Presentation of John Trimbach at the Dakota Conference April 27-28th 2012 Sioux Falls, SD about AIM that made Clyde Bellecourt lash out!!!!

CWS – Wounded Knee

(1) Thank you. Folks, what I’m about to share with you is troubling, but it’s also documented. So bear that in mind as we go through this, listen to what we have to say and make up you own minds. Let me begin by making you a promise. We promise we won’t lie to you. Now you’d expect that but the reason I say that is because there are other speakers who can’t make the same claim because they have a vested interest in keeping you in the dark. You see, there are really two histories about Wounded Knee ‘73. (2) There’s the history you’ve supposed to believe, the one I call, OPIATE PABLUM FOR THE MASSES, the story of how brave Indians held off the might and power of the US government during 72 days of very public gunfire, and there’s the other history of what happened inside Wounded Knee, the history you’re not supposed to know. (3) You’re not supposed to know that people were abducted and interrogated at Wounded Knee. You’re not supposed to know that people were beaten and tortured at Wounded Knee. (4) You’re not supposed to know that people were raped and murdered at Wounded Knee, (5) all of it behind the barriers, and all of it instigated or condoned by the AIM leaders, (6) people like Dennis Banks, (7) Russell Means, Leonard Crow Dog, (8) Carter Camp and Stan Holder. (9) So that’s one reason why we call American Indian Mafia the history book they do not want you to read.

Now, almost 40 years later, the cover-up has corrupted academia, (10) where once again, you simply won’t read about AIM’s dirty little secrets from Wounded Knee. (11) Here’s one of them: Before the invaders could pose as aggrieved villagers, they first had to evict the real villagers, their fellow Indians, and make it appear as though it was their village and that they lived there all their lives. (12) This is part of the con, and not to take issue with the conference flyer, (13) but it is really not correct to say that 200 Oglala Lakota took over their own town. (14) Only about 10%, approximately 20 people, were from Pine Ridge and agreed to invade their neighbor’s community (15) and vandalize.

their property. The rest of them were reservation outsiders, (16) so they really were invaders who broke into people’s homes, (17) stole their personal possessions, wore their clothes, ate their food, slept in their beds, (18) drove their cars, and eventually destroyed their village, (19) all under the approving eye of the TV news people, some of whom actually participated in the first village assault on the night of February 27, 1973. (20) That’s when about 50 cars drove into the village under cover of darkness. (21) They shot out the streetlights, smashed open the doors of people’s homes, (22) started fires, looted the trading post, (23) took hostages, and shot at responding emergency vehicles. (24) By the time it was over, the village lay in ruins. I know this because my father was there. (25) Joseph H. Trimbach was the FBI agent in charge who became the on-scene commander that night and who made the fateful decision to (26) erect roadblocks around the village in an effort to cordon off the violence. Little did he know at the time what sort of violence he was attempting to contain. (27) As time wore on, and numerous ceasefires were broken, and thousands of rounds were fired in both directions, (28) Wounded Knee became more and more dangerous for the people inside the village, And it wasn’t just because of the government riflemen, which was an on-again, off-again threat, (29) it was because AIM leader Dennis Banks became increasingly paranoid about spies in his midst. That’s why Carter Camp, (30) Stan Holder, and Leonard Crow Dog, among others, chained people to beds (31) or otherwise confined and interrogated them. (32) Some of the people who didn’t pass the test ended up dead. We estimate that half a dozen people were murdered inside the village vs the one casualty who died from a stray government bullet. (33) Here’s a picture of one of the secret murder victims from Wounded Knee. His name is Ray Robinson. He was a civil rights activist under Martin Luther King. Cris Westerman allegedly dumped Ray’s body in a hole somewhere near what is now the village ruins after he (34) was shot in the leg and carted off to the makeshift infirmary staffed by Madonna Gilbert Thunder Hawk and (35) Loreli DeCora.

Means, allegedly the last people to see Robinson alive before he bled to death. Ray’s widow is here today, (36) Cheryl Robinson, so If there’s anyone here who knows something about where her husband was buried, please help her. Cheryl just wants to give her husband a proper burial. You know, that is the Indian way, to repatriate the remains of the fallen, after the battle is over. And btw, real warrior women would cooperate in that effort. Real warrior women wouldn’t participate in the cover-up of murder. (37) But then, real warrior women would not have lined up against Anna Mae Aquash as members of the AIM pie patrol and help condemn Anna Mae to death after she was interrogated, tortured, and raped. (38) Anna Mae was a prominent figure at Wounded Knee; she was married there. She was an emerging leader of the movement, murdered two years later likely because she found out about the secret murders and because (39) Dennis Banks mistakenly believed Anna Mae was an FBI informant. Anna Mae was never an FBI informant. I’ll leave the rest of that story to Anna Mae’s daughter, Denise. But the point I want to make is this: the murder of Anna Mae, (40) the secret murders at Wounded Knee, the murders of FBI agents (41) Ron Williams and Jack Coler in 1975, along with other murders Paul DeMain will talk about, they’re all connected. If you don’t understand that, then you won’t understand the information in (42) American Indian Mafia and you will be ripe for being conned about the real legacy of Wounded Knee and the American Indian Movement, (43) perhaps the most falsified chapter in recent American history. And just so you know, our beef is not with the AIM membership, (44) most of whom were well intentioned people trying to improve the lives of their fellow Indians, people like Anna Mae who embodied the true ideals of the movement the AIM leaders proved they could not live up to. (45) Had they allowed her to live, the real legacy of Wounded Knee might have had a chance to make an appearance in the history books. (46) But sadly, most of what you’ll read about Wounded Knee or see on TV is a whitewash of history, a farce, a cover-up. You see, the media and academia are….

both complicit in the cover-up. That sort of explains why academics, historians, and so-called investigative journalists are not very interested in interviewing my father, (47) the one person who could have told them what really happened those first two weeks. But then, they wouldn’t have had a romanticized story about brave Indians holding off the modern-day equivalent of the cavalry. (48) In fact, the first time anyone contacted Joe Trimbach wanting to interview him on film about Wounded Knee was a few years ago, when Stanley Nelson was working on his PBS documentary, (49) We Shall Remain, part V, Wounded Knee. I’m working on a book called We Shall Defame, (50) How PBS Ignored the Real Victims of Wounded Knee, the people who lived there and the people who died there, (51) because it will expose Nelson’s film as just another Wounded Knee makeover. I guess you could say I had a hand in the production of this film. You see, my father, regretfully, put me in charge of negotiating with Nelson about our participation. (52) I had only one stipulation. My father would agree to sit down and answer any question Stanley wanted to ask him, about Wounded Knee or anything else for that matter, and use that footage in his film. (53) In return, Nelson agreed to interview former AIM member Richard Two Elk, who witnessed Ray Robinson getting shot at Wounded Knee, and who could have steered Nelson towards the ugly truth. (54) But Nelson, like those before him, had an agenda and it became obvious he was going to stick to it. You see, Nelson wanted to interview only the (55) perpetrators from Wounded Knee, not the victims, even after I told him what really happened. So Nelson reneged on our agreement, failed to interview Two Elk, (56) and used my father’s footage anyway. And then later, as a final thank-you from PBS, on their official website, there’s discussion questions and a study guide (57) for school children, designed to indoctrinate them into what to believe about Wounded Knee, and a rather lengthy bibliography of source documents and suggested reading material used in the film. Can you guess which book they omitted from their list? (58) So now, we have Stanley Nelson, with the help of PBS,erase any trace of the Wounded Knee victims and the Wounded Knee murders. Well, they eventually added our book to their list, with a typo, after our lawyer contacted their lawyer. (59) But then one of their paid experts, Professor Russell Edmunds, University of Texas, said of our our complaint about the dishonest premise of the film, “I believe that Trimbach’s protest reflects the perspective of a very small group of people with a particular agenda, and will be generally ignored by almost everyone else.” You hope so, Professor Edmunds. (60) PBS Executive Mark Samels wrote, “”Our producers took great pains to be even-handed in the portrayal of the siege at Wounded Knee.” Really? (61) This film shows none of the village destruction, none of it. (62) Here’s one of the AIM criminals Professor Edmunds helps elevate to hero status in the film, Carter Camp. Camp has been repeatedly caught in a lie about knowing Ray Robinson although he was allegedly present when Robinson was shot. If you ask him today, Camp will say he never heard of the guy. You know, what’s interesting is PBS never interviewed Adrienne Fritze, (63) who unlike Professor Edmunds, actually lived in Wounded Knee, and who watched her village being systematically destroyed, and who was prepped by the TV news people about the questions she would be asked and the answers she was to give in front of the cameras. (64) So I ask you, who is the real expert on Wounded Knee, Adrienne Fritze, whose family is just as native as Russell Means’ clan, or Professor Edmunds, the paid expert who dismisses our research and who now fronts for murderers. (65) I’ll make you another promise, ladies and gentlemen: you read American Indian Mafia, and Adrienne’s book, (66) Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, you’ll know more about Wounded Knee ‘73 than most professors of Indian Studies, and certainly more than Professor Edmunds. Adrianne, BTW, is here today with her book and can dispel many of the Wounded Knee myths the media and academia have been peddling for the last 39 years.

I’m afraid the people behind the PBS film and others like it merely exhibit the same interest in the truth about Wounded Knee (67) as most other historians and self-described experts. The question is, why do they further the lies? Well, one reason is they probably think it is somehow beneficial to Native Americans, which of course it isn’t. What they don’t understand is that when you promote liars, thieves and killers as worthy role models and heroes of Indian Country, you do a huge disservice to Native Americans everywhere. You know, that sounds pretty basic but these people, these very opinionated academics and their friends in the media, they just don’t get it. And so our book is ridiculed, ignored, or simply disposed of, (68) like this guy Jim Page who claims to be open-minded and tolerant but who told us with pride that our book disappeared from the Seattle public library. (69) What they especially don’t like is that American Indian Mafia dispels conspiracy theories and myths about Wounded Knee and related events. Dozens of them. Here are just a few of the falsehoods we expose that pertain to just the FBI. The Myth that the FBI…

-backed roving death squads on the reservation.

-used a COINTEL (counter-intelligence program) against AIM.

-had a contract out on Dennis Banks.

-tried to assassinate Leonard Peltier. (70)

-failed to investigate murders on the Pine Ridge reservation.

-was guilty of misconduct in the Wounded Knee trial.

-framed Leonard Peltier for the murders of Agents Coler and Williams.

-was behind the Reign of Terror on the reservation (actually instigated by AIM thugs.)

-was behind the murder of Anna Mae and the ensuing cover-up. (71)

You want to know who was really behind the murder of Anna Mae? (72) It wasn’t just Arlo and John Boy, both of them convicted. How about the AIM leadership? How about an AIM lawyer? (73) Bruce Ellison, a named co-conspirator who allegedly interrogatedAnna Mae as she sat tied up in his office. (74) Ellison once testified before a UN human rights committee about the horrible things the FBI did to Anna Mae. (75) And for the last 37 years, Ellison, who repeatedly took the 5th before a grand jury, has conspired with this guy, (76) former AIM spokesman John Trudell, in spreading the story that the FBI was behind the murder they themselves were involved in covering up. (77) Trudell, I believe, could have put a stop to it but he couldn’t stand up to Dennis Banks. And Arlo says this guy, (78) Charlie Abourezk, the son of Senator James Abourezk, was at Bill Means house the night they brought Anna Mae there (79) before the others took her out and shot her in the head. And this guy, (80) AIM lawyer Ken Tilsen, has trouble explaining how he ended up owning Anna Mae’s billfold. (81) Tilsen won a Lifetime Achievement award from the ACLU which is ironic, given the lifetime taken from Anna Mae. (82) Interesting that Tilsen’s legal records from the period of Anna Mae’s disappearance have also disappeared. (83) Today, Tilsen presides over the extensive Wounded Knee collection at the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul, a propagandized assortment of sanitized material, paid for by the taxpayers. (84) But It’s possible they missed something. At a smaller collection at the U of South Dakota, my father and I found this document which indicates that Federal Judge Miles Lord was in cahoots with his fellow judges to prevent other Wounded Knee cases from coming to trial. So you never know what you’ll find. (85) American Indian Mafia also makes the case that the corruption of today’s media had its roots in Wounded Knee, the first large-scale historical event where the media aided and abetted the criminals. And the cover-up continues. (86) We asked the director of the National Museum of the American Indian, Kevin Gover, if he would allow our book to be sold in the museum bookstore as a counter-balance to the AIM propaganda that he now sells. (87) Gover won’t even return our phone calls or answer our letters. And I hear that ABC/DISNEY has bought up all the old Wounded Knee footage and won’t allow some people to view it. So you have to wonder: what are they

afraid of? (88) I’m up against the clock, so here quickly are some of the newspapers that declined to review American Indian Mafia even after receiving a complimentary copy from our publisher….

Midwest Book Review, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Washington Times, SD State Historical Society, The Arizona Republic, The Toronto Star, (89) Capital Journal Book Review, Rocky Mountain News, Chicago Sun-Times, Kansas City Star, Cincinnati Enquirer, Minneapolis Star Tribune (90) and my favorite, the Rapid City Journal, which has been known to give libelous headlines to the people involved in Anna Mae’s murder. This paper has had numerous opportunities to interview Joe Trimbach – not interested. Perhaps it’s because we destroy, either in whole or in part, the credibility of several established and sanctified accounts of Wounded Knee, such as these: (91) Native North American Biography, (92) Unquiet Grave; a few choice revelations but mostly political bile, (93) The Encyclopedia of North American Indians Vol VIII, this college text is full of falsehoods about AIM leaders with several references by Bruce Johansen, U of Nebraska. Professor Johansen is perhaps the greatest academic falsifier of AIM history because he recycles the same old lies over and over, most of which were hatched by the perpetrators. (94) ITSOCH: This book, built around the rehabilitation of convicted killer Leonard Peltier, (95) is considered the undisputed bible of the AIM legacy among most academics. (96) I took the liberty of highlighting Matthiessen’s tribute to Anna Mae’s killers. (97) Blue indicates political views masquerading as history, yellow for yellow journalism, that is distortions and obfuscations, orange for not-so-little white lies and falsehoods, and red for boldfaced whoppers. So there’s lies, damn lies, and Peter Matthiessen’s lies. (98) Native North American Biography (Gale Research), (99) (100) (101) (102) (103) (104). And all of these, more propaganda and historical revisions, (105) (106) Ghosting Dancing the Law is a somewhat farcical look at the Wounded Knee trial of Means and Banks. It tries to make the case that the defendants weremisunderstood in the same manner as Yasser Arafat and Moammar Gadhafi. (107) What it doesn’t tell you is how the presiding federal judge, Fred Nichol, made sure that justice had no chance to prevail in his courtroom. One by one, Judge Nichol jettisoned the charges Means and Banks stood accused of committing. (108) To give you one example, Judge Nichol ruled that Molotov cocktails, AIM’s favorite weapon of mass destruction, might also be used for lighting purposes, so that charge had to be dropped. (109) He also ruled that there was no proof of larceny or arson or even that Means and Banks knew what was going on. The trial became a circus. Before it even began, (110) Judge Nichol invited Dennis Banks and his lawyer to his house where Banks made the judge’s wife an honorary member of AIM, (111) and 9 months later, when the jury was finally allowed to deliberate, Judge Nichol called a secret ex-parte meeting with the defense team where together they drew up the dismissal order. (112) Interesting side note: my father believes he had a mole in his office or possibly Judge Nichol’s office. I believe it was the judge himself. After he learned that FBI informant Douglas Durham was also at his house with Dennis Banks, the judge blew his top. (113) That’s when somebody blew Durham’s cover. Durham had been Dennis’s right-hand man. He barely escaped with his life because somebody ratted him out to Dennis and Russell. But then Durham did a very smart thing: He called a very public news conference where he basically said that if anything happens to me, you’ll know where to look. That was his life insurance. (114) Soon after that, Banks turned his paranoia to Anna Mae. One by one, the people closest to Anna Mae lined up against her. Approximately 20 people were involved in her murder and the ensuing cover-up. (115) So in a very real sense, some liberal do-gooder, perhaps Judge Nichol himself, helped get Anna Mae killed because Durham, the guy closest to Banks, wasn’t there to warn his FBI contact that Anna Mae was in deep trouble. (116) Loud Hawk is the story about Dennis Banks firing his gun from this motor home in the (117) direction of his wife and child in order to escape a highway patrol officer (118) on the night of November 14, 1975, just a few weeks before he allegedly signed off on Anna Mae’s (119) execution. Banks and Leonard Peltier escaped, leaving the weapons behind and the (120) women holding the bag and blaming Anna Mae for tipping off the police. Loud Hawk is built around the falsified account of how the police kicked and beat and swore at the women, a story likely fed to Ken Stern, the author, by (121) Russ Redner, a pathological liar and the guy driving this vehicle (122) carrying 350 pounds of dynamite. Redner was also arrested at the scene. (123) Anyway, Stern proceeded to write the entire book around the falsified account of police brutality, (124) and then he constructed an entire career around the falsified book. Stern is a self-described expert on race relations. Nice work if you can get it. (125) Ward Churchill; I could do a whole seminar on the fraudulent research of this guy. (126) A quick example: The caption reads that my father was somehow responsible for Frank Clearwater’s death at Wounded Knee. Churchill has the wrong date, the wrong guy (Joe Trimbach was long gone by then) and 3 bogus claims. One photograph, 5 errors. And that’s not even a picture of Frank Clearwater! (127) Churchill should be the laughing stock of his peer group but sadly, a group of academics vigorously defends his bogus research, particularly as it relates to Wounded Knee and the FBI. (128) Ojibwe Warrior: This is Dennis Banks’ autobiography. Banks is now touting his new film, A Good Day to Die, I call it a Good Day to Lie because there’s never been a finer propaganda film made and designed to cover up one’s role in several murders. (129) Banks recently inaugurated a walk across America on behalf of another murderer, Leonard Peltier. (130) So I have to ask the question, is this the best we can do for Indian role models and heroes? It’s pretty sad when you think about it. (131) I recently received an e-mail from Agnes Gildersleeve’s daughter, Joann. Agnes and her husband Clive lived in Wounded Knee village and ran the Trading Post. (132) Agnes is often described as a white woman by the so-called historians. What they don’t tell you is that she was a Chippewa Indian enrolled in the same tribe as her oppressor, Dennis Banks. JoAnn’s e-mail mentioned her mother’s wedding rings stolen by Banks when he moved into their home at Wounded Knee, and where he proceeded to steal their cash, their personal belongings, their family heirlooms, their car keys, and pretty much anything a petty thief could get away with stealing. Message to Dennis from JoAnn: you can keep everything you stole from my parents but I want the wedding rings back. (133) According to Leonard Peltier’s cousin, Bob Robideau and other people familiar with the facts, Banks was undoubtedly involved in the murder of Anna Mae, which explains why he knew she was dead a week before the FBI identified her remains. I believe Banks was also behind the murders of Ray Robinson and the other victims at Wounded Knee, (134) including the murder of Buddy Lamont, made to look like he was hit by a government bullet. Lamont was shot in the chest during one of the fiercest gun battles of Wounded Knee. Banks claims Lamont was shot in the back. Soon after Lamont was hit, the record shows that the government called for a ceasefire. Banks refused. He let Lamont lay out there for 2 hours before agreeing to stop shooting. (135) While I’m on the subject, here’s how Jane Fonda would have us believe Buddy Lamont was deprived of his life, (Scene from Lakota Woman.) (136) I recently heard from another woman who tells me Banks threatened her if she did not turn over control of a fund she had set up to help impoverished Indians after which he raided the fund. (137) I’ve also been told that Banks used to fleece rich old widows for income. (138) This is the hero often praised and promoted by Native News Network. I understand you will have a chance to view his over-the-top film. I guess it really is a good day to lie. (139) One of Dennis’ buddies is of course Russell Means. In his book, Means talks about wanting to murder many people, and he’s not joking. Although most of this book is a bunch of hot air, I believe Russell when he says he and Dennis could make people disappear. If you look at the FBI Wounded Knee reports of March, 1973, you’ll see where Means and Banks were seen leaving the village. Leo Wilcox, a tribal

council member and an outspoken critic of AIM, is found dead, burned alive in his car, just outside the village, immediately after which the report says Means and Banks slip back into the village. Go figure. Means claims to be a big supporter of women, (140) but during the Wounded Knee occupation, one of his goons sexually assaulted 12-year-old Adrienne Fritze, (141) And this woman, Suzanne Dupree, aka Looking Back Woman, ceremonial steward of the Cannunpa Wakan, says Russell Means raped her when she was 17 at a Catholic girl’s school in Spokane, WA. (142) In his book, Means admits he was ready to murder the female juror foreman in the Martin Mountileaux murder trial, after which he wrote about this plan, had the jury come back with the wrong verdict. (143) And then there’s Means’ involvement in the murder of Anna Mae. He says he had no part in it, although he threw his brother Bill and Clyde Bellecourt under the bus in 1999. (144) How is it that just about every member of the Means clan, Bill, Buddy, Ted, Loreli, Madonna, Aunt Theda, Troy Lynn, along with Clyde, were all involved but not their leader? If Russell was not a part of it, why is he so chummy with Dennis who many believe was? And isn’t it interesting that in Russell’s huge autobiography, there is not a single mention of the woman whose funeral he boycotted. (145) You see, at the time, they still believed Anna Mae was a traitor to the cause. But who is the real traitor? (146) After reading our book, you’ll wonder why a couple of retired killers are honored, not reviled, at a historical conference. (147)

Next you’re going to hear from Paul DeMain and Denise Maloney. I want you to know that I consider Paul my brother and Denise my sister. We probably don’t agree on all issues but we are united in bringing the truth to light. When I wrote American Indian Mafia and the screenplay, Squaw Peak, I felt we had Anna Mae’s blessing. (148) I felt her presence. If you were in the courtroom at the John Graham trial, you know what I’m talking about. Squaw Peak is based on a true story, which means some people won’t like it. But, if you honor the truth, I think you’ll find it very interesting. (149)

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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15 Responses to Presentation of John Trimbach at the Dakota Conference April 27-28th 2012 Sioux Falls, SD about AIM that made Clyde Bellecourt lash out!!!!

  1. When you become the hunted, after being the hunter for soooo long, your whole world turns upside down….when your perverse evil does not strike fear into your victims & survivors hearts & souls any longer, BOO HOO 4 YOU, now take a deep breath while you AIMsters can, before Creators butt kicking hits ya!
    People gotta read this….& if people don’t start asking some serious questions about why AIM is still free…you will know our society appreciates liars & murderers, more than the truth & justice.


  2. There’s a lot more I’d like to tell you, but we’re out of time. But you can find it in this book. Perhaps now you understand why American Indian Mafia is the history book they really don’t want you to read.
    And that is because it tells the truth about what happened at Wounded Knee. And along with Quest for the Pipe, it is the only book that tells the truth about what happened at Wounded Knee, which is why the academics and so-called experts hate it.
    So they ignore it, disparage our conclusions, or question our motives but the one thing they cannot do and have not done is refute our research.
    Why do they persist in defending the falsified history of Wounded Knee?
    Perhaps they do not want you to know the truth in order to protect their precious reputations, their petty insecurities, and their investment in wholesale academic fraud.
    And they believe they can get away with it.
    Prove them wrong, ladies and gentlemen.
    Help us expose their hypocrisy and above all, respect the truth.
    One other thing, and this is very important.
    There is little doubt that AIM tore a wide path of destruction that left the Pine Ridge reservation in historical shambles, the effects of which are still felt today.
    According to native journalist Tim Giago, over the last 5 years, Pine Ridge has received one Billion dollars in federal aid. (150)
    One Billion, and yet Pine Ridge still has unemployment of over 80%, an alcoholism rate close to 90%, and we estimate that half the children are sexually abused by the alcoholic adults. (151)
    And every year, there’s a celebration of the Destruction of Wounded Knee village; they call it the liberation of Wounded Knee. (152)
    There was nothing left to liberate.
    Until the real legacy of Wounded Knee and the American Indian Movement and the truth is acknowledged, there’s little chance for a much-needed spiritual revival on the reservation.
    The children of Pine Ridge certainly deserve better than what we’ve given them. (153)
    I encourage you to read the Epilogue in American Indian Mafia to find out what you can do to help.
    Thank you. (154)

    John Trimbach


  3. Hi Suzanne,
    Adrienne tagged you in a post.

    Adrienne wrote: “WOUNDED KNEE | Post Augustana University Dakota Conference on Wounded Knee media coverage has been great in carrying the story about Justice For Perry Ray Robinson, Jr., and non existent when it comes to my experience as a hostage of AIM during the 1973 Occupation, or the experience of the daughters of Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior, and unbalanced with regards to the AIM founding leaders and law enforcement folks.

    I wanted you all to know that although I’m still in the wake of being with the emotional turmoil in the wake of this conference, I am posting where I can or feel moved to do so, responses to the stories.

    This is one of those stories…

    Uncover Our Hearts at Wounded Knee | Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux | American Indian Mafia | Nfic Paul DeMain | Brian Wilkes | Suzanne Dupree | Denise Pictou Maloney | The Center for Western Studies”


  4. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:

    112 views today of this Dakota Conference presentation by John Trimbach…co-author with his retired FBI agent in charge, Father…Joseph Trimbach, American Indian Mafia…
    This information is what AIM tried to stop the public from knowing about.


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    Article in Argus Leader no longer avaiable on Dakota Conference Adrienne Fritz commented on, hummm, Code PINKOS? Or the fact Brandon Johnson (implemented by Executive Order) shut down the cold case on Robinson/Aquash because the trail of bodies led right to the Executive Office/Abourezk/Obama/Code Pinkos….?


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