Sioux Falls Wounded Knee Conference….thoughts, concerns, exchanges of views.

Voices of the People,
Thank you for your comments.  Please remember that many people who vigorously disagree with Russell Means will also be making presentations.  The conference is intended to provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas by the presenters and registered attendees.  The news release indicates some of those whose perspectives differ considerably from those associated with AIM.
Harry Thompson
Executive Director

>>>Voices of the People

I was so outraged and upset when I learned Russell Means has invited himself to the Dakota Conference.
I have been researching and in direct contact with victims & survivors of the American Indian Movement’s attacks, including… knowing about Russell Means’ rape of 17 year old Looking Back Woman among others, back in 1972.
Please go to her website,
Academia has deliberately, along with Hollyweird, supported AIM’s lies & nonsense, making lots of
money, from writing books and papers, holding ‘symposiums’ on AIM’s wonderful ‘movement’ & fraudulent
history for almost 40 years now.
They-AIM are bullies, abusers, rapists, murderers, thieves, & drug runners on the reserves.  Their-AIM families of 3 generations now, are running drugs & are abusive controllers of much of the reserve lands, & anybody who gets out of line, just like the real mafia control, are either pressured, compromised, bullied, abused, to keep them in line & be obedient to the will of the ‘brotherhood’.  If you don’t get it, or do it… then, you disappear & show up months or years later, a so-called drunk abandoned in a ditch, who succumbed to his or her ‘addiction’.
There are 2 women who are not going to make it to this symposium, because they know it’s
not safe & have proof AIM is making a big push to counter, destroy credibility, manipulate and
control all in attendance.
They-AIM do not want the truth out there in the public domain, it will cost AIM donation monies & financial support AIM leadershi depends on for AIM’s lavish lifestyles & International travel…
The fact that they-AIM are frauds, milking millions upon millions of dollars for nearly40 years from the gullible wascius (a derogatory term by the way) is beyond any doubt if you read American Indian Mafia.
They-AIM, by intense, continuous research of over 35 yrs, shows AIM to even be protected by someone in US government higher up, because they-AIM sure appear to have immunity from AIM’s criminal activities which include executions & murder.
You have definitely got the worst of the worst coming there April 27-28th, 2012.
Russell Means is sick & twisted, so charming he is as smooth as peanut butter.  He will make you feel guilty & ashamed… so he & his AIM cohorts & fellow 1st Nations frauds can take your money for his fake Lakota immersion school, when Means is not even Lakota at all, but a Crow, White & Dakota…not Lakota at all!
Means will twist the facts…into more fiction… so that the victims who are still alive, can watch on video, TV, online, as proof… the so-called truth that he still has control of prevails, when it is nothing but lies…like, he is still the MAN, the abuser who can’t be caught or held accountable for his actions.
Good luck with that.
Your symposium makes me sick, literally.
Because we all know the AIM abuser & his supporters will show up, manipulate you & others with his celebrity, as easily as an adult can manipulate a child, & create a reality that doesn’t exist, that never has even remotely existed.
Means was acting long before he ever was discovered & arrived in Hollyweird….
And, all of the Native Studies academics will smile nervously at this Conference, wondering why they don’t feel good, as they try to prepare their next paper, their next book, feeding off of AIM’s lies, imprisoning the truth….about Wounded Knee & its true history of events, from Dec. 1890 & 1973…which are both examples of Manifest Destiny & Genocide!
Well, folks…the truth prevails!
Voices of the People
The very best thing Russell Means can & should do… is stay away from this healing process for the victims
& survivors of the American Indian Movement that this Wounded Knee Conference should be about….not more perpetuation of AIM lies & propaganda!
If you dont stay away, Means….those pair of jeans I still have from your molestation & rape of me…will have your DNA taken from them, & you will have one very determined person… who can prove what you did to them…
If you, Russell Means or any of your celebrity awed AIM flunkys… interfere with any of the anti-AIM people who come to provide the truth about their experiences at the hands of AIM at this Conference, you will have I, Wa Chokpe Sni to deal with, it will not be as it was before….
I have Creator’s justice on my side.
You & your fellow fraudster-AIMsters only have your lies & guilt of what you have done….which will not protect you this time…or ever again.
And, that is a promise!
He casa sni yelo!
HakiktaWin-Wa Chokpe Sni

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    HakiktaWin… Stats for LBW-HakiktaWins WordPress blog going through the roof, reading the truth about …


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    For all of the AIMsters who plan to attend the Dakota Conference…any interference on your part, with the presenters who are not pro-AIM… who have been abused at the hands of AIM during the Seige of Wounded Knee will have the power of the real Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin to deal with…Since you are all basically cowards & frauds, only abusing those who could not fight back, this is one power outside your control you should not challenge with your track record of lies & deceptions.
    Zip the lip, Russell Means, everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie.
    Wa Chokpe Sni


  3. The Wounded Knee Museum was burned for the second time after Means was in several times,,,recently…
    Guess what was revealed at the Dakota Conference about AIM has cause fear among the ranks of AIM hiarchy…
    The noose closes more & more around the necks of the wicked…


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