I have no idea whom Mi-Shell is or why she used my Lakota name…making it appear as if I am she & she is me….I have only two drums, one that was passed to me by my Father Calvin Dupree, the other I made myself.
For one appearing so deep & respectful, I find it odd using someones Sacred name as it appears here.
HakiktaWin-Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree-Wa Chokpe Sni
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I do agree with the poem…the Circle of Life is being restored, the divine feminine energy & balance will be again, as it was before!

Shamanic Drum

One of my most important companions is my drum.

Nice sentence !

– But which one?

I have over 60 drums, many of them handmade by me.

I use them for school visits and public teaching events, on Pow Wows and multicultural gatherings, for the people to use, to learn about drumming and the Power of the heartbeat of Mother Earth, so they all can meet and feel the voice of our common Soul.

There however are a few drums, that are “special” 🙂

Let me introduce you to one of them:

My Llooking Back Woman drum”.
The woman on it is looking back at where she came from.
What she has experienced
What she has survived
All the good stuff
And all the bad.
But she is moving forward.
towards the tree of Life that grows on Mother Turtle –
(seen as the living animate World by our Native…

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About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. I, Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin-Wa Chokpe Sni systematically search my name(s) to see who are using them, & for what purpose… for my Tetuwan Lakota names are my Tetuwan Lakota cultural identity, (also my brand as a Lakota writer-journalist-scholar)…my Sacred Tetuwan Lakota names since I was 3 (Lila Wakan-Very Sacred) given by Ben Black Elk in 1958, son of Nicholas Black Elk, Fools Crows Uncle, then Looking Back Woman at 20 years old, given myself by Tetuwan Oglala Lakota Ceremonial Chief & Holy man, our beloved, Frank Fools Crow on Aug 18th, 1975 at Green Grass, South Dakota…
    When I see my names used by others for their purpose without authorization, to profit or promote themselves without ever asking to use them, or acknowledging they are my names…as unique as the Lakota spiritual Elders, Frank Fools Crow & Benjamin Black Elk, whom honored me with them…as my birthright, as my spiritual path…I must have patience & pity the offenders, if they must use my names to get attention & recognition for themselves….
    If you are truly walking the Good Red Road, are a practicing traditional spiritual person, you would respect a Sacred name & its purpose of being given in a Sacred manner.


    • As to your comment Mi-Shell, I am sure now after reading your arrogant comment about my clarifying the fact I have nothing to do with you or you with me…that your sole purpose in using my name… Looking Back Woman, was indeed to bring attention to your drum making, & your so-called healing work….
      My names are copyrighted, as far back as 1975…read for yourself, http://www.lookingbackwoman.ca from 2006 on the the website) at the bottom of each web page…
      So, it my understanding from from what you wrote of your Siberian heritage…that you are a registered 1st Nations individual, or are you just all dressed up & doing what you are doing because it sells better than being of the heritage of your birth?
      We traditional Lakota called that exploitation…
      Re: A person who doesnt have a cultural identity of their own, that they are proud of, that seizes that of 1st Nations identity to profit from, when they are not actually 1st Nations at all.
      Immitation is the best form of flattery they say…but, not at the expense of others…
      I have no desire to drum your drum, toot your horn or allow you to profit from my name or brand….
      I have made it very clear globally, we do not have anything to do with one another…and, that this is my name, Tetuwan Lakota cultural identity, & brand…of which you show no respect for… by exploiting it for your own use….drawing traffic to what you are selling, as if you are an authentic 1st Nations person.
      We have no further reason to communicate with one another….since that your use of my name Looking Back Woman is clearly the case of identity theft-use without my permission.
      Google my name Looking Back Woman, there are numerous pages refering to me by Looking Back Woman, if you did not do your homework before using my name… Looking Back Woman, I am hardly…..
      at fault for your lack of due dilligence, now am I Mi-Shell?


  2. I would like very much to thank Irene Bedard for the retweet on January 4, 2012 @ 7:06 pm on Twitter, retweeting my tweet about reading the truth about the American Indian Movement, I was unaware until today March 8, 2012 that you had done so.
    I am not sure you actually read my Looking Back Woman WordPress blog post on AIM & its content…for you had just also tweeted calling Russell Means, Father…
    That must of come from making a film together…
    Which on this very full moon, & intense solar (Sun) flare evening, I find very unusual for what Russell Means represents, & what I represent… are as opposite as the North pole & the South Pole, good & evil, right & wrong….
    However, thank-you for the retweet, Irene…. it is good people are reading the truth, but sometimes the truth is not as palatable as a lie…or better said, the bigger the lie, the more people are compelled to believe it.
    AIM is one of the biggest lie-hoax in 1st Nations history.
    Pilamayaye yelo, Wakan Tanka


  3. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:

    For Mi-Shell or anyone else using my Tetuwan Lakota names inappropriately or without my permission to draw traffic to their sites, what they are selling, videos, or blogs, Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin-Wa-Chokpe Sni-Fears Nothing-Suzanne Dupree belongs to me, though there are numerous Suzanne Duprees, none are I, in association with the other names representing my Tetuwan Lakota cultural identity, & brand…which is copyrighted.
    If I have not personally linked with you on LinkedIn, & your are promoting yourself using my name or LinkedIn identity…you will be prosecuted if my names are used illegally, or for criminal activities.
    The authorities have been notified of the abuse…
    I will protect that which is Sacred to me…which is who I am, who named me, my Tetuwan Lakota spirituality, culture & our accurate Lakota history as it occurred from exploiters of our Sacred ways, traditions & ceremonies.
    HakiktaWin-Looking Back Woman-Wa Chokpe Sni-Fears Nothing


  4. My response to Mi-Shell & her Looking Back Woman drum, comes from how it appears on the search engines, also how she commented to me how it increased her traffic by my reblogging her….
    If you read my website@ http://www.lookingbackwoman.ca you will see the simularities that too closely resemble what is there about my information, & who I am, which looks like her art imitating my life… re: my name, her drum…
    You are welcome to your opinion…and, since this IS my WordPress blog, I am welcome to mine, we definately can agree to disagree on this issue.
    All I need… is information to change my opinion, such as what tribe is Mi-Shell from, & if she is a registered member of that tribe…in Canada, as I am a dual citizen of both the US & Canada.
    As a 1st Nations person, if Mi-Shell is, she would understand my concerns here…since I have had my Native, authentic, Lakota educational historical site online since 1998, using my name Looking Back Woman in the Native Communities, in the media, with global exposure pertaining to Native issues & events…I am concerned about anyone using my name in any way that would mislead someone who supports MY work, thinking Mi-Shell’s is something I am involved in….which I am not.
    If that doesnt make sense to someone, well…that IS their problem.
    If I had been approached in a proper manner, & asked…if I would lend my name or support of another persons work, I would have been happy to.
    John & Joseph Trimbach’s book, American Indian Mafia, & Adrienne Riegert-Fritze’s books…authored by her G-pa, Wilbur A. Riegert… I am a Sioux Indian, & Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed From Wounded Knee, or Cheryl Caragan of Caragan Kennels, and the Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemaking will all tell you I am more than happy to lend my name to other peoples success & endevors, when approached in a respectful & honest manner, whether you are 1st Nations or not…some of the above people are, some are not.


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