More info from the South…how this scam is being played, & the role of AIM member, Leonard Crow Dog.

This is more info on a large gathering that happened on Feb 6 and 7, 2012 in Mexico, where the Huichol collect their medicine, it is being threatenend by a Canadian silver mine, First Majestic.

Armando Loizaga, who took the NAC people from South Dakota, is the lead player in the peyote legalization movement, a close ally of Leonard Crow Dog.

Their goal is to have control of millions of dollars (annually) worth of peyote supplying the NAC (300,000 plus members) and the new age market.

Leonard Crow Dog & Emerson Jackson are the 2 main Native (US) players in this scam.

There were dozens of reporters covering this Huichol vs mine story, however nothing was said about the hidden peyote legalization agenda and business deals. ———-


Armando Loizaga of the Nierika Center and Sandor Iron Rope, vice-president of the Native American Church Leaders of the Native American Church, the Council of Chiefs of the Sun Dance and other Indigenous leaders from the United States and Canada gathered with Wixarika leaders today in preparation for tonight’s historic ceremony.

“Our brothers have asked us to join them in prayer with the sacred medicine,” said Chief Oscar Moreno, who came on behalf of Leonard Crow Dog, (faux) Lakota spiritual leader, (with blood on LCDs hands, which is against Tetuwan Lakota protocols for participating & conducting ceremony!) 

Like the Wixarika or Huichol people, the Lakota and many other tribal peoples in the North pray with peyote, which they consider a sacrament.

Wirikuta is one of the most important ceremonial centers for the collection and ceremonial use of peyote, and the Wixarika have been the historical guardians of the sacred hallucinogenic cactus, which they say puts them in contact with their ancestors and the spirits of the land.

“We are indebted to them in this holy ground because they have cared for the medicine and they brought it to the North.”

Moreno was concerned to hear the news of the planned gold and silver mines in the area.

“We’re very familiar with what this means, and we’re here to pray in the hope that others will understand that desecrating sacred land is not a good idea for anyone.”

Cilau Valadez, a young Huichol artist who has been traveling in Canada and the United States, building alliances with the different tribes through the Americas, said the visit of leaders like Moreno, Anishinabe leader Wab Kinew and Native American Church Vice-President, Sandor Iron Rope represents a significant moment in Native American history.

“We are fulfilling the Hopi prophecy that speaks of a time when all the original peoples from the North and the South will come together,” he said.

“It means that we are one people, and that we must be recognized.”

More dancing, more singing…..

A sense of timelessness enveloped us…..

I  went up the ridge to the fire being tended by a group of visitors from the Native American Church and a Mexican counterpart called the Nierika Center.

Sandor Iron Rope, vice president of the Native American Church and a Lakota from South Dakota who said he had come to pray with his Wixarika brothers, looked out over the sea of clouds and the yucca trees that stood out like surreal feathered sentinels on the horizon.

“They look like the Wixarika people with their feathered hats,” he observed.

“They are guardians of this place.”

I suddenly realized it was true, I had had the sensation of being surrounded by gentle spirits, and now I understood the reason why.

“I wonder how the deities are feeling about all of this,” I mused, looking around at the varied collection of humanity strewn over the mountaintop, observing the intensely private ritual of a reclusive people communicating with their gods.

“Oh, I think they’re very happy,” said Armando Loizaga, founder of the Nierika Center, a center for the study of sacred plants near Mexico City who has worked with the Huichols and other indigenous groups for many years.

“How can you tell?” I asked.

“Well, for one thing, there was the gentleness of the sacrifice – that was a good sign.

For another, we’ve been blessed with a clear night full of stars.

And for another, here we all are.

We were allowed to be here, and that’s a tremendous gift.”


The gentleness of the SACRIFICE….that is an amazing statement for having AIM member, Leonard Crow Dog having a part in this scam….

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    Spiritual Scam revealed by Leonard Crow Dog, who participated wih David Hill in the murder coverup of Perry Ray Robinson, that Black Lives Matter, Loretta Lynch, Black activist/caucus seems to choose to ignore, not to mention Obama/Abourezk/Jarrett-Code Pinkos!


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