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News Coverage of South Dakota Indians’ Voting Rights Suit

by Matthew L.M. Fletcher

Here. An excerpt:

Native Americans have never had an easy time getting to vote in South Dakota. In 1977, the state attorney general dismissed the Voting Rights Act as an “absurdity” and advised state officials to ignore the federal law. The state didn’t allow Native Americans into polling places until the 1940s, though federal law had given them the right to vote in 1924. In 2004, a judge stopped poll watchers from following Native Americans out of voting places and taking down their license-plate numbers.

Through the years, Native Americans in South Dakota have filed more than 20 lawsuits over their right to vote.

This month, members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe went to court. In the upcoming presidential balloting, tribal members will have only six days of early voting, when the rest of the state has 46 days to cast early ballots in the primary and general elections.

Filed in federal court this month, the lawsuit contends the disparity is discriminatory, and amounts to “a denial of the right to vote.” One civic group has branded the state’s practice “a back door poll tax.”

Since so much new information about collusion of certain South Dakota politicians & attorneys roles in the premeditated execution of Anna Mae Aquash-Pictou in 1975, though only as recently as Dec 2010 was the trigger man, American Indian Movement member, John Boy Graham was found guilty of Anna Maes premeditated & sanctioned by AIM leadership murder & rape…

New information has revealed South Dakota (former SD Senator) politicians, Federal Judge (Judge Nichols) & also a fellow (now) Supreme Court Judge were involved in the murder… to the point of legal manipulation of AIM member, Arlo Looking Cloud…who was first charged with Aquash-Pictous execution style murder in 2004…

Years before Canadian 1st Nations, John Boy Graham was even extradicted from Canada, charged, tried, convicted & sentenced to life without parole for being Canadian 1st Nations, Aquash-Pictous true executioner & rapist.

Judge Pirsol has allowed new information from depositions made public for Arlo Looking Cloud, showing Looking Cloud was put in the position to take the fall for AIM leadership, AIMs legal teams, & AIMs South Dakota political allies, whom have protected AIM from prosecution of AIMs criminal activities over the last 40 years in Indian Country in South Dakota.

Now, one of these South Dakota Judges have had their role in Aquash-Pictous execution sealed by the presiding Judge, possibly for his cooperation with prosecution & law enforcement with the ongoing AIM investigation of all participants within AIM leadership, legal councils and other co-conspirators involved in the premeditated, AIM sanctioned, execution & rape of Anna Mae Aquash-Pictou.

All of AIM victims & survivors of AIMs crimes are hoping finally… justice will be served…and, the rest of AIMs murder victims remains from the Seige of Wounded Knee & throughout Indian Country will be located, so their families will finally have some closure after all these years. 

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