Heyoka Magazine 2006 Looking Back Woman Interview part one updated

Dear Cody,

I want to thank you for your heart felt comment, I am sure many many of our Lakota-Dakota-Nakota people have the same questions about the same things you have asked me about in your inquiry for clarification…

The truth is before every ones eyes if they choose to see it, those who choose not to see are those somehow profiting from from the situation-issue, & it does not serve them to embrace the truth & to stop what they are doing.

Not all Lakota practicing our faith back home embrace AIMs faux Tetuwan Lakota ceremonies for profit hoax, but any who know what AIM is doing, & stands by while AIM manipulates & desecrates something that is so precious & Sacred to so many, will live only to pay the price by loss & despair before the dust settles over AIMs hijacking of that which is NOT theirs to touch, much less allow AIMs murderous energy to even be near our authentic Tetuwan Sacred ceremonies…

AIM leadership are not local 1st Nations (Lakota) people with real tribal affiliation, or status….

If you take a look at AIMs blood quantum…it is a joke.

Blood quantum does not affect ones participation in our Tetuwan Lakota faith, spirituality or Sacred Lifeways, for our fiath is for the good of all mankind regardless of race, creed, color, gender or blood quantum…but, blood quantum is hugely important & necessary when it comes to taking over & making decisions for a Nation not of AIMs own…culture, history, ceremonies, & spirituality, by bastardizing, manipulating, & changing the Tetuwan protocols already set in place for centuries pertaining to our ceremonies, & speak as if AIM owns our Lakota ceremonies through AIMs tactics of murders, rapes, thefts, bullying, lying, cheating & pedofile behavior around our children & the children of those who buy into AIM fraud-hoax.

There is alot of truthful information & documentation available now about the AIM fraud-hoax & how it is all tied in with Arvol Looking Horses lies, (view the Marie Elk Head Fiddler Utube video for the truth about Arvol, that no one seems to be paying much attention to)… & as others who know the truth about AIM come forward, the truth is becoming much more self evident, though…many Lakota & those who were at Wounded Knee in 1973 are still afraid to come forward & free themselves of what they know that would give closure to the families of AIMs numerous victims & survivors…because, they KNOW exactly what AIM is capable of from witnessing the carnage at WK firsthand…being glad it was not them, like Buddy Lamont who was shot by Dennis Banks who then once again blamed it of the FBI…AIMs major scapegoat for what AIM does themselves.

Those who do not do the right thing by coming forward with what they know, are as guilty as AIM in all respects & should never stand before our Father, Creator at an arbor, or as an Sun Dance Incessor, or even as a participant or observer of our ceremonies…for by not doing the right thing…they are as guilty as AIM themselves…There is no grey area when it comes to honoring the Sacred, & by doing so one must honor & adhere to our age old Tetuwan ceremonial requirements & protocols…that the Hunoup speaking Bear Medicine Society Lakota Men protected from the very likes of AIM.

All people who wish to pray, & follow our Tetuwan Spirituality, Sacred Lifeways & follow our Spiritual protocols may carry a personal Cannunpa to pray with….as long as they do NOT lie, cheat, steal, murder, rape or embellish…all who do this shall bear the ramifications of their disrespect of our Lakota requirements & protocols to do so….the Cannunpa is not a tool to make money off of.

And, nothing is too Sacred to see….that is the biggest myth of all, used only by AIM & Arvol fraudsters-hoaxsters to make money from their tighing charges…of which goes to AIM coffers….& not to the Elders or for the childrens needs.

If your family is ceremonially & spiritually clean, encourage them to remain so, & stay away from AIM & ALH, so your family & Oyate do not get caught in the crossfire that is about to occur…& just remember, murderers, rapists-pedofiles & con men are always nice & friendly, that is how they suck their next victim(s) in…

Pilamayaye yelo, Wakan Tanka…. Cody,

Toksa ake wacinyakin ktelo,

HakiktaWin-Looking Back Woman

ATTENTON: Message to Dino Butler….glad to know you are reading my site & my blogs…get a really good look & idea about the butt-kicking coming AIMs way from our Father, Creator…it is not going to be pretty!

And, there is not any place for AIM to run….

Is it not time to come clean…Boyz!



 The Cannunpa Wakan-Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin updated

Looking  Back Woman. Second from left. John Fire Lame Deer. Right

John Fire Lame Deer, and Tetuwan Oglala Ceremonial Chief & Holy Man, Frank Fools Crow were spiritual mentors of HakiktaWin-Looking Back Winyan.

John LeKay. Can you please tell me about your recollection of John Fire Lame Deer?
Looking Back Woman:This is from the Northwest Indian News March 1974…… Dedication of Indian Lands at Ft. Lawton:
Long ago at the beginning of creation the Great Spirit blessed this land. What we do today is to lay the foundation of the Great Spirit-Creator on this land until the earth crumbles.  With those words, Lame Deer, Lakota Holy Man and author of “Lame Deer–Seeker of Visions” consecrated the Indian land at Discovery Park in the sacred Lakota manner. With tremendous wisdom, humor and dignity, Lame Deer seemed to uplift the hearts of the almost 100 Indians and non-Indians who were present to a world far beyond the man-made world of steel & concrete.
For 32 years, I have been praying to the Great Spirit for all humanity. If you pray to our Creator for thirty days, you will also begin receiving a vision for your life as I received 32 yrs. ago…… My favorite man in the Bible was Adam. You know, he didn’t have a mother-in-law…. I love you all. In return don’t love me. I’m a hell of a looking guy, but love the Great Spirit, who I represent.

John Fire Lame Deer . Author of Lame Deer, Seeker of visions

After honoring the seven Cardinal directions, Lame Deer turned towards Seattle and said, “Noise, noise, noise. too much TV, radio, and man-made stuff.”  Then, turning towards the west, towards a small grove of bare trees on the Indian land, he said “The Great Spirit is on that side. Take your bedroll and sleep for a night among those trees. You will hear the Great Spirit speaking in the ways of the Spirit.”
Concluding the ceremony which took place on Saturday, February 16th, 1974, the 70 year old Lame Deer said, “My last words to you are this. Be happy. This life passes very quickly. Turn to your brothers & sisters around you with a smile and reach out and shake their hand.” With this, Lame Deer smiled and walked through the crowd that was present, shaking everyone’s hand.
After the ceremony a potluck dinner was shared in the old Indian way by all of those present, Indian and non-Indian. The spirit of unity seemed to echo Lame Deer’s own words: “We all must work together, both White and Indian, for we are all the children of the same Great Spirit, our Father, Creator.
The event was sponsored by the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation. Written by Phil Lane Jr. who a Bahai & now an AIM supporter, & an endorser of Arvol Looking Horse hoax-fraud.


John LeKay: What is the Sacred Hoop?

Looking Back Woman: The Sacred Hoop is the Circle of Life…continuance…….the fire without end. And, at the Center is the Cannunpa Wakan, the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, the accompanying teachings & Sacred Lifeways. This is what it means to me….My Father was given the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin to carry, because he had the proper vision in 1970, shared that vision with Fools Crow, & that vision was to rebuild the Hoop of Life for all of mankind, & all living things upon Mother Earth….this is the destiny of this Cannunpa, because of the lightening bolts at the feet of the buffalo on the bowl…..purification of evil, is what David Swallow Jr. said about lightening….and the Thunderbeings, who protect that which is Sacred.


Martha Bad Warrior, Last blood line keeper of the sacred pipe. Black Elks daughter.

JL: Can you please tell me about the Cannunpa Wakan, (sacred pipe) Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin and what significance this Buffalo Calf Cannunpa holds for the Tetuwan Lakota people?

LBW. See what Martha Bad Warrior had to say about the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, in this rare… AIM & academia supressed book by Wilbur Riegert, The Quest For The Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed From Wounded Knee. You will really like this.

JL: Even AIM member, & Arvol Looking Horse supporter, David Swallow Jr said this about the Cannunpa:  “That It is not a Pipe. A pipe is an English word that means many things. The Cannunpa is the blood of the Ancestors and the tree of life, and it has laws by which a person MUST live.  To load a Cannunpa, a person must not kill, must not have blood on their hands. The person must not have jealousy or hate in their heart or actions, and a person must never lie or fool the people or else the Cannunpa will turn around on that person”.

JL: What are your thoughts on this?

LBW: This is the way I have come to understand the actual events from my extensive Lakota historical & spiritual research. This is why Fools Crow did not want It carried by someone within the urban militant domestic terrorist AIM group, why Frank Fools Crow wanted the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin off reserve, and carried (by my Father, having the proper vision to carry It)…..and for good reason, look at the carnage & murders by AIM during the Seige of Wounded Knee 1973. AIM took over Wilbur Riegerts trailer home, burned all this information on Martha Bad Warrior at the Wounded Knee Museum, and the records in DC. on the Trail Of Broken Treaties (1972) about this part of our Tetuwan Lakota Spiritual history, it is my belief & opinion as a victim of AIM (rape) & witness to AIMs carnage & criminal activities, including murders…..it was to change history….so AIM & their US Government handlers could control that which is Sacred to 1st Nations people domestically & globally for US interests, & AIM financial enrichment…which is still ongoing with Leonard Crow Dogs spiritual scam in Mexico, Central & South America.

 My question has always been why would the AIM & their Lakota members burn their own Tetuwan spiritual history, if our Tetuwan Ancestors are so dear…..especially Martha! Why would this be tolerated? Richard Two Elk’s interview, as a former AIM member is an eyeopener…..and, he also talks about Anna Mae Aquash’s murder by AIM. The interview is easy to access from my site, if you’d like to read it for yourself…..
JL:. John Fire Lame Deer said: “Besides the Pte Hincala Huhu Canunpa this Elk Head family also kept a second, very sacred tribal Cannunpa, one among the first made from red pipe stone.  The way the White Buffalo Winyan had taught the people to make. This old Cannunpa served as a model for after which all the other Cannunpas are made. It has the feather of a Red Eagle tied to its handle. This brings to mind the eagle who rescued the only survivor from the flood, who gave birth to twins who, in turn, grew into the Tetuwan Sioux Nation. It also reminds us, the eagle is the symbol of wisdom, almost as important to we Tetuwans as the Buffalo. Therefore many of our medicine men therefore have a eagle feather tied to their Cannunpas.”

JL:  Is this the Cannunpa one of the ones described by John Fire Lame Deer, the Cannunpa you are the caretaker of?

LBW: Yes, this is my understanding, that It is the authentic Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, John Fire Lame Deer was there at my Lakota adult naming ceremony by Fools Crow. I also had the Keepers of the Sacred tradition of Pipemaking from Pipestone, Minnesota come all the way out to the West Coast to see what I carry, as they had information that corresponded with my information…..Riegert and Standing Eagle played a huge part in saving the true, accurate history of our Lakota Spiritual Legacy brought to the Lakota from our Father, Creator, & Whope, also called White Buffalo Calf Cannunpa Winyan.

JL: So then. Arvol Looking Horse, the faux 19th Generation WBCP Keeper has the deteriorating Calf Pipe, made from the bone of the buffalo leg, eagle feather, 4 scalps and ear, etc, etc….

LBW: NO, Martha buried that, Arvol Looking Horse has nothing…as nothing authentic was ever passed to Lucy Looking Horse from her Mother Martha Bad Warrior, because Martha stated in Aug 1936, no one in her family was worthy to be the next caretaker of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa kin…because they were becomeing Christianized, as Martha Bad Warriors adopted Father, Red Hair-Elk Head had been, please note photos verifying this info on Twicpix on HakiktaWins photo album showing Red Hair Elk Head with a cruifix around his neck holding his personal Cannunpa, that Frank Fools Crow had passed to HakiktWin at her 1975 Lakota naming ceremony. At the completion of the 5 year series of WBCP Revial Ceremonies & accompanying Sun Dance Ceremonies Frank Fools Crow conducted begining at Pine Ridge in 1970, & finishing in 1975 at Green Grass, with the White Buffalo Calf Cannunpa Bundle being opened by Frank Fools Crow, Lakota Elders & spiritual leaders…annoucement in the Eagle Butte newspaper by Sidney Keith.  What has to be acknowledged here is…Arvol Looking Horse ws not present at these series of Revival ceremonies, because Arvol Looking Horse never had the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin…ever! Arvol Looking Horse was even denounced by his own Aunt, Beatrice Medicine, as being a fraud!

Do you have the red stone pipe described by John fire Lame Deer. Is this the same pipe as the Cannunpa described by Martha Bad Warrior, with the engravings of a white buffalo head, turtle and the spider, or the Standing Buffalo facing the bowl Cannunpa?

Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nation.
Black Elk. Author of Black Elk speaks

LBW: What I know  for sure is, Arvol Looking Horses Grandmother, Lucy Looking Horse never was passed the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin….(watch the Marie Elk Head Fiddlers May 2, 2009 Utube video to verifiy this information.)  Martha Bad Warrior had Riegert in Aug.1936 witness & record which Cannunpa was the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Cannunpa & (which Cannunpa was the Seven Council Fires Council Cannunpa) both were made from catlinite. I carry the Standing Buffalo facing the bowl Cannunpa, named after the good Lakota man, named Standing Buffalo, when the Cannunpa first came to the Lakota by WBCP Winyan…this Cannunpa was the first catlinite Cannunpa, White Buffalo Calf Pipe Winyan taught the Chiefs to make (1550) from the blood of the people…please note, the bowl discription was changed in Riegerts book, Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed from Wounded Knee to  the Buffalo Cow Head bowl, with the stem having a spider, turtle, & buffalo head to protect the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin from being stolen again…but, what was actually passed to Andrew from Martha, & onto Fools Crow & his Uncle, Nicolas Black Elk remained the same, the Standing Buffalo facing the bowl with the lightening bolts at the feet of the Buffalo on the bowl…Black Elk was concerned, because of his accurate discription in Black Elk Speaks gave the correct discription, which made the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin vunerable to being stolen yet again, so the discription was changed to protect It from the US Government & their agents, the American Indian Movement.
What I have is what Fools Crow had George Bryant/Standing Eagle make a template copy from (from the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin I have), then from that template he made the 14 Cannunpas for the Seven Council Fires Council (one for each, a man & a woman from each of the 7 tribes) were made from. Then, what I carry was returned to Standing Eagle, and It was repaired by cutting the bowl from the standing buffalo, then making the bowl replaceable….It was to be used in large ceremony, where many people smoke at one time…it is easy for the bowl to crack from the heat. But, it is like taking communion, and no one should be refused, unless they have blood on their hands. This was to ensure this piece of the Cannunpa, the lightening bolts at the feet of the Standing Buffalo, would remain with us for all time….to be used for the good of all mankind. That is why White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman taught us to make them from catlinite…..she knew what she brought us would deteriorate over time….
Now, what happened to Cannunpas Martha carried no longer remains a mystery…..the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin was passed to Andrew Dupris and his wife, as Wilbur let them use his car to fetch It from Green Grass in fall of 1936….Andrew Dupris passed It to a spiritual man of the Lakota…which was Fools Crow under the guidance of his Father & his Uncle, Nicolas Black Elk….my personal thoughts & opinion on this now are, Fools Crow took It to Canada to return the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin to the vortex, & to the Council Stones, of the Seven Council Fires at Turtle Mountain…..Manitoba….and, from this point, the description changed to the design I carry to protect It, (Black Elk Speaks came out about this time) and, the Cannunpas Standing Eagle carved for Fools Crow by Standing Eagle…..there is proof at Pipestone these two men, Fools Crow & Standing Eagle had more contact than previously thought, and eyewitness accounts from the Manitoba Sioux Valley Tetuwan-Sioux that Fools Crow was there with the Cannunpa I carry, after Martha Bad Warrior died in Oct 1936 is accurate.


Medicine men Frank Fools Crow and John Fire Lame Deer at the sun dance.                                                                                                  © Looking Back Woman

JL: Does the common Lakota people man or woman have a right to ask or see this Cannunpa or is this against the Lakota religion and traditions to enquire about these sacred things?

LBW: Martha stated It was for the good of all mankind, this is why AIM destroyed Marthas image & took over Riegerts trailer home during the Seige of Wounded Knee…..Marthas true teachings which to me means all people are welcome to participate in praying with the Cannunpa Wakan….if also would mean they would be able to see and touch It to smoke It, eh? This is completely different than what is being taught today by AIM……When things are hidden & secret, they are easily manipulated.

JL: Do you know  of anyone who has seen Arvol Looking Horse’s Canunpa or has photographed it recently?

LBW: Martha allowed Riegert to photograph the Seven Council Fires Cannunpa, when she gave him the interview….he showed Lucy Looking Horse the photo he took after Martha died, and even though it clearly was Lucy Looking Horse also in the photo with her Mother, Martha and the Seven Council Fires Cannunpa…Riegert said Lucy Looking Horse denied being there or being in the photograph…though, Lucy before her death in 1966 did give the very same photo to Raymond Demallie via her Thin Elk relatives with a changed provenance, (this very photo which was a copyrighted photo of Wilbur Riegerts), & Demallie donated the photo to the Smithsonian with the wrong provenance accompanying it….as it remains in the Smithsonian today & the Smithsonian sells to the public with the wrong information. Riegert, knowing Andrew Dupris had the Canunpa passed to him, asked Lucy Looking Horse to see the Cannunpa Lucy was calling the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, and you have to remember this is 1964, Lucy asked for a hundred dollars for Riegert to see the Cannunpa. He asked if It had the Spider,Turtle, Buffalo designs on the stem, Lucy said no…they-the Looking Horse family had another Cannunpa now for Ceremony. This is in Riegerts book….

Calvin Dupree holds pipe, (Looking back woman’s father) at the sun dance.                                                                                                              © Looking Back Woman

JL: Do you know if Martha Bad Warrior ever buried the old Canunapa, that was described as a foot long and deteriorating and made out of
the buffalos left leg and the ankle bone bowl, 4 scalps, ear etc, that John Fire Lame Deer smoked in the shed with Martha?
LBW: My understanding is that is the Buffalo legbone Cannunpa Martha buried around the same time she passed the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin to Andrew Dupris…..It was the one John Fire Lame Deer speaks about seeing…….

James Ritchie, archivist from Turtle Mountain researched eyewitness accounts of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, and no one has seen it in the possession of the Looking Horse family, (re: watch the Marie Elk Head Utube video to know why) only mention is in Lakota Woman, the book by Mary Crow Dog, Leonard’s (wife?) who wrote about some of the goings on during this time….I consider the source, as Leonard tried to get me to pay him 10,000 to come do ceremony for me…and I never requested a ceremony, or ever even contacted him, he got in touch with me….he did not know who I was, and treated me like one of those newager groupie girls, they were getting to pay big bucks for AIM to come do ceremony/healings.
Leonard Crow Dog had lobbied Fools Crow to carry what was passed to my Father…stating it should be a full blood, not a half breed (check out AIMs own blood quantum, very little if any 1st Nation blood)……however, it was my Father’s commitment to his people, he was a Professor of Native Studies at the U of Lethbridge, and he had the proper vision to carry the Cannunpa in 1970….and, Fools Crow wanted It off reserve…but still available to him…and my Father always took It to Fools Crow when he needed it. There was a lot of traffic between Alberta and South Dakota during this time….my Father even got beaten up in Sheridan, Wyoming…and was really hurt, because he said it was a couple of the AIM guys he danced with between 1970-1975…..
Fools Crow refused Crow Dog, because he did not want the AIM urban militant domestic terrorist faction to control our Spiritual Legacy….he saw the sickness….and he saw the future of what would happen…he did his best to prevent it by conducting those WBCPC & Sun Dances 1970-1975…and passing the “Staff of Power” back to the women, but the men refused to recognize the transfer…..and now AIM are our so-called Spiritual Elders….though AIM is not, for they have the blood of the innocent on their hands, which is against Tetuwan Lakota protocols & teachings!


JL: When you speak of Fools Crow and your Father not wanting the AIM urban militant domestic terrorist factor to control the Lakota Spiritual Legacy. Frank Fools Crow saw the sickness AIM would bring to the people and the negative influences AIM would bring to the future generations. What did he mean by sickness? 

LBW: The abused became the abusers….Fools Crow saw AIMs exploitation of Lakota ceremonies & the faux Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin that is supposed to be carried by Arvol Looking Horse, saw AIM burn the Tetuwan Lakotas own spiritual history at Wounded Knee, & in D.C. and, eventually Frank Fools Crow & Katie’s own home was burned in 1973 also, it was in retaliation for NOT allowing AIM to control the authentic Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin….Fools Crow lost most of his regalia, and I am sure his special medicines he used to heal…..He and Katie were gone from home at the time…..good reading into the mind of Fools Crow, & how he did what he was able to do in his ceremonies is shared by Thomas E. Mails, he wrote two books on Fools Crow….and, one on the Hopi Prophecies….At the time Mails wrote the Hopi Prophecies, the Hopi still had their stone tablets, which now are said to be lost, with Leonard Crow Dog saying he has the one for the Red Race, Which I do not believe….Just make sure the book you aquire of Wisdom & Power, does not have the intro or foreward written by Russell Means…that reprint would be corrupted by the influences of AIM.
I say these things because I knew these men, I saw what they did during these times…..I was ground zero, even though I was not right there in South Dakota, (AIM stayed with me on the Trail of Broken Treaties fall of 1972 on their way to D.C in Spokane)……had I been there, with the strength I have about being a woman, being equal to a man…..I’d have ended up like Anna Mae (who was found murdered in 1976 on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and became a martyr for American Indian civil rights)…..as it was,these peopleshould never have entered the arbor the following year, dancing again with my Father, during this series of Ceremonies Fools Crow conducted. You are to have lived a good life, not lying, cheating, stealing, or taking life……to dance, and this clearly was not the case with these guys. I have an interview with a former follower of Crow Dog, she tells me, when the Cannunpa was dug up, and Fools Crow sent someone to Crow Dog’s Paradise for them to come over to view It, none of AIM felt they were worthy….and, they-AIM stayed away….as they stay away today, because AIM fears the power of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin! I have the letter from Crow Dog apprentice, Mary Thunder somewhere, I can share it with you……


Anna May Aquash was a Mi’kmaq activist from Nova Scotia, Canada who became one of the most active and prominent female members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) during the early 1970s. She was found murdered in 1976 on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and became a martyr for American Indian civil rights.
JL: How did your own path come about of being the Keeper?
LBW: I believe it was a path for me to follow…..I’ll explain, after Father died….I had the Cannunpa up on top of a freestanding wardrobe overlooking the lake…..out of the bundle….It said it was tired of being wrapped up…so I set It on top to oversee all the goings on over Kootenay Lake overlooking at the Grandfather clouds over the lake & the mountains….and the eagles that hunted the Kokanee, landlocked salmon. Well, one day It jumped off…I had It secured, but It wanted to be moved. I moved her downstairs on my desk..still overlooking the lake. A few days later, I had a visitor, his name was Dan. He came in to sell me advertisement space in his tourist guide of things to do in the Kootenays…when he saw the Cannunpa on my desk. He said, “My friend James Ritchie would be very interested in seeing that…he is an archivist from Turtle Mountain.” Well, he had James call me, and we spoke many times about Bill Moncur, a white guy…that was given the Council Stones to protect by the Lakota, and made hunka…..James could not get him to reveal the whereabouts of the Stones….Bill was 90+, and was beginning to fail….
You see, if I had not been a Heyoka…grave consequences would have occured, however I & the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, are very much alive & well today!
That is only possible, because I am doing the will of Creator, the Tetuwan Ancestors, & what Frank Fools Crow set into motion…when he named me HakiktaWin.

I asked James, have you offered him tobacco? I said the Hunoup speaking Holy Men of the Bear Medicine Societies would have taught him our customs…they had made him Hunka! For an Elder to share with you, you need to pass him tobacco…it is a sign of respect, and understanding of the ways. So, James goes back to Bill Moncur…hands him tobacco…and he tells James everything…including the location of the Stones…concreted into a wall in his driveway….
In 2002, I put the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin and the Council Stones together again after nearly a hundred years….and from there we have learned a lot about how it all ties together…..
James has played a major part as historian/archivist in recording my Dupree-Dupris-Dupuis family history & linage, and how the Dupree family ties into the White Buffalo Calf Prophesy….he has a file a foot thick after all these years, and much has come to pass, that I shared with James early on. He has it all recorded, and Turtle Mountain in Manitoba, on the 49th parrel, on the medicine line…is a vortex, that is why there were the medicine wheels there upon the heritage landscape. That is what the cone designs on the Cannunpa bags/bundles mean…”What is in the heavens is here on earth, and what’s here on earth is in the heavens.” This is where Fools Crow went when he tried to rebuild the Seven Council Fires after Martha Bad Warrior died in 1936, by having those 14 Standing Buffalo facing the bowl Cannunpas made by Standing Eagle….and without the signature of Standing Eagle, we would not have had anything to bring us full circle to Pipestone, and the Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemaking. Standing Eagle’s apprentice verified what I had been told…..they came all the way out to the Westcoast to see for themselves the Cannunpa, and they were satisfied it is as I say…the President of Keepers went one step further, and I am so glad he did…he went around to all the old carvers still working the quarry…and asked about Martha’s Cannunpa design, and what they knew to be the truth about the Buffalo Calf Pipe…he was sent a packet from a very old Elder carver…in the packet was Wilbur A. Riegert’s book with the same information. This is how the medicine works, eh? Had I not a been heyoka…and did the opposite, by taking the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin out of the Bundle to breathe…..I’d never have learned what I have as far as the authenticity of my research….and, the ability to expose the contradictions & lies of Arvol Looking Horse fraud. We now know what has transpired since Martha passed the catlinite Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin to Andrew Dupris, & Andrew on to Frank Fools Crow, & his Uncle, Nicolas Black Elk….and, also that AIM tried to destroy the Seven Council Fires Cannunpa…they mistakenly thought was the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin.

Standing Eagle

This picture was painted by Charles Bird King, 1824.
Sleepy Eyes (Eshtahumbah) was born near present-day Mankata, Minnesota, and died at Roberts Couty, South Dakota.
Sometimes given as a Warrior and sometimes as a Chief, Sleepy Eyes was a member of the 1824 Sioux delegation to Washington led by Chief Little Crow. His name can be found on the Prairie du Chien treaties of 19 August 1825 and 15 July 1830 and the 30 November 1836 St. Peters Treaty.
Born in 1780 at Swan Lake in Nicollet County, Chief Sleepy Eyes (ish-Tak-Ha-Ba) was said to be a kind and friendly person, large, muscular, six feet two inches tall.

JL: What are these 7 Council Fires Councils?
LBW: The Seven Council Fires would be of the Lakota/Nakota/Dakota, the Council Stones represent this governing body that was in place until Chief Sleepy Eye died without a successor during the Indians Wars.  It was never reestablished, because of the genocide occurring…it was Fools Crows dream to reestablish it to govern the use of the Cannunpa Wakan-Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin…hence the 14 Buffalo Calf Cannunpas Fools Crow commissioned Standing Eagle to make….one for a man and one for a woman of each of the Seven, under the banner of the Seven,
there are 32 sub-bands. It would be the responsibility of the 14, appointed by their commitment to community service and lifestyle, to attend to the needs and concerns of the 32 sub-bands.  

It would be the democratic process we had in ancient times…like when the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin (in approx. 1550) came to the people.

JL: Going back to what you said earlier about Sacred ceremonies and money. Why shouldn’t a modern day medicine man/woman, or a Keeper of the original Sacred Cannunpa, charge $10,000, or 150 per head, for conducting these sacred pipe ceremonies?

LBW: It comes from the Creator…..the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, the accompanying ceremonies and teachings, he did not charge us…but, Creator did leave instruction on how we were to teach others & protocols of using the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin….and that did not include charging for ceremony or paying to pray! If people have noticed, nowhere do I charge for anything I share & educate people against exploitation of the Sacred, nor do I charge anyone who comes to me in a respectful manner to be healed by the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin.

It is ok to take care of the spiritual persons travel expenses, associated with his accepting your filled Cannunpa, for a healing….

The other (Leonard Crow Dog), charging 10,000, should be associated with a speaking engagement, not ceremony….but they’ve (AIM) mixed it all up, and together. There are real medicine people, who will do nothing like that…like Pete Catches Jr, and Godfrey Chipps was recognized by Lame Deer, as having the ability, unfortunately that ability has been misused & he is currently incarcerated….there is a huge difference between education and exploitation….

What needs to be understood, if you misuse your gift from Creator, you & your Oyate will suffer the consequences. 
JL:  Has your speaking out now have something to do with the fulfillment of the 7th Generation Prophecy?
LBW: This is the feeling of those who write me, I feel we have a wonderful opportunity to embrace one another through the teachings WBCP Winyan brought to us, with the Cannunpa Wakan. We Tetuwan Lakota don’t want just a figure head, representing what the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin used to mean…..I want the power of the Cannunpa used for the good of mankind and Mother Earth….we need to make a decision as people, if we want a future for our children…because, it isn’t looking too good for them. Desire for money, celebrity & fame is the reason….we are killing ourselves over our desire for material wealth. We are allowing someone outside ourselves….to decide what is important for us as people…we can’t eat money, we can’t breath money….we can’t drink money, period. We need to change how we think, and how we create our reality….


JL:  What are your thoughts on the recent birth of the white Buffalo calf and what does this mean to you as the authentic Keeper of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin?
LBW: There has been many white buffalos born since the birth of Miracle……we are being given a second chance…..and if we unite collectively in purpose and intent, following the Teachings WBCPW brought to us, and we use the Cannunpa as instructed, and we acknowledge responsibility for our desire for money over the Creator’s will…and do something about it now…we may change the course of events that threaten Mother Earth. Every person who carries a Cannunpa should be filling that Cannunpa for the illness that Mother Earth is enduring….when she suffers, we suffer….we and it, is all connected…if something is lost though our thoughtlessness, and we create an imbalance….there is an imbalance in all things….and we are there now.


JL: What do you think is the solution to all this Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin controversy and conflict?
LBW: Look at this…..
Proclamation Regarding The Keeping of The Sacred Pipe, this would not have occured if I, HakiktaWin had not come forward with the truth about the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, however it is too bad the Lakota still believe Arvol Looking Horse has the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin…it is obvious, they have not viewed Marie Elk Head Fiddlers Utube video of May 2, 2009.

Whereas, a meeting was convened by the Sicangu Lakota Grass Roots Oyate on October 21st, 2006, on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation in South Central South Dakota, whereby approximately 100 people were in attendance from the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Oyate which included Naca Itahcan Ominiciye, Traditional Chiefs and Headsmen, Treaty councils, Tetuwan Sioux Nation Treaty Council, Spiritual leaders and other organizations and lineal descendants of our chiefs, elders and First Ladies of our Nation,

Whereas, it was demonstrated at that meeting that the current said Keeper(s) of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe have used It as a fund-raising tool for personal causes and financial gain,

Whereas, it was demonstrated that the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe which was given to the People as an instrument of peace, healing and understanding, has been used instead to promote the interests of the Keeper(s) without regard for the People,

Whereas, the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe has been kept secret and not used in public Sacred ceremony for the benefit of the People as it was intended and has traditionally been employed since it was entrusted to the People,

Whereas, the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe has been employed by the Keeper(s) as a symbol of authority for pronouncements and activities which have caused strife among the People, man against man, man against woman, woman against woman, and woman against man, against to the teachings of The White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Sacred purposes of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, and

Whereas, it has been and is amply demonstrated that only continued controversy, strife and ill feelings will accrue if the current holder(s) of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe continue to carry the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe,

Be it Resolved, that the holder(s) of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe be apprised that the People no longer wish the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe to be carried in this way, disrespectful to the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, the ways of the Lakota, Dakota Nakota Oyate, and the right principles and laws taught and respected by the People, and

Be it further Resolved, that it is the desire, will and instruction of the People that a new holder be chosen to carry the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe who will be respectful of It, Its purposes, uses and intents, reflecting the ways of the Lakota, Dakota Nakota Oyate in a good way without any hint of disrespect, and free from personal financial or other interest save dedication to right keeping, and

Be it further Resolved, that is shall be the duty of the Naca Itahcan Ominiciye, Traditional Chiefs and Headsmen, Treaty councils, Tetuwan Sioux Nation Treaty Council, Spiritual leaders and other organizations and lineal descendants of our chiefs, elders and First Ladies of our Nation, to choose a suitable keeper to ensure the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe is carried in the right way, accessible to the People and prominently used in Sacred Ceremony, as intended and instructed by the While Buffalo Calf Woman, and

Be it further Resolved that should the Naca Itahcan Ominiciye, Traditional Chiefs and Headsmen, Treaty councils, Tetuwan Sioux Nation Treaty Council, Spiritual leaders and other organizations and lineal descendants of our Chiefs, Elders and First Ladies of our Nation, meeting on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation in South Central South Dakota, choose to not take action by a designated date, or by choosing an interim Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe until the matter is finally decided, that it shall be the right and duty of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Oyate, including Spiritual leaders and other organizations and lineal descendants of our Chiefs, Elders and First Ladies of our Nation, Ehankehan omniciye kte lo, meeting in traditional way, to settle the issue for the Seven Counci l Fires of the People and present themselves for keeping the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, taking physical custody of  the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe and ensuring It is kept in the right way….

Please note: If you intend to take physical custody with what  Arvol Looking Horse says he has, you will not have the original Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, Mitakuye Yapi!
www.lookingbackwoman.ca        lookingbackwoman@hotmail.com

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  3. Anonymous says:

    I have concerns to raise about this thing and several things to state. I know only 3 of the people on the list, as a matter of fact, I think my whole family has history in what happened during the AIM occupation and my grandpas traditional ceremonies.

    My name is Cody Moron, I am a teenager. I know little about my tradition but I have been raised around this environment and been involved in some of the ceremonies.

    Now. My grandpa Roy stone sr. is a medicine man and has his own pipe. Regardless of my knowledge, I have to say it doesn’t seem like he has a medicine bundle nor is a follower of arvol. But I really don’t know. My grandpa was the one who gave me my Lakota name “runs towards the bullets”. I got my coming of age ceremony. I did a few sweat lodges, and ceremonies. It raises my concern however that if my grandpa was involved in that 03 meeting, is he wrong? He lives a humble life, and stays positive. He follows the guidelines of the pipe. This also confuses me as well, can a medicine man own his own pipe?

    Another concern is arvol. My dad is a he ake, but he does like the tradition. He is from cheyenne eagle butte reservation. He tells me, he knows arvol. Recently at a graduation for my uncle Roy stone jr. I had the pleasant surprise in meeting arvol. It comes to my mind that my grandpa doesn’t ask for money to pray anywhere nor does he mix new age beliefs. Although I was raised, we are one, I have had hard times convincing Christians that my tradition is the true path of my people.

    My uncle who is a Oglala Lakota, was actually there in wounded knee during the occupation. He remembers partying with goons and friends with aimsters. He recalls them smuggling weapons and being very violent people. Now my dad ment Russell means at a pow wow in rose bud where my mom and me are from. He recalls Russell means very wise and doesn’t believe he would have anything to due with the murder of Anna Mae.

    I really hope you get thus and reply soon, Im just looking for answers.


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  11. I hope with time & my & Richard Boyden’s work you have found the answers you could believe in & would aid you in your true SPIRITUAL path.
    There is good & bad among us all, being US Govt Operatives/AIM to destroy Tetons, Indian Country & now America, is not a path someone who is an authentic Spiritual Traditional Teton would follow.
    AIM’S actions, not their words, lies & propaganda show they are & always have been on the “Black” Road, Not the Good Red Road.
    Many Teton’s who were at the Seige of WOUNDED KNEE know where all the murdered by AIM are hidden, it is in all Tetons best interest to come forward & reveal that Spiritually important information NOW!
    Take care, be brave & strong, but most of all stay away from AIM, they are murderers, rapists, Pedofiles, embellishers & liars, certainly not anything you would as an innocent pure soul would wish to idolize or emulate!
    April 30, 2016


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  13. 10 yrs later…all the questions answered, Gangster-AIMsters are finished playing their US Govt Hollyweird “We Shall Remain” roles…as the “Good Guys” it was all lies & a demonic Illuminati illusion!
    The AIM Game is Exposed, they never gave a damn about any 1st Nations people or issues, it was all about getting everything they could lay their greedy little rat paws on for themselves, & who AIM served!

    Recommended Reading:

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  15. http://lookingbackwoman.ca/truth-2/aim-comments-and-history/
    The Real AIM Game Pretendians US Govt sanctioned Operatives against Tetons, Indian Country & the World!
    Abourezk is the key to Everyone’s poverty & global misery!
    Hoka Hey!
    AIM done like dinner!😁

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