To Phil Lane Jr… your slander, libel & harassment of me over AIM, ALH & YOUR FRAUD!

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11:50 AM

Dear Cousin,
As documented by your blog, this is the slander, libel and threats against my father, family and myself, that was reposted by you last week, that started this exchange! My famiies simple request to you is to be fully removed from your battle with Tahansi Arvol and AIM! If you are the the legitamate Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, the People will acknowlege this reality! Responding to allegations as described in your WordPress Blog above and allegations of the past two days are not harrassment! They are simply responding to unfactual slander, libel and threats! Please understand that our family is not going to allow you to disacreate the name of my father, Mato Gi’, Phil Lane Sr., under any circumstances! If a resolution of this issue can be accomplished in a good way, please let me know and our family will consider your perspective! We have no desire of further fruitless strife with you, including questions of your sobriety!
Chanupa Sapa He Miye Lo!
My name is Chanupa Sapa
and I Stand Fully Responsible Before the Creator For All My Words and Actions.
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Posted on June 11, 2011

Please discontinue sending me the Arvol Looking Horse PROPAGANDA, Cousin, Phil Lane Jr.
If Arvol Looking Horses lies & hoax is something you wish to embrace, do so…cease & desist to bother me with it.
You & Arvol Looking Horse are both ignoring the wishes of our Tetuwan Lakota people, Arvols own Cheyenne River Tribal Elders, & the Elk Head family, who do not recognize Arvol Looking Horse as 19th Generation White Buffalo Calf Pipe Keeper, let alone as a Hereditary Chief of the Dakota-Lakota-Nakota Tetuwan Nations.
These embellishments are so detrimental to the Tetuwan People, the use of donations Arvol has solicited fraudlently from the International Communities & the unknowing public world wide for decades, that are earmarked for the impoverished Lakota Elders & children, monies which never reach them…
Donations that are gambled away at the Rapid City casino by Arvol & Paula Horne, while Arvols own Lakota (Cheyenne River) Tribal Elders & children are being impacted by the blizzard & Ice Storm.
Gambling donations away, just like faux Lakota Medicine Man, David Swallow Jr, fellow fraud, when Arvol & Paula Horne arent soliciating more donations from innocent people.
This type of behavior is unacceptable from a so called Lakota Spiritual Leader, and your Father would agree & Phil Lane Sr supported my efforts before his death, to stop this fraud of AIM & ALH for our Lakota People.
If Arvol Looking Horse refuses to stand before his own Tetuwan Lakota Nation & present his proof & documentation that he is whom he says he is, & shares what he says he has as Keeper in ceremony with his own people, then he needs to cease & desist this distasteful & dishonoring fraud & hoax for money that you both continue you to do without the support of your Lakota people & tribal Elders.
Both of your fraudulent behavior disgusts me, I do not see either of you with Ceremonial Chief & Holy Man, Frank Fools Crow at his White Buffalo Calf Cannunpa (Pipe) Revival Ceremonies 1970-1975, if Arvol is whom he says he is as White Buffalo Calf Pipe Keeper, he would have been there….he was NOT!
Neither were you, Phil Jr….but, I was, & so was my Father, Prof. Calvin Dupree, who also was very disappointed with you for taking his former position at the U of Lethridge Native Studies Program, & spent all your time, time you were supposed to be teaching… writing grant proposals, flying around the country promoting your Four Worlds Foundation, instead of doing your job, the job you were supposed to carry on, the work of my Father…
My Father told me before his death, you were the greatest disappointment of his life!!!
So, the very man who helped you get two of the most important jobs of your life, you failed!
If you do not do what you are supposed to do, which was teach Phil Jr…the teaching position my Father gave you on a silver platter, then you HAVE to use the praise of people who do not know these things, it is so easy to fool the International Communities & the innocent, which is the very reason why both you & Arvol are there, & NOT among your own Lakota People!
Save Arvol Looking Horses propaganda for someone who wants to believe he & your lies & deceipt, DO NOT BOTHER ME WITH ANY MORE OF IT AGAIN, or I will report you for Cyber Stalking & FRAUD, I want nothing to do with you Arvol, Paula or their supporters or enablers.
You know, Arvol Looking Horse is a person of interest of the FBI, as an AIM member facing indictment, via Thelma Rios testimony deal before her death, for what transpired during the Seige behind the scenes, & at Jumping Bull June 26th 1975…
I know when Arvol is charged for his part in AIMs murders, rapes, pedofile behavior, thefts of the Wounded Knee Museums Lakota artifacts, lies & propaganda it will be the only way he will stop this continuing fraud of being the 19th Generation White Buffalo Calf Cannunpa Keeper for money… to the world!
It is ok by you to slander my dead Mother on Mother’s Day week-end…
It is ok by you to slander myself about being a chronic alcoholic
It is ok for you to continue your harassment of myself, all so you, ALH, AIM…can all continue to desecrate the Sacred, in the pay to pray scam you all do, & I am suppose to stand down?
My legal council has advised to block or trash your continuing harassment of me on my own WordPress blog, after recording it & forwarding to his office. All this slander & libel against MY FAMILY & MYSELF BY YOU!!!!
All to be able to continue on with your fraud with Arvol Looking Horse…both with your phoney titles, & phoney alcolades…
That Phil Lane Jr…no matter what your Bahai faith, ALH or AIM does, I am not going to stop telling the truth, truth I can prove!!!
I am doing what the Ancestors, Creator, Fools Crow, your own Father, & mine set out for me to do.
I do it well…& if you actually had an honorable & truthful life, all this banter would not be necessary.
I have freedom of speech, I am allowed my perspective when it is the truth, and if you…who has dragged your family into this, if they want to support your efforts, that is their decision, if I were they…..
I would be so embarassed, that my own Uncle & brother would attack someone that had been so good to them, if they don’t feel that way…that is their problem. When they were on the receiving end of our generosity & gifts
they already knew my position on Arvol Looking Horse, and AIM…I just had not got around to knowing about your Bahai faiths involvement, along with yours in the mix.
AIM took a beating at the Dakota Conference, and shortly thereafter…here you are so self rightous, you phoney Hereditary Lakota Chief.
Do whatever you feel you can Phil Lane Jr, DO IT, but what goes around comes around…
I am the CLEANER, & if you had not stolen your nephews legacy from your Father…whom I have never slandered in any way, & whom supported my efforts fully against AIM & ALH, along with Beatrice Medicine….
your niece & nephews would have inherited from me, all the Lakota artifacts in my possession, including the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin for Jalana to caretake… as I told your Father before his death, that I would do.
I changed my will, which I still have, but now have redone, as proof this was the case…
When I saw what your Sister had allowed to happen with the theft of your Fathers Cannunpa, when she did not return the favor after all my husband had done for her & her family…when he was in an accident & was in the hospital & needed me by his side…& I needed her to come protect these irreplacable Lakota atrtifacts, she refused saying she was the sole support of her family, but by then… they were all grown & had left home & had families of their own…
I emailed her this, & never have I even mentioned her name since, or had any contact…why would I?
Until you slandered my Mother on Mothers Day Weekend, pretending as you do now as a Hereditary Lakota Chief…as a classmate from High School, key word is pretending!
You got caught trying to pose as someone you are not, a classmate of mine…thinking your email address would not come up with your IPs address…how anyone could believe anything after what you said about my dead Mother, using my Fathers so-called statements…to cause hurt…had nothing to do with trying to help me, only to shut me up.
You can make all the threats you want, but I am NOT going to stop until you, your Bahai faith buddies, ALH & AIM are in prison, where you all belong for fraud, misrepresentation, murders, rapes, pedofile behavior, theft from the Wounded Knee Museum of Lakota artifacts by AIM…and, more crimes than I have time to list…
You attacked the wrong person when you attacked me by slandering my Mother, as I said earlies here…what goes around, comes around, & you & your buddies are going to find out just how fast it can happen, when truth is on
my side!
Pilamayaye yelo, Wakan Tanka
Wa Chokpe Sni-Looking Back Woman- HakiktaWin-Suzanne Dupree
Lakota Legend Paint Ranch

-This is the entire propaganda and sites linking to all things Bahai and Lakota…
all the videos, all the Brenda Norell’s, Leonard Crow Dog, a lot on Phil Lane Jr.,
Arvol Looking Horse, and even one on Russell Means and Dennis Banks, also
promoting John Trudell… it’s really integrated and seamless, except it’s 10 %
truth, 90 % lies

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    Hello, can you give me more information on this topic? I have had contact with these individuals and it is very interesting. Our daughter is a public speaker and we are concerned if she gets involved with them and they end up being arrested or other. Please contact us at




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    Continues on with Phil LANE JR, ARVOL LOOKING HORSE, & AIM’s destruction of Tetons & Indian Country.
    These FRAUDS are engaged in Pedofilia, & unspeakable to children, they do it, have had it done to their children in their own homes by other Baha’i, I would keep my children as far away, protected at all costs from anyone having any contact with these evil, demonic individuals.
    They have nothing to do with the Sacred, wouldn’t recognize IT even if Wakan Tanka were standing beside them they are so entrenched in selling ceremony, their own celebrity, & unholy desires they care for little else other than themselves & whom they serve as US Govt Operatives against all Tribes & mankind.


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