Thank-you Mr Bachrach for making the lines clearly drawn between us…no common ground with me for supporters (former, if you will) or enablers of the American Indian Movement or Leonard Peltier!

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My 1st impression was accurate!

No Prince of a man here, only way out of AIM is in a body bag, ask Anna Mae’s Spirit!

ftskeleton1145b15d111211sd-senator-james-abourezk-with-aim-murderers-rapists-and-pedophiles1111Bio on the legal council for Arlo Looking Cloud, Mr. Barry Backrach Esquire….

Mr. Bachrach is a Litigation Partner with extensive experience in managing and handling a wide variety of litigation.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Maine, School of Law, has authored several legal publications and is currently co-authoring a book about the Massachusetts Constitution.

Bachrach has bar admissions in the states of Maine, Massachusetts and Minnesota and in the United Claims Court, Federal Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit.

Mr. Bachrach will & has offered hope to the oppressed, bringing back the principles that this country was founded upon, regaining the soul that this country has lost.

Bachrach believes that Native…

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. barry bachrach says:

    Print my most recent email in its entirety, like i asked. Don’t just make inane, irrelevant, and incredibly off-base statements. It is unbecoming of a truth seeker.


  2. BB,
    It seems to me you appear to believe you can boss me, (like men like to do to women), & tell me what to do… on my own WordPress blog!
    Well, the Lakota do not call me Wa Chokpe Sni-Fears Nothing. without good reason.
    We have filed your emails securely, & if you continue to harass me in sending emails & on my WordPress, we will have to take action…
    I will not be intimidated by someone who has kept the company you have, period.
    I shared with James Simon, if I knew why you had someone Lakota helping you with your Lakota language skills… with asking me who I am in Lakota, & if your current actions continue to prove you are on the right side of the AIM issue, I would change my mind about you & your past transgressions in supporting & representing Leonard Peltier….
    Now, I know I was right with the first impression of you, if you dont like what I wrote, get it off the internet…that is what comes up first… when anyone googles your name!
    These are my opinions from my experiences with the American Indian Movement, & I am using my freedom of speech to share them, if you do not like it…do not come to my WordPress blog or get in touch with me via email in the first place…remember, I did not get in touch with you, ever… you got in touch with me, & I have never responded via email to you in any way!
    That is easy enough to understand, isnt it….?


    • barry bachrach says:

      WOW. i really thought i was trying to start a dialogue, I get attacked or what i interpreted as an attack ( which does not bother me go for it; you do not know anything about me but what you want to think you know), then i then become a bossy unwanted male. 😦 I get it. you are not interested in discourse, at least with me. In my humble opinion, you merely want to pontificate. but don’t worry it is your blog. please write whatever you want (or do not want, i do not want you to accuse me of being a bossy man), and write whatever you want about me or not. I am very much an ogre. but sometimes beneath an ogre is a prince, but not always. I truly apologize for having originally expressed an interest in learning more about you on behalf of me and one of my current clients. Little did i know that i would evoke such visceral dislike/hatred. I do not say this to change your opinion of me or to ask you to expunge anything you wrote. you stated facts, though they were facts from 8 years ago. Your opinion is your opinion. and we’ll leave it at that. I certainly had chutzpah contacting you. i will not make that mistake again. I am tired now and going to bed. Mr. BB.


  3. And, thank-you very much to all my supporters, who have expressed concern over this continuing unwanted communication from Mr BB….
    I appreciate your support & comments, in the time it took you to share your feelings with me about this issue.
    We will file your correspondence for future use, if it is necessary in the future…
    My best,


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    I do not respond well to men ordering me around on my own WordPress blog, Mr BB!


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