What a load of crapola….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q5NboMrCok

FAUX Chief Leonard Crow Dog, fake Lakota Spiritual Leader & Medicine Man, WITH BLOOD ON HIS HANDS…ask Crow Dog about where the remains are of Ray Robinson at Wounded Knee, & the SEVEN other murdered AIM supporters who went in to Wounded Knee, & questioned AIMs actions, & were never seen again…ask Crow Dog about the peyote scam in Mexico…about the cocaine on Vancouver Island outside of Nanimo…ask HIM!!!

This was done Feb. 8,, 2012 and LCD is obviously losing his mind and rambling. 

A baby was crying away during the first part of his talk. 

The comments below the presentation, where people are commenting, are ridiculous!
Someone is wondering about the stone tablets, and LCD mentions stones….& stone tablets.
-We are worrying…LCD mentions the stones & stone tablets! 

LCD rambles, incoherently, he is far gone… 



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Uploaded Feb 8, 2012…with my comments & opinions as a victim of the American Indian Movement & as an authentic registered at Cheyenne River Agency…. Tetuwan Minneconjou Lakota.

Leonard Crow Dog is a fake (Rosebud) Sicangu Lakota medicine man and faux spiritual leader.

He became famous (for murder) during the AIM takeover of Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota in 1973, when he participated in the murder & coverup of Ray Robinson death.

 LCD strongly believes all people and Nations will live again in peace and spirit…. as long as they have enough cash to pay to pray…to him & his crew of spiritual frauds.

 The Round rock (at: 2:09 in video) in front of him is thousands of years old and has the message from the Creator…..do not give Leonard Crow Dog a dime, he is a drug addict, a murderer, has blood on his hands from the murders that were commited by he & AIM during the Seige of Wounded Knee & of many other innocent people in other locations.

 LCD speaks of the sacred way of life and our children….this is a complete lie, his only connection to the Sacred…. is to make as much money off of it selling ceremony, controling peyote for his newage followers, to support his cocaine habit & lavish lifestyle…and, his deviant actions & behavior needs to be kept away from our children!!!!!

LCD believes that we all know bits of the truth…..and, Leonard Crow Dogs greatest fear is that everyone will learn the truth about himself & AIM…and, all the innocent people who have been murdered to keep AIMs secrets, secret!!!

 LCD speaks a little about Christianity & he believes some about the faith, but he has doubts that all of it is the truth, especially about death…..which he knows alot about after being involved in AIMs serial murders…for decades!!!

 Leonard’s parents knew he would be a medicine man so they kept him out of school and allowed the left brain thinking and training, therefore he does not know how to read and write English….his Father, Henry, buried LCDs murder victims at Crow Dogs Paradise, & LCDs English is really good when he is asking you for money…

I know from my personal experience, LCD asked me, HakiktaWin to pay him to conduct ceremony for me…without me ever contacting him about it, he called me…. to the tune of $10,000 dollars cash upfront, with $150.00 a head, with a 100 head mininum of people paying LCD to do ceremony that I never asked for…

Leonard Crow Dog has no problem with math either…

 Good Lance, another Crow Dog, began teaching him the ways of a medicine man from an early age…..embellishment is against Tetuwan Lakota protocols…guess LCD is far too vain to have paid attention to that fact…

 At the age seven Crow Dog was initiated by four medicine men….more LCDs ego & embellishments! Also against Lakota protocols!!!

 He did his first Hanbleceya (vision quest) at the age of 13….as most Tetuwan Lakota young men do, no big deal here… 

The takeover of Wounded Knee had special meaning for Crow Dog because his great-grandfather, Jerome Crow Dog, had been a ghost dancer and saved several dancers from the Massacre at Wounded Knee after receiving a vision…..the only thing his Lakota Ancestor did was kill another Lakota, for which 7 generations of Crow Dogs were cursed!

 Shortly after Wounded Knee, the federal government began prosecuting AIM leaders for various charges….all of those charges were politicians just going through the motions, the Seige at Wounded Knee was nothing more than a staged event by the US Government…with AIM as the front men.

 In September of 1975, 185 FBI officers, federal marshals, and SWAT teams showed up at Crow Dog’s Paradise looking for Leonard Peltier and took Crow Dog to the maximum security unit at Leavenworth….where LCD should have remained for the rest of his life for the murders he participated in with the American Indian Movement.

 The National Council of Churches took up Crow Dog’s case and raised $150,000 for his appeal….when the National Council of Churches should not have supported Leonard Crow Dogs participation in murders…there was also the issue of LCDs imprisonment for nearly beating a man to death with a chainsaw chain, where the man barely escaped with his life…

 When his defense team went before a judge to apply for a sentence reduction, there was a long table stacked with letters and petitions from all over the world in support of Crow Dog….ignorant left wingers & bleeding heart liberals who think assaulting & murdering innocent people is ok!

 Floored by the outpouring of support, the judge ordered that Crow Dog be immediately released….AIM had the support & participation of a certain Senator of South Dakota & his now Supreme Court Judge son…who was actually at Bill Means house the night before John By Graham, along with Looking Cloud & Rios stopped by on their way to Dick Marshalls house get the gun Graham used to execute Anna Mae Aquash-Pictou!

He had already served nearly two years of his sentence….of which he should have never been allowed out of prison… ever, or outside of the US… to run his spiritual & peyote scams globally, because of LCDs criminal backround!!!!

 Leonard Crow Dog co-authored of Crow Dog: Four Generations of Sioux Medicine Men….which is a load of crap, because you cannot coduct Lakota ceremony with blood on your hands…something LCD overlooks consistantly for his own personal profit.

 The book recounts family history through four generations of the Crow Dog family….which are still under the curse of murdering another Lakota tribesmen….

 There will be more videos, we are still having difficulties with the 3D footage….we are sure there will be, anything to make a buck!!! 

Thank you for your support and please subscribe to be notified for more videos….We will be closely following Leonard Crow Dogs phoney spiritual scams for profit, just as we have for decades…

LCDs AIM sanctioned Sun Dance in Merville, on Vancouver Island, in Coast Salish territory, has been asked to cease by Traditional Coast Salish Spiritual Elders, because they do not wish to have the spiritual repercussions of having Crow Dogs (blood of the innocent on LCDs hands)… on their Ancestoral Traditional Territories.

And, over the issue of Coast Salish Inter Tribal Respect & Elder protocols have never been acknowledged or adhered to by AIM nor Leonard Crow Dog around their AIM based ceremonies within Coast Salish Tribal lands… 

Illicit sex, drugs, alcohol & lewd behavior, women on their moontime, have been acknowledge as being common place during LCDs ceremonies, & allowed if the Sun Dancers, supporters & onlookers pay LCD enough money to behave in this manner.

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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