking Horse have pulled off one of the most complex, successful & expensive hoax-frauds in history…thanks to alot of help from high & well placed politicians, legal council & funding & support from the US Government.
One of the most expensive I say, because not just only the  money & donations AIM & Arvol Looking Horse pilfered…but, human life, & the desecration & destruction of a race of people (the Lakota), their culture, history, Ancestors & spirituality…
One of the very reasons we have Mt. Rushmore carved into Lakota Sacred Tetuwan territory with the US Presidents looking out over our Lakota lands, is so we Lakota never forget our place. No matter… that we, Lakota did only what any other race of people would have done, to defend & protect honorably our Lakota people & traditional lands…and, won.
But, what we Lakota thought we had won, the Battle of Little Big Horn, was as big of a staged event, by the US Government…. as was the Seige of Wounded Knee. The battle ground has been examined by professional experts… who have stated, what was said to have happened historically at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, didnt happen the way the politicians of the dominant society has said it did…
Isnt it about time Wounded Knee was examined with the same scrutiny, and the bodies of the AIM supporters who went in to Wounded Knee in support of AIM, & never left…murdered & their bodies hidden to this day by AIM right under the rolling cameras of the news media be found…
These AIM supporters, innocent victims murdered by AIM, should be found after all these years…& their greving families given closure…their murders had nothing to do with self-determination for 1st Nations people…but, everything to do with political manipulation using AIM as the tool for the desecretion of a Nation & innocent people who thought they were doing something for the good of 1st Nations people, only to be murdered & forgotten about by a society of people…who pretend they want to be politically correct & democratic, but fall short, by making heros & roles models of an organization of murderers & rapists… such as the American Indian Movement.
John Lekays Heyoka Magazine Interview in 2006 with Looking Back Woman, of which Alton Carroll… as the vicious & demonic mouthpiece for AIM & Arvol Looking Horse… cyberly attacked, harassed, slandered, & spread vicious rumors about Lekay & LBW all over NDN news networks, through out Indian Country on blogs & comment pages all over the internet, while Carroll & his NAFPS.org is as big a frauds as AIM & Arvol Looking Horse…look at Carroll & AIMs blood quantum, it will amaze you, if you take the time to check…
All this gossip mongering & unfounded slander by Carroll & his NAFPS site occured over protecting AIM & Arvol Looking Horses position of control over the Sacred, & the financial windfall & money tree of donations AIM & ALH had since the 1970s, unchecked, uncontested & without any respect by AIM or ALH  for authentic traditional people or their precious Sacred teachings & Lifeways.
The Heyoka Magazine Interview with Looking Back Woman in Feb 2006, the publishing of American Indian Mafia by the Trimbachs in April of 2006, stating & verifying the same information about AIM, & later in 2006 the locating of the suppressed, yet historically accurate book on the Lakota & the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin called, Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed From Wounded Knee, authored by Wilbur Riegert, published after Riegerts death in 1975…
Once again information that verified the same information about AIM, & what really happened during the Seige of Wounded Knee, when urban, militant, domestic terrorists called the American Indian Movement entered & destroyed the township of Wounded Knee…
Finally a glimmer of the truth about the American Indian Movement, AIMs true agenda, & AIMs co-conspirators in AIMs criminal activities in Indian Country & around the globe began to emerge, unraveling the well placed lies of AIMs propaganda & myth makers, AIMs handlers, politicians, legal council, academia, and the media, & it became very clear to everyone…AIM is not whom they have made everyone believe that they are.
Thank-you to John Lekay, John & Joseph Trimbach, the Reigerts and the many other people who helped in revealing the truth about AIM, so the truth would be known, & AIM & Arvol Looking Horse will no longer be viewed as heros, role models or spiritual leaders, as AIM & ALH have been fraudulently in the past, with dire results in the murders, rapes, & thefts from & of many many good, caring innocent people. 
Pilamayaye yelo, Wakan Tanka…

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  2. Boy, was I fooled by Trimbach’s & Adrienne Reigert Fritz….everyone’s out to make a buck off the tragedy of what happened to the Teton’s, on the common grave of our Teton Ancestors….at Wounded Knee by fraudster AIMSTERS…All the innocent unaware individuals raped & murdered to keep the fraud/lies/spin in play for the $$, fame, celebrity…..immunity from prosecution.
    Shameful…but, there are so many doing so, & “selling” ceremony and few are even Tetons or Lakota at all, let alone tribally recognized members (authentic traditional 1st Nations people).
    AND, now so do the AIMsters who’ve broken every rule/protocol set forth by Creator, & danced with the Devil & became the DEVIL’S OWN….they burn knowing now, CREATOR’S JUSTICE SUPERCEEDS ALL OTHERS in death.


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