More intel in from the South about Leonard Crow Dogs spiritual scam…

We are glad, HakiktaWin to see you have been sharing some of the intel on Leonard Crow Dog and his spiritual scamming apprentice cronies on your site that we have sent your way….. perhaps you could include another bit of telling info in the reference you made to Crow Dogs sidekick, Valerio Cohaila… who runs the “Pachamama Church ” in Peru.
 The same web site reveals that the cost per person for the Peyote Tipi Meetings-Ceremonies is $ 150.00 US per person.(About 2 months wages for a Native person in Peru… lucky enough to even have a paying job).
It is not unusual for these tipi meetings to have  30 to 50 & up to 70 people in them =  pretty good haul 5,000 to 10,000 dollars US for one night, in a country where the minimumwage is under 3 US per day!!
Obviously Cohaila has learned his marketing strategies well from his mentor, Showdog.
This is in line with what they charge for Leonard Crow Dogs “Sun Dances” in Mexico, a country where 50% of the 10 million 1st Nations people have no income, those who do…. make 4.00  or 5.00 dollars US a day.
LCD’s cronies charge at least $300 US per vision quest, mandatory prerequisite for dancers to attend, there they pay an additional 1000 pesos ( $80.00 US) and even the supporters who don’t dance are charged 500 pesos or $40.00 US to just watch the show, with several hundred people in attendance.
And, their goal to replicate the Crow Dogs Paradise scene where the dancers sometimes number in the hundreds, pretty attractive business potential for 3rd World economies!!
& they-Crow Dogs cronie apprentices complain that other “unauthorized” people are copying their modus operandi!!
Just thought you would like to share this exploitation of Lakota Ceremonies by Leonard Crow Dog to the WORLD!
Yes, I would..thank you very much for sending me, HakiktaWin…this compelling information of LCDs disregard for true authentic Lakota protocols!

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. susan jones says:

    Thank you for your exposure of this…. that is sad, in light of from what I understand of his past which appeared so honest and sacred


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    Again, busted AIM Boyz/US Govt Operatives, handler… The Syrian Sioux!


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