The same old AIM lies & propaganda being lapped up instead of the truth about the American Indian Movement….

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Coverage of the 44th Annual Dakota Conference in the Argus Leader

by aet1

Here are some links to articles on, and photos of, the 44th Annual Dakota Conference that was held this weekend at Augustana College.  The theme was Wounded Knee 1973.  Unsurprisingly, Russell Means’ comments and keynote address got the most coverage.  The highlight for me was a panel on Native Women’s role in Wounded Knee, which included presentations by Professor Elizabeth Castle, Marcella Gilbert, and Danyelle Means.  I also really enoyed a talk by Professor Emerita Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, and a talk and poetry reading by Allison Hedge Coke and Renee Sans Souci.  Finally, a panel discussion by Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, and Senator James Abourezk was very illuminating, as was a talk by journalist Kevin McKiernan.





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3 Responses to The same old AIM lies & propaganda being lapped up instead of the truth about the American Indian Movement….

  1. Hello,
    I am back from the South.
    I shared the film showing Ed McGaa’s cluster bomb & napalm “missions” that killed thousands of innocent Hill tribes people in Laos, among many other things, showing the Elders here in the South, the true essence of the spirit behind the New Age/Red Roadster bogus faux shamanism that Leonard Crow Dog & his apprentice cronies profess and propogate,
    They, the Elders were very impacted, & are now firm & clear to resist any further incursions from the faux, so-called AIM Lakota Spiritual Leaders crowd among their people.
    The Leonard Crow Dog group was/is ? planning another visit there in June, according to our info. It will be very different for the LCD crew this time… if they return, as the people are waking up to the reality of what LCD/AIM/NAC/ New Age nonsense is all about.
    Donations & money!!!!!!
    We showed the Elders the AIM Mafia book also.
    The pictures of AIM’s victims & weapon….. went into great detail to the best of our ability to communicate the true agenda of these nefarious, deceitful AIM spiritual abusers.
    Thanks for your support, stay in touch.
    We have also heard thru the grapevine that LCD can no longer get a passport to travel outside the US, so has delegated a sidekick to startup his “Fun Dance” in Colombia this summer.
    Hope that is true…..
    Leonard Crow Dog needs to have his (vultures) wings clipped.!!
    Leaves very little doubt that AIM & LCD are not the good guys AIM hypes themselves up to be, eh?
    Why doesn’t the media & law enforcement catch on, oh…got it, if they do something, AIM’s handlers & AIM are fully exposed, something to do with national security, HA!


  2. Joe Wade says:

    After John Trimbach’s presentation at the Dakota Conference, Senator James Abourezk went off on quite a rant trying to imply the government was responsible for the deaths inside of wounded knee because of the way Trimbach handled the incident. After his rant he is smiling away and shaking hands with Bellecourts sidekick that was seated next to Clyde. Imagine that, a senator in such delight with the likes of Clyde Bellecourt who was arrested, along with a group of Indian and non-Indian associates, in possession of an estimated $125,000 worth (5.000 “hits”)of LSD and other “hard” drugs (cocaine). And after Bellecourt was convicted he tried to justify his act of drug dealing , saying he did it for AIM , makes me wonder about the Senator James Abourezk now.


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