South Dakota Senator, James Abourezk invites Tetuwan Ceremonial Chief & Holy man, Frank Fools Crow to give a opening prayer before the Senate 1970

Did Fools Crow put the fear of Creator into the US Senate, for Senator of South Dakota, James Abourezk to allow his son, Charles to be involved with the American Indian Movement, & the execution murder of Anna Mae Aquash-Pictou…

In newly released court documents from the 2010 trial of AIM member, & Russell Means hit man, Dick Marshall, shows new statements from Arlo Looking Cloud, AIM member, & convicted in 2004 of murdering Anna Mae Aquash-Pictou, before John Boy Graham was extradicted from Canada for being the actual trigger man & rapist of Aquash-Pictou in 2007…

Looking Cloud stated at Marshall’s trial, court documents show that the now South Dakota Supreme Court Judge, & son of James Abourezk, former Senator of South Dakota, Charles Abourezk was at AIM leader, Russell Means brother, Bill Means home the night before Aquash-Pictou was executed & raped by Graham…

While the trio of Rios, Graham & Looking Cloud were on their way to Marshall’s home to pick up the gun used by Graham to execute Aquash-Pictou after raping her, & Charles Abourezk did nothing to prevent Aquash-Pictous execution or rape-beating on the orders of AIM leadership.

Was this why AIM has never been indicted for any of the AIM murders during the Seige of Wounded Knee, like Perry Ray Robinson or Buddy Lamont…

Or held responsible in any way for any of AIM’s carnage & role throughout Indian Country for the murders, rape & pedofile behavior, thefts from the Wound Knee Museum, drug running or abuse of authentic 1st Nation traditional medicine people….over nearly the last 40 years, with AIM being heralded as heros & role models.

The media & Hollyweird, with PBS’s pro-AIM film “We Shall Remain”, with the Abourezks both feathered along side AIM leadership, as AIM, Hollyweird-PBS, the former Senator of South Dakota & his now Supreme Court Judge in South Dakota son, Charlie…. tries to justify AIM’s criminal & murderous activities.

As AIM took over Lakota spirituality, history, culture & hijacked the Legacy of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, bilking millions upon millions of dollars from the unknowing public & International Communities of donations earmarked for real 1st Nations people….by using Arvol Looking Horses Grandmother…Lucy Looking Horses lie about having the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin to accomplish AIM’s agenda as agents for the US Government….?

How else could AIM have gotten away with so many murders, rapes & other criminal behavior without any accountability over 4 decades?

Ask yourself…what did the US Senate see in Ceremonial Chief & Holy Man, Frank Fools Crow’s prayer before the Senate in 1970, for them to set their AIM government agents & politicians working with AIM, on their course to destroy everything held dear to the Tetuwan Nations…like the origin, description, linage & ceremonial use of the authentic Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin.

Which, of course… led to the murders & abuse of so many good innocent people, both 1st Nations & non-Native alike, like those AIM supporters who were murdered during the Seige of Wounded Knee…. who AIM & their government handlers feared would reveal their true intent & agenda…

I would be asking some serious questions about the involvement of so many people within this obvious cover up….resulting in the deaths of US Citizens & others who AIM feared & needed to murder & did, to keep AIM’s secrets…secret.

Even AIM’s own members, like Anna Mae & Buddy Lamont, or anyone wanting to come forward with the truth.

Was it the reason Judge Nichols had Dennis Banks over for tea & cookies with Mrs. Nichols…before Dennis Banks own trial, when Banks made Mrs. Nichols an honorary AIM member?

Or was it the reason Charlie Abourezk was at Bill Means house…

Was it why recently Charlie gave a seal deposition to the presiding Judge of  the Looking Cloud case, when Bellecourt & Abourezk tried in 2004 to have Looking Cloud take the fall for all of the involved in the Aquash-Pictou execution, before Graham’s extradition, trial & the conviction of execution & rape of Anna Mae… because AIM & their co-conspirators never thought Graham would be extradicted from Canada…a Canadian Indian who murdered & raped-beat another Canadian Indian on US soil?

Those are the questions that plague us…when we look at this newspaper article of former South Dakota Senator, James Abourezk having Frank Fools Crow to give a prayer before the Senate, when the Senate knew full well Fools Crows goal was to have the Black Hills returned to his Tetuwan people….

Ask questions folks, why has AIM had immunity, & only the AIM underlings have gone to prison, where they are made into god-like political prisoners, who are unrepentant of their cold-blooded murderous crimes…like where Carter Camp recently made the statement…he never felt more alive than during the Seige of Wounded Knee…where so many people were murdered….

Is that what murdering people does, makes you feel more alive…. when you have immunity….


About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:

    Is this where it all started with the government collusion…to prevent Fools Crow from ever getting back the Sacred Black Hills for his Tetuwan people?


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  3. Speaking the truth is not hatred, you may hate to hear it, but it is the plain and simple truth and it stands on its own.”~ Denise Pictou Maloney

    In the Spirit of Annie Mae~

    “One last comment before I turn in for the night and walk away from this. Lizzie Cornish calling me divisive and a fed I believe makes you the hand of the feds for questioning and denying my basic right to demand the truth, the same truth my mother taught me to stand by, fight for and demand when she was alive. Oh and if you think for a minute that our women on turtle island are gonna stand by and watch pedofiles abuse our children and men beat and murder our own women and turn a blind eye because they were victims of the big bad government? You are delusional. And you wonder why our children are taking their own lives ?? JEEZE! There is a low roar emminating from the women inside NDN country and it is growing, we will no longer be victims, but surviviors and we certainly do not need your pity.The women of turtle island are sick of the abuse and excuses and have the capacity to rise up and make the AIM leadership look like the infants they are. Anyone who really knows anything about healing knows that accountability and responsibility are paramount and I only see grown men running with their tails between their legs. You tell the blaIM boys to organize a tribunal, I will host it here in Mikmagi, lets see who shows up to explain why they lied for 36 years? And why now they harbor and protect murderers. All in the name of the brotherhood huh? Speaking the truth is not hatred, you may hate to hear it, but it is the plain and simple truth and it stands on its own.”~ Denise Pictou Maloney
    Well said, Denise…
    Dizzy Lizzy Cornish gives James Simon & myself nothing but grief with her age old AIM propaganda & lies…yet when she does we both know…if she is all AIM’s got to do AIM’s dirty work any longer, we are gaining ground, if only an inch at a time…


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  5. Please read Rezinate & my blog on Conflict of Interest pertaining to how & why AIM has immunity….from their good friend, legal council, puppetmaster, former Senator of South Dakota, former head of Indian Affairs, James Abourezk…
    Read this material, it will give you all you need to know about AIM’s immunity, South Dakota corruption (government & state) & misuse of power & position!
    And, how the lies were kept silent for so long….


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