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Lie dectector test & records of proof… 21
I have never emailed you a thing, Phil Lane Jr…What will happen to you with YOUR faith with your lies about me here? 5
Get a mental evaluation & legal council asap! 5
The only cesspool of sickness resides in you, Phil Lane Jr…it’s called ego & trying to be something that you are not… 5
AIM’s spiritual fraud pay to pray scam continues….this man conducted the naming ceremony last year, for the recently slain white buffalo calf! 4
Lie dectector test & records of proof… 3
Phil Jr…how Bahai of you….is this any example of your faith???? 3
Looking Back Woman’s WordPress Blog going global…stats from Today March 28, 2012 3
Fighting over the spoils, more Lakota spiritual leaders & their supporters-promoters frauds exposed… 2
212 views on Looking Back Woman WordPress blog…May 12, 2012 2
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Techo challenged… 2
No promotional space on Suzanne Dupree-Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWins blog for ALH Fraud! 2
Marie Elk Heads information about the Sacred Pipe & Arvol Looking Horse 2
94 views in one day…what people were viewing on Looking Back Womans WordPress blog…June 16, 2011 2
Encyclopedia.com, the truth prevails… 1
White Buffalo Calf slain….insanity of retaliation, & the belief that the Sacred can be stopped!!!! 1
This is where the money went from Wolakota Children’s Fund…to make this film. 1
Read Rezinates WordPress blog…!!!! 1
The James Arthur Ray murder trial, whats happened since this was written! 1
First Dupuis-Dupris-Duprees in South Dakota 1
Peltier & his supporters spinning the Peltier myth….Peter Matthiessen & Robert Redford need a kick in their buttocks! 1
The search terms show the public is learning the truth about AIM 1
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About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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